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Want tighter, firmer-looking skin? *Advertorial*




Today I will be sharing with you something very awesome~!!!
So recently, i have joined samplestore seeders programme!! :)
You can just click the above URL to a world of FREE SAMPLES~!!! :) Cool eh? It wont cost a thing! I swear~! Except for postage but you can choose sponsored samples so you wont have to PAY~!
So one fine day, Samplestore Mailed a present to me….

You mus be thinking… WHAT IS THIS?!?!?

Let me do a simple intro…

Goodskin Lab actually introduce Firm-365 to me… And basically, it is a Facial Firming Serum… But what’s more? It has V-technology… I mean every girls wants a V-looking face right?

Especially for a bride-to-be like me, getting ready for casperlyn wedding!! Although I have lost over 10kg for the past 1 year… but i cant manage to achieve that very V- look… Why?

After being fat, those excess skin will sag and the double chin will still be there and YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT….

I have tried like using those Japanese Face roller but I kinda hurts a little and my hands got tired *suan* after rolling it for 10mins.. *I am a lazy girl, I admit*

All women want to be pretty in a simple and lazy way~! Right? *YESSSHHH*

So how to obtain that V-face?

 *This is me, 1 week ago before using Firm-365*         This is me, 1 week later after using Firm-365

Have you seen the DIFFERENCE????? I personally feel that my face become V V and also more radiant :P Skin also become firmer….

How come liddat???

Let the expert explain to you….

*credit to Goodskin Lab*

I am a natural dry-oily skin combination girl.. I also have sensitive skin too.. But i have no allergic reaction to this… But before you use this product, maybe you can squeeze a little and place it on your wrist for 5-10mins and see if redness appears.. That’s what i usually do…

Don’t everything also straight away apply on face!!!! Mus take sample and try first mah!!! So that’s why *samplestore* is always here for you!!

Now is the chance to be a MODEL~!!! 

365 “V” Poses Contest :
1) Strike a “V” pose just like the model in visual, take a photo and post on Sasa Facebook
Do like what the model did….. OR…. Something like what I did!!! :P

2) Post your MODEL photo on SaSa SG Facebook (!!! But before that, you must “like” SaSa SG Facebook!
3) YOU can redeem a FIRM-365(5ml) sample from any SaSa outlet or at  
4) 5 lucky “posers” will each win a $200 GSL product hamper & $200 worth of SaSa Gift Certificates

Contest period: 13 Jan to 9 Feb 14 

So what are you waiting for???? Join now to get free samples and also stand a chance too win Gift Certs! You do know that SASA carries alot of different product and with $200~!!! WOOHOO~! It is a shopping time!!!

I will go join now… What about you???

Do want a V-face?

Now open up and try~!

It is not like you will get hurt or anything…

Jus press and use it… 3-5 drops of serum …. REMEMBER, a cleaned face ^^

Just tiny little bit will do…

Apply apply apply… On face and neck ^^ For best results, gently massage 3-5 drops over clean face and neck, morning and night.

Still dunno how? Read the instruction :)

Take a photo now and post on SASA’s SG Facebook Page!!!

What are you girls waiting for?

Enjoy your V-face for this CNY~!
Chiong to SASA NOW~!!!! :)
firm 365
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