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Sunway Lagoon KL Outdoor theme park review

Helloo Readers!
I am typing this using my new pro-link bluetooth keyboard!

yup… keyboard the typing one not the musical instrument :P thou i have a keyboard at home but u know as a music idiot, yin yue bai chi… actually i realise a flaw with this…. cannot type chinese lah! :( sob anyway, i wont blog much about this as i will share with you my memorable trip KL 2013 with the foxies ^^


This the first meal of the day it is the most important meal of a day too… it is called breakfast!! :)
caught the underage girls drinking.. oops.. how i hope i m underage… lols…. anyway, these taiwan beer are super yummy and fantastic… you know i am not fan of beer… i am a good kid i drink ORING juice :D teehee

this is the sunway lagoon mascort lol!! a ducky… i think justin & meixin will love it alot…

our super blur / chui group photo… why chui? Cuz our face very sek sek…

Night of Fright Banner ^^ luckily we buy tickets liao!!! Hengzzz

Me & yh at the enterance :)

With jinhe & yh selfie

How can i forget a selfie with the brocher?

And our wristband tickets! :)

Sayyyy cheese!

This is how we got our 招牌动作!

The halloween atmosphere is here….

Lols photobombed but by a very cute boy!

The stairways to fun & more fun!

The ghost preparing their coffin tonight le

The stageeee

Here we are ready for our rapid river ride!

Us on vuvuzella :) best ride ever! We took 3times!

The drenched us!

Woohoo is hawaiian beach party!!!

We are smiling so happy even the rain was so biggg

The castle :) not only uss have hor!

This is taken before we got WET!!!

Bungy jumpppp!!! But due to bad weather condition >.<||| we never get to try

This is queuing for the 5D movie! & we got super wet after everything! Good experience! Must try!!!

Up we go onto the slide… And yh is so strong while i kept camwhoring!

Completed the slide on the left! Shiok la!

Wanted to go Flying fox but due to bad weather… Haixxxx… So here we are on the bridge again… So high right???

Me, wx and jinhe

Finally a couple shot!

Not forgetting my captain jack sparrow! :)

Who says playground is only for kids? We all have a kid within ourselves!
Signing off,
Playful gerger!
Thou is day2 of inman, and super pain but i survived!!
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