Thank You Letter – Yes 933 撼动网络 TV Star(Finals @ Jcube)!



Hello to my dearest Supporters, my family and friends!

Find and thank youAs many of you would have know, I did not win the competition. Lols! It’s kinda expected as I did not predict I would have gone so far into Top 4. I was kinda surprise.. Although I obtain the highest vote, but voting is just 25%! But nonetheless, I am glad you all did vote for me till the very end. This voting contest was the longest one I ever joined. 2 weeks, 14 days of sleepless night. It wasn’t easy. But I am glad, you helped and you made me qualified into the finals!



So as for the finals, It was divided into 2 segments!

(Interview an Mediacorp Artist, either Jayley Woo or Jeffrey Xu, Second was a street performance.)

For interview, I was lucky to be paired with Zuowei which we were allocate Dukes of Caldecott, Jeffrey Xu 徐鸣杰。


For street performance, I am going to do Christmas Song Signing. We went to Holiday Plaza to do the Olaf Shirt, RM39 each and we bought my Santarina Costume @ RM69. We also got the Santa hat and Reindeer ears as our accessories. 04

I am also quite glad that Hang Kwong helped me to design this pretty poster for my supporters to hold.

This is the rehearsal video we filmed to sent to our producer Yan Wei. 

Unfortunately…. The video size is too big to even to be sent. Thus he did not manage to see our splendid performance! jus kidding… not splendid but i have to say a performance which the Ger’z World bloggers put in A LOT OF EFFORT!


I crash course Wenxi & JinHe to learn Sign Language in just 3days!

My gosh… Don’t even know how i did it~! But still the 2 of them are very hardworking. They practice day and night with me. Not just song signing which they have to master! They still need to play the instruments for me to sing! 09

After rehearsal, we went to Jcube to Recee the place. To our amaze, NO BOOKING was done. Which imply it will be a 100% flash mob! I wonder if there will be sound system or even mics to even begin with. 10

We all know worry cannot help therefore we indulge ourselves with FOOD~!

 The day of FINALS~! 


All geared up and ready to go! 


We reach Jcube at 12pm when we are told to arrive at 3 or 4pm.

We makan @ Manhattan Fish market first.003

Then we went to recee the site again.

Not forgetting to take a photo with the social wall too! 005

Then next was rehearsal time with the 933 crews. We have Yanwei and Yiwei to help us with the mics.

At the same time something disastrous happened!! Wenxi’s Cello A String broke. He over tighten it and he forget we actually move in from Indoor to Outdoor so there is a drastic temperature change therefore the string is more prone to breakage. 007

But cheerful Wenxi still can HEHE HAHA and take photos with us..

While I panic like hell~!! :(

Thanks Shi Ming and Belinda for the photos taken. Lols..

Some of my Ger’z World fans also came to support me. Sorry I did not really play the part of a good host. LOLS~! I am not the host la! The host is 933 okays?


Anyways, Let me intro to you my producer, Yanwei aka Xiaoer. If you are a ardent fan of Channel 8 variety shows, you would have seen him before. LOLS~! 0002


Sorry for the blur photos, it was a screenshot from 933 TV and the quality wasnt that good. But just wanna show how it looks like when my supporters actually hold up the banner.

Thanks for supporting and cheering for me! Lols…

Here is a clearer photo..

Thanks Elvina Dear for filming my performance! Thanks for coming all the way to Jcube to support me! *teary eyes*0003

Now… It’s time for performance! So I perform Malaysian Chabor, lyrics rearranged by Ger’z World team of bloggers and adviced by Producer Yanwei. Lols.. For those who seen the first version I did in May when I was in Melaka, that was a “offending” version. Lols.. So to suit 933 filming and be more “sensitive” , I tweak the lyrics nicer and more pleasing to ears. Although sometime during rehearsal I will sing the wrong version. But HENG ah! Actual day sing correctly.. LOLS~! 0004

This was the judges Zhi Yong aka Boss, ok… Not my boss la… Coz I never win… Then in the middle is Weibin aka Nico. And on the right no need intro right? She is Peifen. Lols.. Is because of her then I know what’s Hen’s Party all about. Lols! Anyway, she just published a new book so maybe you can show some support? :) Teehee! 0005

After singing my Malaysian Chabor, Aaron who is our Ger’z World blogger, came out to intro for our next segment. What is my next performance?


