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A Scare Die Me in the Air Surprise Proposal Version 2.0 Feat. ORRO + iFly + GMAX + Skydive Experience

Hi Readers,

So if you have been following my facebook page you should know that Casper had done his proposal Version 2.0 sucessfully in Western Australia, Busselton. This is his 2nd try and I am glad he did it!

So some bg info: His 1st proposal isnt not good but it’s jus not my day~ Not his fault~ He doesnt have to redo coz i oso married to him liao! But he really redo!!!!!!! Well, i shall not harp on what happen that fateful date since it’s over and let’s us share with you the joy of this proposal V2.0!

You will be asking why Proposal Version 2.0 never happen in 2014 but like now? Coz he cant think of a super good idea and he also cant hide anything from me! And I also kept this ring in my safe. Technically not safe liao when he can open it. So i know when he is gonna propose and the ring will be gone.. But who knews he so smart.. Recently we are super busy with Aust trip and i go no time to “check on” my ring. So this is when he “kar-poh” aka took it. Then he still bring to the outback sia!!! So dangerous!

Boon Hee: “She kept it in the safe as i dun allow her to wear. She can only wear it after the re-do proposal. hehez.”

Anyway this is what he share with me…

“How 2mths ago he chance upon this opportunity to propose.”

One fine day…..

He were scrolling thru the skydive website Hazel (his colleague) gave him with me.. We are scrolling it… la la la la… I wasn’t paying attention.. Then suddenly.. he saw this thing in the website!

2015-11-03 17_39_13-Skydiving Packages _ Southern Skydivers

Then he faster scroll up and purposely hide from me.

You can hear about his 心声 in this video.

So now let’s go back in time to


Bg info on the ring: So Casper went to join this Orro 1 year anniversary give away and he won a 1.0 carat Solitaire Ring set in 18k gold! So he intend to use this ring as his re-proposal ring coz is so meaningful! This is like the most expensive thing he won la! And it happen in 2014.


After we won the ring, we were invited to Orro Show Room to measure my ring size and to customise this solitaire ring either in 18K white gold / yellow gold / rose gold.

Obviously i chose rose gold!


Reason 1: My wedding ring was white gold so hence smth different.

Reason 2: Rose gold has a special meaning of Love, Romantic.

Below is some photos of me customising my ring from orro~


So now is time to customise my ring size~



errr.. i forget what size i took…


So now is the time to pick the colour of the 18k gold. 
hmm… Left – Right = Rose, White , Yellow12209152_10153376275327690_1306644619_o

I prefer Rose~ Coz rose look sibeh romantic.. super sweet..


And YESSSS~! Rose Gold it shall be.. But size is not correct but the diamond is mine! wahahaha!

So technically my diamond will be place in my perfect ring~!

Anyway thanks Uncle, sorry i forget your name. You are so nice in teaching me how to take care of my jewelry~

I will definitely take good care of this ring de!!! Will diligently bring it back to ORRO to wash.. lols..

If not get Casper to buy the sonic washer Xiaxue is using for me! I think the sonic washer not bad leh!

2015-11-04 13_34_43-ORRO Private Collection - The Name that changed diamond simulants forever OrroCa

This one lor.. super cool right? Can wash your own jewelry at home now!! So convenient leh! And xiaxue say can wash her retainers also leh… I think this is inside her “things i cannot live without”~ she mentioned it in her guide to life. so ya!!! Casper I WANT THIS AH!

So ya, now we go to the main topic!

Before i share about skydive, Casper wants me to share a little on iFly and GMAX + G5 Swing as this 3 activities are ‘prelude’ to 壮胆 before skydive! I call it the FLYING Experience~


some behind the scene photos and later the screenshot from the video itself. 
20151103215329 (1)

so yes.. this is the neat look b4 I FLY. before i flew…
20151103215329 (2)

Our neat looks….


Then this is the official photo we purchased in the package. Our package comes with 1 photos and 1 full length video means everyone in my grp have the same exact video uncut.

