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Welcome to the Disneyland Resort Tour Review #GerlynxDisney 6th-May-2016

Hello Readers,

Today I will be sharing with you about the “Welcome to the Disneyland Resort Tour” which I suspect it’s discontinued right now but it’s available when I visited Disneyland in May 2016.

All along I would like to do a Disneyland Tour but VIP tour will usually cost few hundreds in Hong Kong Disneyland and so I went to search for tour prices in Disneyland, Anaheim, California. I was surprised like what? $25 USD you can do a decent tour for 2hrs or 2.5hrs?! So i decided to convince Mr Kat and also seek for more advises!


Information obtained from this website.



I decide to seek DLR Prep School Casey’s opinion, she is also a fellow blogger and her blog is all about Disneyland Resort and it’s super cool to read and plan your trip using her tips… I liaised with her a lot and she helped me in my planning she is like my personal Disneyland Tour Guide. She is so helpful!! I hope she dun find me so troublesome and keep asking so many questions! LOLS!!! dlr advice

Thanks Casey for introducing KTTW (Key to the World Travel) to us.. So what is KTTW all about and how KTTW helped us?


So we liaise with Christine from Key to the World Travel (Travel Agent) and she did a very good job to help us book the tickets over at her end without incurring any additional charges so it’s $50USD nett for both of us. She doesn’t charge us any admin or service fees so it’s so cool to book from her and I saved international calls $$ if i were to dial to Disneyland and book directly.

So let me share with you what happen in the morning? This is the morning i finished my 5km run.


Also the morning i lost my headband!!! LOLS!!

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#OOTD for day 2 in Ah Mei Li Ka (Disney)

So the first thing we do is we actually went to the lost and found service counter of Disneyland but they said it’s not around. So we moved on to grab Fastpasses for World of Color (Water & lighting show) in Disney California Adventure. As the earlier you grab them the better “sector” you can get. There is like blue sector, yellow sector and i think purple sector. I went to grab it at 9.30am and I got yellow. Not sure if it is good or bad we will know it “tonight” or later in the post.

woc fpThen the most funny thing is half way while in the tour, our guide brought the whole team to grab the WOC (World of Color) fp (fastpass) but the sector was different from mine. I dunno what is theirs but they grabbed their fp @ 10:30am.

I will write a separate post on the fastpass I took and how to grab a fastpass in DLR (Disneyland Resort) and DCA (Disney California Adventure) separately and how FP works etc.

Basically FP (fastpass) are like a legal pass for you to “cut queue” meaning when you have them, you can go for a shorter queue “for FREE” no need pay. For WOC it means you can go in earlier to grab a better spot as it’s free standing. No seating! Nope.. You just stand at any good spot you like.

Anyway we have only 15mins to exit DCA and go back DLR and report to the Tour Gardens next to city hall!! We need to reach at 9:30am!!!! Although tour starts at 10am.


We took less than 10mins to reach the Tour Garden. But we are still 9mins late.. lolols! Oopsie!


And it started pouring while we are waiting for our guide! Noooo… I was quite sad when it rained…

Then our guide told us to buy ponchos. Like what? Erm… You can’t lend us a umbrella or give us free poncho? Maybe not Disney ones but maybe some free poncho? No? Nothing.. Ok...


Take a look at this video and see how Casper queued in the rain to buy ponchos. I think Disney should have shelter for those who are queueing…..


Awww when Casper came back with the Poncho i was melted.. OMG!! Disney Poncho?!

And he told me USD$10 for this poncho i was like “What? So expensive? Poncho usually cost $5SGD in Singapore’s theme park.” But yeah, with the mickey printed on it… Haizzz.. Still worth it!!

So we spent $20USD for 2 ponchos.

But i get to act cool in the park.. #LikeACoolKid HAHAHAHA!

We started the tour at 10:11am and ended at 12:28pm.


It’s so cool to have a tour during rainy days. I mean how often you get to do tours in Disneyland while it’s raining! LOLS!!

The weather was so cold that my camera fogged up. 

Hunchback Casper! LOLS! Nah that is his BIG BAG!!!

Smile as the guide shares about Pacific Wharf and also the Mickey Fun Wheel. 