It’s song signing! Haha! For those who know me, should know that I have learnt Sign Lang since the age of 18th. So basically, ‘Santa Claus lane’ is an easy performance! haha! Of course not! I need to choreograph the steps and tweak little stuff here and there and lastly FINE TUNING all our hand positions!  0009

Luckily I have my best helper which God has given me.. It’s Wenxi Hubby! He help me designed the Olaf T-shirt and also the No Fear Signboard.

And thanks Jinhe for helping out too! Without you, the performance will be darn awkward!


Last but not least is the VOTING Segment AGAIN~! This time round I got 26 public votes woohoo..


P/s Boss glancing towards our side on the right.. Sekali checking us out see we got play cheat anot.. No… Sekali he wanna say, “Who say performers can vote one?” Coz hubby who is my calefare was voting too!

Ok I gotta admit that 13 was my own friends.

Those who came, thank you! If I miss you out, I am sorry do let me know and I will add you in.

  1. Mum
  2. Hubby
  3. Aaron
  4. JinHe
  5. Elvina
  6. Raymond
  7. Gary
  8. Javier
  9. Javier friend
  10. Beatrice
  11. Belinda
  12. Belinda Hubby
  13. Belinda kids x3
  14. Belinda Friends x 2
  15. Eric
  16. Shi Ming
  17. Melvin from HK Run

Ooops… Okay… I got 20 friends votes and 6 public votes then..

I remember got a stranger nice old uncle who gave me a vote too.. He was so nice… Then he oso help me turn my voting board cos it was upside down. So touching lah! #FAITHINHUMANITYRESTORED! Uncle you LAGI best!

And another uncle who encouraged me too. Lols.. P/s he appeared in Mervyn Thank you post in instagram too oopsy… #WhoSayYouCannotSupport2Contestants?!

just kidding..




This is Belinda voting. Lols.. Can see her 3 little baobeis voting for Jiejie? Which is me lah! Lols… See, my performance so good until baby oso vote for me! Muahahaha~!

#SelfDenial ok la.. give me some encouragement leis… You know Edison the winner managed to get Blangah to vote for him sia! I no Blangah but I got BABY~! lols… Next time I sing Curry Neh in public and see if Blangah votes for me! LOLS~! Next time ur head la~

p/s next time i need x100 the courage to join 933 again. Meanwhile, let me rest abit la.. You all oso need to rest… LOLS! Everyday vote and worry for me, you buay sian meh? wahaha~!

Actually i was tired out to be honest. All of us were tired out.

Kena scolded and said we beg for votes etc etc… Well, haters gonna hate… But thanks to all that voted. Although I din win coz I really sucked. Let’s see how i sucked below. 


Thanks Elvina Dear for coming.. Hugs and kisses <3 Xiexie ni! Love you deep deep.0012

Anyway this is the second segment and where did I screwed up!

So basically we were interviewing Jeffrey Xu, one of the Dukes in Mediacorp lah.. Then is like Zuowei ask if he was Gay. This question we discussed in the morning whether to ask anot which I tot wasnt appropriate. However we sent to Yanwei and it was approved and Zuowei said it has 效果 effects. Ok then.. I shall pray and hope for the best. Apparently Jeffrey flared up at this question.

ok… So i said smth crazy like “Gay means happy!” This is true sia.. I dunno I heard from where by somewhat I know Gay means happy la..

P/s I am not criticising Gays or Homosexuality ok.. I am just saying is a private question which we shuldnt ask in public. I wont want anyone to ask if I am Lesbian in public even though I am not.

Whatever the case, I just screwed. Terribly! So ya, Jeffrey Fans on Instagram oso thought he was really angry etc etc. But he said he wasnt.

I wasnt very sure… 

After that we chit chat abit here and there. Was talking about his Rap in Three Wishes. And I perform a little lols.. Paiseh Sia! He is much friendlier when he was not being INTERVIEWED~! 0016

Anyway he encouragement me. P/s usually those who are cui needs more encouragement. Therefore you can see the the 933TV Final Video, I was the CMI one. lols…


So this is the annoucing of results. It was annouced officially last Thurs but in fact we all know in the day of finals.

I took 3 weeks to recover.. So dear readers and my supporters, dun ask so much ok?