Save time for the iFly crew in a way but hor abit no privacy lor.. Like people oso get my video like i can also get other ppl de video.. hahaha!
20151103215329 (4)

So ya, this is after iFly. 
20151103215329 (6)

hair all stand up coz of the gravity.

20151103215329 (3)

and a photo to show that we fly-ed. ok.. his hair too short to see he flew.

And then i fly 3 times and he fly 2 times. I top up about $40 to fly super super high!
20151103215329 (7)

so what is the damage done other than spending lots of money and burning a hole in my pocket….. 
20151103215344 (1)

I got this souvenir from ifly googles it lasted for half a day.


And lastly thanks our Instructor Ian for flying us up up and away… And this is my cert…

Siao siao.. ifly got cert but skydive no cert!!! lolols!

Now is time for the blurry screenshots. so sorry but this is the best i can do la….


So this is my first attempt to fly…. abit scare scare… 2

i believe i can fly~ but nope i cant touch the sky~ this one inside container leh! how to touch the sky?

let me go so i can fly high high la.. jkjk.. he hold on to me so i dun “long piak” hit the wall.


ok and Instructor Ian finally let go… but i think i gonna “long tio net” hit the net… aiya.. i dropping down liao la! 6

and ya.. pull me up so i can fly again.. so this is the cycle and we do this over and over again for 2 times…. 7

Bye bye… 45secs times up.. bo liao.. (no more) liddat nia.. 45secs… ya la.. 8

Now is Casper turn.. dunno he trying to dive or trying to puke.. he looks like he gonna vomit… maybe he think he is MerCasper ~9

Then so unfair de.. Ian fly with him to bring him higher.. then Ian let me “long the netting” hit the netting…


Then see Casper like fly until so nice and steady… 11

So now is my turn to fly high high.. if u wan fly high high u mus pay extra la! 3rd dive then can fly sibeh sibeh high… like super high~! 12

High high high ~ So 我们 GET HIGH~ song by FIR13

so ya, the last fly high high and bye bye to you! tats all for iFly! You know not easy to go thru the video to screenshot this videos for u to see leh… So you all better click LIKE on this post ah!

if not me and you 没完没了!


So what’s next?


oh oh oh the GMAX and Gstring! i mean G SWING la! GX5 Swing!

You can watch the video in youtube first while i describe the experience for you.

*Warning* Please lower down your volume button!!!!!
I am so sorry for the screams!!! But ya, I regret not trying it earlier and being so afraid of the reverse bungee!
Thanks Clarke Quay for the free tix to G-Max Reverse Bungy Singapore !
And ya, if you think this is scary, the SWING is much more scarier!
‪#‎GMAXNotIMAX‬ watch this video to see why i say this!!!

Ok, here is the video for the Swing. I think this is much scarier in compare to Reverse Bungee. You may think differently and you let us know why in the comments below~ No right or wrong answers because everyone is scared of different things.
Once again, thanks Clarke Quay for the giveaway tix to G-Max Reverse Bungy Singapore!
P/s: I got a really cool younger sister!

2015-11-04 16_21_58-Clarke Quay (@clarkequaysg) • Instagram photos and videos

So the story goes liddat, I actually went to join a giveaway hosted by GMAX and Clarke Quay. When i saw the MAX, i thought is IMAX so i assume is IMAX movie tickets and i hardly won any giveaways as compared to Casper! So i just join for fun.

2015-11-04 16_20_30-Clarke Quay (@clarkequaysg) • Instagram photos and videos

In the end…… I “sway sway” won it… Can you find my Instagram username inside? Anyway… Then I have to sit it but I don’t want to sit a space away from Casper if there is only 2 of them so I jio-ed, Keslyn aka the Dare Devil.

So now is time to share some photos from my iphone~


So the blue tickets are the ones i won. 2x Gmax and 2x Gstring i mean GSWING!!!1a

We purchase additional tix for keslyn~


So we are going to reverse bungee first.