Taking a little break when some of the tour members went to toilet (restroom) while we keep our ponchos and bought a mineral water for USD$3.. 

Then after which we went for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. We sat right at the front without knowing it’s a wet ride. Although it’s slow but my skirt was all wet. Shouldn’t have taken off my poncho.. LOLS!

This ride waiting time during my period of visit is about 2hrs and there is no Fastpass available hence it’s quite lucky we get to jump the queue and enjoy this ride during the tour.

Although u mus be thinking wasting the tour time to take rides but imagine you queue it yourself? You would have wasted 2hrs!!!

The guide also brought us to take the The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure in DCA. Did not take any pictures on that day because I took this ride on Day 1 of Disney and I will share on the other post.

The Little Mermaid ride was only 5mins wait and it’s like a kiddy ride and I even fell asleep on it due to jetlag and sitting it twice. LOLS!


While some of our group members went to the washroom, we catch a parade in action.

Then just nice the characters are walking out from where we are waiting. So i did this… LOLS!

This saves me lots of time queueing for a picture with Characters for the next few days!

And the Character here are wearing in theme for the 60th Diamond Celebration!!! Blue in colour! My favourite~


After the tour ended, we were given SOUVENIRS!!! LOLS!

What is inside?

#1 Reservation for special seating arrangement for Mickey and The Magical Map

#2 TWO Pairs Fastpasses for Star Tours and Indiana Jones (no return time)

#3 TWO Special limited edition Disneyland Mickey and Minnie Pin

#4 Lots of nice knowledge on Disneyland Resort and Disney California Adventure!

$25 USD but 2 theme parks exploration! LOLS! Worth it lah! For a crazy Disney fan like me! HAHAHAHAHA!

Yay! Visit them anytime! No need set alarm and make sure I come back on time! LOLS! 09

Casper say: He like it alot and it’s very interesting. There is a rebellion agent in our spacecraft (ride) that the Lord Vader wanna catch him / her. The rebellion agent can be anyone sitting in the middle row and have their pictures taken! It’s a very exciting 3D ride.


After watching the Mickey and the Magical Map show, we decided to go back to hotel and catch some ZzZzZzzzzz… But Apparently…

Our alarm which was set at 5:30pm did not wake us up..

And i auto woke up at only 7:00pm!!!!

For the Indiana Jones FP nvm because no time limit… But I also took a HyperSpace Mountain Fastpass 1pm earlier that afternoon. I was suppose to return between 6:30pm to 7:30pm. But we overslept and we need to walk 30mins to Disneyland from our hotel then another 30mins to walk inside Disneyland and we are lost because we are too anxious.


Finally when i arrived at the HyperSpace Mountain’s entrance, it’s 8:10pm already. But the Cast Member was super nice. She gave me a chance because she wanted to make my experience magical.

What did I told her? It’s a secret between us.. shhhh… 12

Then next up we decided to chiong to Indiana Jones in Disneyland then faster chiong to DCA for WOC water show at 9pm. But Indiana Jones under temporary maintenance. So we chiong to DCA first.

As you can see from this picture…

When we arrive we are too late. We stood right at the back and shocked that there is no place to sit also.


During the start of the show everyone stood up and watch and petite size me and Casper cant have very good view. So we just filmed everything and watch via the camera screen.

my personal reviews

In my opinion, I think $25USD for 2.5hrs of tour is pretty reasonable.

It comes with a souvenir pin (estimate: $10USD) then also brings you to take 2 rides during the tour which saves you 2hrs of queue time. And also gave you 2 “no return time” fastpasses which saves like 3hrs of time especially it’s the Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend which is the most peak waiting time.

Technically I will be do it again and again as a hard core Disney Fan.

The guide shares a lot of nice information about Disneyland and for me it actually widen my horizon and broaden my knowledge.

The special seating at Mickey and the Magical Map let me have the VIP feel and I think i like the experience alot.

But Mr Kat thinks it’s slightly overprice.

P/s to him, everything is expensive just ignore him! I will say JUST DO IT!!!!

LOLOLS! For me everything Disney just do lah dun care lah!


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