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Valentine’14 : French Village @ Bukit Tinggi Review


Hello Readers~!!

Today I am gonna share about a new place we discovered :P It is French Village @ Bukit Tinggi :)

Where is bukit tinggi? Maybe some of you know it as Berjaya Hills? Maybe Colmar Tropical?

It is somewhere near KL and it is a very beautiful place :)

 So now it is about 9pm and we are setting off to this far far place… I am all geared up to sleep inside the car and casper shall be the #driveroftheday :P

 We have reached the woodlands custom… #captionplease

 So at 2am in the midnight, we have reached Citrus Hotel in KL …. Hmmm… Basically, I am super shag to enjoy the cool facilities they offered to us.. :( So anyway, i shall rest first and enjoy tmr…

 woohooo… It’s Valentine and this is wat i wake up to… WOW~!

 Lets take a selfie before i wash up.. :P #unglam

Click this now~! Https://

 Thanks Samplestore for the Awesome sample from Darlie… Wanna free sample?

It has really great refreshing taste… :) *darliefanscream*

 So Casperlyn wishes all couples Happy Valentine’s Day ^^

 So we had like really awesome breakfast offered to us… 4 Star hotel breakfast…

Casper point of view
Gerlyn Point of view

 Not to forget a #ootd with my minion outfit :P I purposely buy this jumpsuit just to look like a minion ok :P *claps* for my effort :))

 So let the Minion Casperlyn take a selfie together…. And off we set of to where???

 And TADAH~!! This is Berjaya Hills Resort~!!

 So we are gonna check in first @ Colmar Tropicale and then we visit Horse Trails, Adventure Park and Maybe Jap Village?

 We had to turn off the air con so the car have more power….

 And not to forget a selfie :P

 So you need to pay an Entrance fee of 12RM for adult and 8RM for Kids… It is refundable upon Check-out if you stayed at their hotel…

 So tadah… This is the tickets… One way ticket to Colmar :))

 Wow… Castle… A French Castle

 French Village?!?!? WOW~!!

 Everything French ^^

 A Village with no one…. <3 LOVES~!!

 Wow.. really very dramatic setting.. Imagine the Prince Charming Riding his white horse rushing into this GATE~!!

 So this is right outside the Hotel Reception..

 Muahahaa… and this is my Vday Flower ^^ Love them alot… Carebears FTW~!!

 Horseyyyy Oppa Gangnam Style


 Oh oh oh oh!!! Wad is this?? You mean I can horse ride here??????

 Let’s wait and check in first….. Anyway, This lady in red so dao… I wanted to offer my help to her to let her join my queue but she like bochap me… >.<lll neh mind lo….

 So casper is waiting to be served…….. Anyway, check in time is 2pm … So u gotta wait if you arrive early.. but u can go jalan jalan first…


 Take photos with the horses…. :) HAHAHAHAHAH~! French Village of course mus have horse carriages… : P

 So go & make a wax hand???

 It cost less than 50RM~!! Double Wax hand 20RM Single is jus 10RM then we added a base 5RM then we added multi color 5RM (single color oso 5RM) So we choose rainbow.. Then *Casperlyn* 2RM per character and it cost 18RM so total??

48RM only!!!!

 See this is our wax hand….

 Our Rainbow base.. Chio hor???

 Then they also dip our CASPERLYN in colourful 2tone paint… Wow hor?? their service standard damn good….

 Then it is photo time~!! :) 

 So next we move on to taking “photoshoot” with Mr Casper (The Photographer)

 So I pose here pose there to let him take and take.. :P

Deluxe Room so BIG?!?!?! Win liao lo~! 

 It is super big… >.< llll

 The room seems a little smaller… But….

 A big dressing room for me~!!

 Then a bathtub….. wow~!!

 Sorry Casper, I photobomb ur photo.. :P

 Then decided to blow bubbles and make photos look cool :P

The we set up a <3 Love Corner.. Where we will display all our gifts… 

 And take a selfie again !!!

 This is me & my flower ^^

 So before we set off to horse riding me need to fill our stomach so we went to Le Colmar.. And have some pasta ^^

 And suddenly this musician band came and sing for us… And ask me to dance ^^ lols…

 We ordered Carbonara with Fussili :) Very yummy~!! But a little expensives 27RM… But nevermind the ambience is not bad so can compensate the price alittle… ^^

So next station we have reached Horse Trails…

 This is their office… So we have to choose which package we wanna take up… 

 So we took up riding lesson for 30 mins and it cost 70RM :) Considered very cheap!!!

 So anyway, things to take note… one horse for 1 person only.. so u cannot share ride with your kids but there are little pony for them to ride…

 We also need to wear helmet too.. because horse might *bite* or kick u off too.. >.<lll Scared scared..

SELFIE~!! Then also maybe you might not want to bring too much valuables as u need to keep all barang barang @ the counter.. 


 Next we are going for a SPA treatment @ La Lavender…

 It is considered pricey if compare to the Msia massage palore.. But well, it is the only SPA there.. So bobian… we jus have to pay for it.. But well, the service also quite good… :) Shiok ~!!

 It is romantic dinner time ^^ So Casper booked a table for 2 @ This French Restaurant :) 288RM for a Couple.. Quite Reasonable..

So we will let the pictures do the talking :)


Duck meat – main course

 Casper’s Vday gift from me.. :)

 So i sacrificed my roses…. To do this… I mean since I cant keep the roses till eternity .. Then jus use it on meaningful purpose..

 Tadah.. I did this alone hor~!! :P

 ok la.. Casper adjust abit… abit only hor.. mostly is i do one….

 Then i throw in some polaroid

 Tadah.. Self timer for the selfie couple

Wanna know what is our next Station and what is this Kimono Girl doing? 
Follow our next post :) 


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