Reason: They said it is the scariest.. So you go first then G Swing = bo laksa… (nothing)


So ya, verdict.. Nope not scary… i over-estimate it liao… But when we ended the crew say gswing more scary!

p/s maybe u cant see but it’s us.. no proof but u can choose to believe me coz lie to you i oso no money!! hahahaha!


But first~ LET ME TAKE A SELFIE!!!!! OH YA this is taken before i surrender my phone for G Swing…


ok last photo liao…. 5

ya, really last photo before i SCREAM!!!!

You can see i damn scare la.. my leg go hook onto the metal bar~ Then they keep shouting to ask me dangle my legs!

with their encouragement, i dangled…. only the moment right before we shoot out~

And Kes so cool she can say




before she pull the trigger!

while i scare die!!! lolols!


ok finally now is time for SKYDIVE le right?!

hmm where do i start ah? ok i start digging photos first.. u all wait ah.. i need to dig photos from these places..

  1. iPhone
  2. Shenqi
  3. Instructor handycam
  4. Their Crew Freefall camera

And guess how many cameras were following us tat day?!


Answer is 6 if don’t have #6 then who capture this photo?!


Southern Skydivers also left a msg

2015-11-05 12_32_02-Ger'z World - Hmm~ Let's play a game! Spot the number of CAMERAS...

Even they are paparazzi, they are the coolest paparazzi in the air~

Actually i should have suspect smth.. I was telling Casper…


I feel like a VVIP sia, we chater the whole plane ah why whole plane only got us sia!!!

Why so many cameras ah? 4 ppl dive with us? And i kept asking him all the above question..

Then i ask for the price and he say is $1600 (both of us), then i was like weird.. i tot skydive max price $1200(for 2 person) ? Why $400 more?!

And my primary sch friend dive at Melbourne for $300 leh!

Why we like pay so much?


Ok she dive from 14,000 ft.. let me see ah… Southern Skydiver pure 14,000ft is $399

pure dive means no video no photos. just jump lo..

I think my friend one has the handycam video so if have handycam, it’s $549 @ Southern Skydivers. hmm ok.. Melbourne is much cheaper according to what she say!!!

Anyway so let’s continue.

I think i will let the picture do the talking..


Hooray so we arrived at 10am sharp~


But first let me take a selfie~


So their crews were prep-ing the airplane which we are going to use later!


Then i also selfie with their official t-shirt which was included in my pkg

i took the black one instead. Coz black will 显瘦!


while waiting, we sat at their sofa seat to watch other ppl videos.

So i went on to do live updates and more selfies~ hahaha! 7

Then casper was reading the “Landing Zone” Map.

I was like, “read for what….” oso not u choose where to land de..

haha! so no 1 tell me we are gonna land where too..

i also dun care.. coz i too nervous thinking of the freefall and jump~

And yup… here are some sneak previews b4 i show u the official photos!



Literally on board liao..


Just to share, they prepare a few iMacs for customers to see their photos while they loading the videos. So videos will take about an hour to load hence we went for lunch @ Busselton jetty~

Let me share my lunch photos from Busselton first~ before we enjoy the photos and videos on the “sofa” together~

So we are going to travel to the jetty’s restaurant (The Goose, Busselton) for a free bottle of wine~


So on the way, i saw some cows~ Mooooo~ of course mus come down take photo la.. And the cow kept looking at us!!!! 4

then hor, i always wanted to visit this 4 blue boat house!!! then i tell casper, i wan go western aussie see blue boat house! then he tot is the swan lake solo blue boat house!

blue boat house
Anyway this shot is the first time we are trying the heart shape at the back… p/s my arms gonna break liao!!!

anyway back to the convo…

i was like, no i wan the ‘4 houses’ then he blur blur.

still kpkb to me say Western Australia only got 1 blue boat house, dunno where is the 4 blue boat house.


then still say what not in Perth etc etc..

technically he is right lo.. not in Perth but in Busselton

but Busselton in Western Aust leh..

so tell me who right who wrong?


ok let me share how we found out the blue house…

2015-11-05 14_53_25-Ger'z World

So this is what my Air BnB host Brigitta have at the kitchen.

then she tell us it’s at Busselton Jetty!!!