Even now i am typing this post i oso feel like crying >.<||| 000002

Anyway the way they choose the winner is by STRIKING out those who not win.

First to Kena strike is Zuowei.

Second to Kena strike is Me.

And Third was Mervyn la.. If not how Edison win right?

So ya.. I was very upset and usually I can cry out loud in 5secs! Like now I am crying!

But I never cry sia.. Aiseh #GoodJobGerlyn! Lols!

Actually the tears at Custom liao…

The moment i got striked off, my supporters cheered on me from the audience seats.

This actually helped to delay my tears for another 30secs.

And thanks Gary Kor for holding up the No Fear sign! Actually is a wrong move! You make me so 感动 and i wanna cry immediately!


But thanks Aaron bro for praying that DJ Chen Ning faster end the whole episode and do closing so i can chiong to toilet to cry! Lols! 

But the tears was really gonna flow out le… So I left immediately after the whole thing end…

Anyway i take escalator to level 1 jiu cry liao.. No time to rush to toilet to cry, but kudos to me who stopped crying before the escalator reached B2 Carpark!

I cried awhile only la… aiya… Confirm will cry de la… I say i never cry you oso dun believe right… But anyways still wanna thank you guys for supporting..#BigGirlsDontCry


P/s this was taken with Jeffrey and Jayley before the announcement of results that why i still can YAY… 000006

Although we lost, we went for celebratory Makan session at WestMall and not Jcube.. Smart people will know not to ask why…

000007Thank you list:

Karyn Jie
Alex kor
Beatrice Sis
Grace Gan
Eric bro
Jasiline God Mom
Jun Cheng
Sharon Tan
Xiao Ding
Clare Jie
Canace Jie
Janice Jie
Gary Kor
Javier Oppa
Hang Kwong
Xiao Ding
Pastor Qing Xian
Yang Yang – Wenxi Music Instructor Friend
For voting DAILY
Sorry if I missed anyone out.. I did not meant to.
But you know I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 11.52.35 pm
This 379 people, I dunno who you are but I will find you and I will thank you!!!!!!!
Thank you
Once again this may sound cheesy, but I wanna thank you.
Let me write in chinese and translate in English using google translate.
这条路一路走来不容易。有很多失眠的夜,有时和我的良师益友吵架,乱发脾气,失落是难免的。谢谢你们对我的容忍。我知道自己脾气不好但是你们还很体谅我,照顾我,在我脑闭塞的时候给我很好的意见。我没有后悔参加这次的比赛,也没后悔选择错什么。因为一切都是天父的安排。虽然输了但是只能说自己真的技不如人,因为其实自己口才也一般般,长相一般般,才艺一般般。靠的只是自己都表演的热忱和一些鬼点子。虽然做不成TV Star但是我还有我的小小部落格Ger’z World,还有爱我的上帝,爱我的家人,和爱我的朋友和支持者!你们就是我的动力。我不会放弃表演和演戏的!
其实我没有哭了,眼泪也哭干了。Time to MOVE ON!
也希望你们读着的人可以支持我!支持Ger’z World! 也支持 #GerzWorldVideos! 每天我们会带给你们快乐的理由!
Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 12.08.26 am
Waaaa… Google translate really CMI sia.. I think if i post this, my translation module teacher, Ms Yang Liu will probably rise BP to 200! Ok la.. I translate myself!
This road, this path is not easy. I have got many sleepless night, quarelled with my friends and mentors, I anyhow throw tantrums at them and feeling loss is inevitable. But thanks for forgiving me and toletrate me. I know I have bad temper but you guys are understanding, your took care of me when I was weak, when I am loss of ideas, you all gave me good ideas and suggestion. I never regret joining this competition, or regret making wrong choices. All this i believe is God’s plans. Although I have lost but I can only blame on my lack of eloquent skills. Because my gift of gab is so-so, my looks are so-so, my talents are so-so. All was dependant on my performing passion and some creativity. Although I cant be your TV Star, but I still have my blog, Ger’z World. I still have my God whom loves me, my family who loves me and my friends and supporters. Your are my motivation! I will not give up on Acting and performing.Actually I never cry already. Tears have dried up already. Time to MOVE ON~!Hope all my readers can continue support me. Support Ger’z World and support #GerzWorldVideos! We will continue bringing you laughters to your life and reasons to laugh!
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