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World’s Cutest Disney Dimsum in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Review and How To? #GerlynxDisney

Hello Readers,

Today I am gonna share with you how you can secure your spot for this awesome Dimsum experience and of course the review later on.


First of all, the DISNEY Dimsum requires time to prepare, so ADVANCE Reservation is needed. You need to tell them what is the dimsum you like to have so they can prepare it for you.


#1 Disney Dimsum is not located in Hong Kong Disneyland itself, no park ticket admission is required!

#2 It’s located at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and not Disney’s Hollywood Hotel!

#3 It’s by a Chinese Restaurant called Crystal Lotus.

#4 Reservation must be done by calling Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel (+852 3510-6000).

#5 If you are staying in Disney Hotel, you can make reservation for it 120days (aprox. 4mths) in advance.

#6 If you are not staying in Disney Hotel, you can only make reservation 42 days (aprox. 1.5mths) in advance.

#7 But a minimum of 48hrs in advance for Weekdays (Monday to Friday).

#8 No WALK-IN on Weekdays for Disney Dimsum. It will not be served.

#9 But a minimum of 24hrs in advance for Weekends and Public Holiday.

#10 WALK-IN allowed on Weekends and Public Holiday for Disney Dimsum but…. WHILE STOCKS LAST and it’s LIMITED!!!

For me, I am going on a Monday, 13-February-2017. Based on the facts above, I definitely must give a distance phone call to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel right?

But if I am going on Sunday, 12-February-2017 instead, I can choose to WALK-IN, but the Disney Dimsum is sold while stocks last hence I cannot be 100% sure about the Dimsum I am able to have…..

So why not just make a reservation?

For our case, we have no choice as they do not serve the Disney dimsum on Monday when we are arriving. But true blue Disney fans will make sure they get their hands on it!!!

Especially if you are a tourist and making your way specially for this!!!!

I have a friend “D” who actually did ‘walked in’ to the restaurant in last October but was rejected to order the Disney dimsum as she did not do prior reservation… So I am glad you are doing your homework now and reading my blog.

But apparently her schedule can’t be confirmed so she did not make the reservation.

So on 5th on January 2017, Mr Kat actually make the reservation by CALLING Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. <— The phone call cost about SGD$3.

How to prepare for the phone call? First, get ready the following information.

#1 Date of Visit

#2 Time of Visit

#3 Number of Diner

#4 Your Name

#5 Your email address

#6 Special requirement (to request for the Disney dimsum!)

With this 6 information on hand, it can shorten the length of the phone call and help you shave a few cents off the international call charges. LOLOLS!

But seriously according to Mr Kat it cant save any much money when the price of the Dimsum is… You know…



After HKDLH (Hong Kong DisneyLand Hotel) have taken your information, they will hand it over to the Chinese Restaurant, Crystal Lotus to follow up.

They will reply with a follow-up email within hours.

This email will comes with the dimsum “MENU” which is seasonal. During some season, there is the Star Wars theme Dimsum or Dessert and previously they have the Chicken Little Bun available which is sadly not available right now.

So it’s difficult for me to tell you what is exactly in the menu but I will share what I have ordered, the cost (as of my time of transaction) and also some review whether I will recommend it a not.

Next you will reply with the items you would like to pre-order. Above is what we have ordered.

Thanks Mr Kat for ordering these for me.. I know they are not something that you can afford it daily but you got them just for me! We call these 久久一次 means, it’s not something often so you can splurge a little more.

Aiya… It’s Disney so yeah… Disney = Splurging Justified!!! Hahahaha!

So right now, I will share more about my Dim Sum adventure!!!


How we get to Crystal Lotus (Disneyland Hotel) from Tsim Sha Tsui (Our Hotel) 

Comfort Guest House (Our Hotel)

36-44 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
WalkWalk to East Tsim Sha Tsui Station
About 5 min , 350 m

East Tsim Sha Tsui Station

SubwayWest Rail Line (Train Towards Tuen Mun)

Alight 5 min (2 stops) later at Nam Cheong Station

Nam Cheong Station


SubwayTung Chung Line (Train Towards Tung Chung)

Alight 13 min (3 stops) later at Sunny Bay Station

Sunny Bay Station

Here is a video of us taking the train!!!


SubwayDisneyland Resort Line (Train Towards Disneyland Resort) 

Alight 6 min (non-stop) later at Disneyland Resort Station

A video of the Train’s Interior.


Disneyland Resort Station

A video of the train station!!!


WalkWalk to Disneyland Resort Public Transport Interchange

About 2 min , 170 m 
Take the Free Hong Kong Disneyland Resort shuttle buses to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Magic Rd, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Locate Crystal Lotus, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel on the First Right Turn opposite the Kingdom Gift Shop.

The Chandelier in Crystal Lotus is so very Crystal and so many Lotus!!! LOLS!


Taste: 10/10
Price: 5/10 

We are compulsory given 1 pot of Tea (based on a selection between Pu-er and Chrysanthemum), a tiny sauce dish of appetiser with beans and beancurd which taste super nice and 1 pot of warm water.

Because there is two of us, hence we paid HKD $50 aprox. $9 SGD it’s a little pricey if you think but it’s refillable and the Chrysanthemum Tea i picked taste very sweet and yummy.

Taste: 5/10
Looks: 10/10
Price: 4/10

 So the Olaf Dimsum looks super amazing! I give it full marks for the outlook but the taste… Hmm.. Just like a normal red bean bun however the skin is super thick and a little tough. A good dimsum is suppose to have “thin” skin so…… Taste wise, I deduct 5points because of the skin.

