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White Lotus REVIEW for Jhordan (Jusco Tebrau)

Hello Readers,

Today I will introduce a very nice shop for all of u..

Shop name: White Lotus
Location: Tebaru Jusco @ JB malaysia
Person in charge: Jhordan Yee

So this is the outer of the shop which is a push cart… but dont think little of them.. although it is a push cart, the variety of customisation items are really alot! :)

you can see, there is mugs, pillow, puzzle, badges and keychains and many many more!

The can also DIY doorgifts for wedding! Hey Casper, we can consider this right? :P haha!

There is a variety of samples people used.. like wedding photos, collage , travel pictures and sister pictures.. You can absolutely use anything maybe a photo of your doggy? or a photo of your baby son? Maybe i can make one for joyce with a picture of baby jaymond? :) Sounds cool right??

And this is the colours of pillow they have… And I am in love with the red ones immediately.. I think it would look great in the living room .. haha.. *wedding photos in an album is just too mainstream!* maybe i should print all my taiwan wedding photos on a pillow and display it!! :P

“Casper: Ji pai siao liao, pok gai liao!” <— means this time crazy already, no money already! haha!

So now Jhordan is resizing the photos for us and adding our names inside.. and adding a love shape… :)

He is very creative.. he go an extra mile in decorating the heart….

So now is printing time!!! Woohoo! are u all excited?

So this is how it looks.. look at the complexity of the heart… <3 with the blink blink that i like!! :P

and tadah!! The product is out!! very shiny, very bling bling! :) *my style*

So next, is the pillow!! So we decided to use a bible verse in genesis … And jhordan used a very suitable font and colour… wow.. i am amazed…

And tadah! The product is out!!! nice right?? :)

Gerlyn:” I am so gonna hug it tonight!!! “

Now waiting for our last product….

the puzzle… tadah.. this will be placed in casper’s office… nice also right?

This is me & jhordan and his products :)

A overall picture of the 3 products… :) 
So you will be asking, “How much uh?” Here is the price list!! :) You can choose the most preferred combo or you can do a little mix-and-match but prepare to pay a little more for the extra service.. 
How do you pass the photos to him? Bluetooth? Or maybe if u wan high resolution, you can bring your thumbdrive along? 
So this is jhordan’s address and hp number! eh, strictly for business uh.. people got laupo already hor! :P 

Location: Aeon Tebrau City (Jusco) 


Service: 5/5 <— excellent customer service..
Product quality: 5/5 <—- Glossy paper is used and the pillow does not stink :P 
Waiting time: 5/5 <—- 1hr? quite reasonable.. you can go roxy walk walk and come back later? 
Price: 5/5 <—- much cheaper than those in sg… hehe… 

Other comments: You know at northpoint, we wanted to do a puzzle, they told us we can only collect 1week later…. gosh… win liao lo! We did it with Jhordan, only 1hr…. 

Anyway it is BAGUS!! Bagus mean goodyyyy!! :)

 This is a sample he did for us and display in his outlet now :)

So add him on FACEBOOK NOW! And start ordering!

Review done by : Gerzworld :P 

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