Just nice after we skydive we can go there about 10mins drive..

but guess where we landed? just nice is the beach beside this 4 blue boat houses!!!

ok let’s go back to lunch-time~


tadah~ To celebrate our proposal, The Goose, Busselton Restaurant and Southern Skydivers prepared a bottle of red wine for us~

Although this sitting area is quiet hot and sit got a lot of place with shades to sit but i still choose here coz here have the best view..

for the sake of nice photos and nice view, i mus tahan the hotness~ lols!

Then this very cute angmoh little boy come and talk to us.. u can see his parents oso looking at us.. lols.. he so cute!! ahhhh~ 9

then i oso tell his mother “you got a very beautiful boy~” she say thank you!

this boy is such a charmer~


and so we order a white wine spaghetti with seafood and mussel.

jin ho jiak!

the mussel very very fresh.. and ya sedap! 


after yummy lunch, we went to take some photos at the beach.. 
18Hey balloons bring me up up and away~


After lunch we came back sit at sofa and watch our own videos12

After watching both our videos with their crew, i feel so touch and cried again.

Why cry leh… ?

hmm.. now is time for official photos!


So my instructor is Glenn, and Ben is my freefall pg (photographer).

They are all professional skydivers and super cool and nice peeps! skydive2

This is the part he volunteer to go first!!! Usually he will ask, “you wanna go first?”

But this time so weird… Why he immediately wanna ‘chiong’ first?


Anyway this is the vvip experience.. Whole place only us!

machiam we 包下全场!

after tat then i know he really go 包下全场!


so i was still ignorant to everything.. I really tot we shuld receive such experience.. HAHA!skydive5

ok so let’s fly away together~skydive6

Thumbs up before i fly~ OMG!


the coolest thing about all freefall pg Abe and Ben is they have this Canon Camera on their helmet!

But during skydive how they take pictures leh??? You think what?

like me liddat? take video then screenshot here and there?

lols! nope, Abe and Ben did cooler stuff.. see the black straw?

inside their mouth is the shutter for the camera!

they used their tongue to take photo!

initially i tot is use teeth to bite and take photo.. waaa they use tongue!

cool sia!!!!!

So COOL!!!!! I super excited liao~ skydive9

So this is our handshake~ YAY! We will do this handshake again when the parachute is open!skydive10

next moment… wakao! Boon Hee jumped liao..

WHAT?! My hubby jumped off the plane in front of me?

and Casper actually jumped 2mins b4 me!

so i waited 2mins in this position..

but why?…..


Then next moment my turn to jump!!! AHHHHH Ji Pai Siao Liao~ SD12

ahhhhhhh~ So scary!!! Ok i look so happy to say i am scare! SD13

omg……. cant believe i jump off the plane.. jus liddat..

more like kena dragged out of the plane..


soooo cold… it’s freezing! I should wore thicker clothes and even gloves.. It’s freezing up there!!

then the wind blows at 200km/hr.. sibeh cold..

until the bone hurts tat kind.. 刺骨~

But still thumbs up!!!!!


i think now 40secs of freefall liao.. i got 26secs more to go..


abit lack of O2 (oxygen) now.. cant focus cant think and i feel like sleeping! 

Last 10secs and we are reaching 6,000ft so we can open parachute.SD20

the small white parachute open liao… and






happy new year! I mean happy skydiving!!


tadah~ Open liao! 


somemore my parachute is lime green colour~ which is like my fave colour!!!! SD24

Coz we open parachute then we will slow down the falling process.

What about Ben? My freefall PG?

he actually chiong down to take photos of Casper landing! he is tat fast!

then also take photo of me landing!