Price wise is super not worth it. HKD $78 aprox. $14 SGD for 2 Olaf.

Which means 1 Olaf is $7 SGD?! This must be the most expensive Red Bean Bun I ever had!!!

I think the most I will pay is $10 SGD for both.

Taste: 8/10
Looks: 10/10
Price: 3/10

It’s taste like normal pudding would taste like. No WOW factor.

Looks wise, it’s made using those Mould template but the facial parts is quite difficult to do and I can see Piglet looking like a Piglet hence they did a pretty good job!

But HKD $88 aprox $16 SGD for 3 tiny puddings??? Hmm….


I rather order the Mickey’s Mango Pudding, it’s bigger and cheaper than this!

The most I will pay for 3 puddings like this… $10 SGD but because this is in Disneyland…

In Singapore a normal pudding cost $0.70 to $1 so I really can’t justify it unless it’s Disney and it’s Disney hotel….

Taste: 8/10
Look: 10/10
Price: 4/10

Taste wise is totally taste better than OLAF although the skin is still a little thick but it’s acceptable. The sweet taste of the bun is so delicious!

I actually trade my one bite Olaf with Boon Hee for a one bite Duffy.

Looks wise, needless to say… So cute!!!! The difficult level of making this is definitely much harder than Olaf (I guess)…

The details of ShellieMay eyelash and all Ribbon on ShellieMay is just sooo…. You know what I am trying to say.. Intricate!

Price wise, I will say Disney price $14 SGD for a pair of Disney bears… Okay.. Since you cant get it anywhere else… Oh wells… Over-priced but at least it taste yummy.

Taste: 10/10
Looks: 10/10
Price: 7/10

Taste is amazing! I am someone who loves pork and the bun smell so good!!!

Looks wise is not too bad, you can see it’s an obvious Little Green Men from Toys Story! Although the difficulty of making it is not as tough compare to the previous few but it’s good looking.

Price wise, I give it a 7 out of 10 because for $5 SGD per bun instead of $7 SGD per bun for Duffy / ShellieMay / Olaf.
But still overpriced but $5 is $2 cheaper. $2 is also money leh!

Taste: 10/10
Looks: 10/10
Price: 10/10

Taste is super yummy, you get to eat real mango flesh inside the pudding, the pudding is smooth and just delicious and FLAWLESS! The fresh fruit is so yummy too and compliments the pudding so well.

Looks of course it’s fantastic… It’s my house MOUSE! M I C K E Y… M O U S E!!
Even the fruits at the side are not spared from being Mickey-fied! The rock melon is the Mickey’s Glove and the watermelon is another Mickey too! How amazing!

Price wise is worth it, although HKD $68 aprox. $12 SGD for a pudding but it’s huge! It’s yummy and totally can feed 3 adults or 2 adults with 2 kids.

Taste: 10/10
Looks: 10/10
Price: 10/10

Taste is full marks, not to hard but yet it’s crispy. The internal is soft and I can totally taste seafood inside. It definitely have prawn smell so probably not suitable for people with seafood allergies. But I will say it’s the best dish and you definitely must order it!

Looks is just as expected, so no WOW factor but full marks because of the Mickey! I mean how often you get to eat a Chinese Pancake with Mickey’s face?

Price is of course the best! HKD $78 aprox. $14 SGD but you have 4 pieces. So it’s $3.50 SGD for 1 piece.

As usual the Disney price. The whole thing is just overpaying because of the word Disney.

Taste: 5/10
Looks: 5/10
Price: 4/10

Taste like normal Char Siew Bun we have in those Dimsum restaurant but the Char Siew ( BBQ Pork) is not tender and juicy but instead it’s HARD AND DRY! Quite disappointed.

Looks wise, I am just expecting a little more. Like it should look more like the 3 little pigs in the Disney film instead of any 3 little pigs you can find on the street. Just nothing special but a 5/10 because it is still 3 little pig but no Disney factor.

At least I feel maybe they can add the “Hat / Cap” elements like the Ribbon for ShellieMay? This is my humble suggestion. At least it makes it stand out from others.

Price is 4/10 because I am at Disney and I paid a little more so I am expecting a little more extra. But you did not let me feel that this 3 little pigs is different from what I can have from outside and the taste is…..

I think you can skip this dish if you agree with me.

Taste: 10/10
Price: 5/10

This is the best dish ever! The best noodle I had in my entire Hong Kong Disneyland Trip and if I am going back, I will definitely order this again!!!

It’s peanut sauce noodle and it’s a little numb but then the noodle is so springy and chewy.

Actually after the Dimsum above, Casper is still feeling hungry. So he ordered a bowl of Dan Dan Noodle.

When it arrived, I say….. Can I have a taste of it?

Next moment…. I finish the whole bowl by myself…

I am sorry Casper!!!!

Price wise it’s $14 SGD for a bowl of noodle!!! Super expensive lah!!! But then it’s yummy…

So instead of 0/10 i give it a 5/10! HAHAHAHA!

Total cost of the meal.

Do note that Tea & Condiments of HKD$25 / pax is compulsory.

Do note there will be 10% Service Charge but 1 good thing is that Hong Kong have no GST.

Thankfully I have my Annual Pass (Magic Access) Card to waive off 10% from the sub-total.

Check out the Disney Themed Dimsum Introduction video here:

In 360 degree video here:

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful time in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel eating Disney Dimsum!

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