Thumbs up~


Well done handshake!~~ Yay~ We did it!!!


Then he was telling me to look at the long jetty which is the busselton jetty which have the 4 blue house and at this point of time… I REALLY DUNNO I GONNA LAND HERE!


Then before i land, i saw “Will You Marry Me?” in red!!!

omg.. he redo proposal sia..

although we are married… :'(


and tadah.. i landed on the beach!!! although i am safe but i feel like crying liao…

coz very gan dong!!!


omg…. flowers on anniversary.. he lied sia.. coz this skydive is planned on our anniversary..

then last time i told him every anniversary, wedding anniversary, birthday and V-day mus have flowers! lols.. regardless fake or real..

then he say, this year in Perth, hard to get flowers etc etc

all kinds of excuses then ask, can use balloons instead?

so i say ok lo.. better than nothing!

he say liddat so i wont be suspicious coz if he say nothing then i cfm will suspect “bo ko leng nth!”SD31

So ya, i tot only flowers and balloons.. SD32

so touched until i cry….. see flowers and balloons jiu cry liao..


then i hugged him since he so romantic!! SD34

then see my “huh” face… what?! he brought the ring here?! SD35

omg!! he bought my orro ring here!!! ahhhhh!! when he packed sia?

where he keep sia?! 

tadah~ he haven’t ask the question i already go wear my ring liao!! hahahaha!

why the diamond ring red sparkle? I really dunno.. I saw on video is rainbow glow but dunno why screenshot become liddat..

but cool sia.. so i posted it! 


and everyone from Southern Skydivers started congratulating us with high-5ssss~


Thanks for following us thru this lengthy post~

We also thank GMAX, Clarke Quay, iFly, and last Southern Skydivers for all the FLYING EXPERIENCE!

Lastly, click to see the Skydive videos below~

There is slight difference between me and Boon Hee videos so if you got the time, WATCH BOTH!

And everytime i rewatch the video…

this is how i feel….

lie down try not to cry


But before we end here, the male lead say he also wanna say smth…

BOON HEE Shares~

“Thanks Southern Skydivers for planning this along hand with me. It wouldnt be a successful surprise without you guys! You guys are awesome!”

And now is time for me to share some of my thoughts and experiences!

Oh my goodness... my ears begin getting block...
Oh my goodness… my ears begin getting block…
Okay, thanks goodness they have this goggle prepare for people who wear glasses like me.. if not i can't get the view while doing the skydive...
Okay, thanks goodness they have this goggle prepare for people who wear glasses like me.. if not i can’t get the view while doing the skydive…
Ok i m ready... actually i m not really scare... as i have confident with the instructor behind me.
Ok i m ready… actually i m not really scare… as i have confident with the instructor behind me.
Wohoo... in the end... no scare is fake one lah... scare die me sia
Wohoo… in the end… no scare is fake one lah… scare die me sia
Wahhhh.... my facial expression... tell everyone i am super scare! Oh dear...
Wahhhh…. my facial expression… tell everyone i am super scare! Oh dear…
The wind is too strong... i m having a hard time breathing...i keep using my mouth to breath... and it is damn freezing cold!
The wind is too strong… i m having a hard time breathing…i keep using my mouth to breath… and it is damn freezing cold!
See, i open my mouth to breath
See, i open my mouth to breath
Wohoo... super cold!!
Wohoo… super cold!!
Haha... when the parachute open, my first word was Shiok ah! Donno if the angmo can understand a not... haha
Haha… when the parachute open, my first word was Shiok ah! Donno if the angmo can understand a not… haha
See! The Busselton jetty! We are going to land nearby to the jetty. And that is the jetty with the four blue houses!
See! The Busselton jetty! We are going to land nearby to the jetty. And that is the jetty with the four blue houses!
Haha... this is gonna be a real surprise for her... hope she can see it...
Haha… this is gonna be a real surprise for her… hope she can see it…
Getting down and land on the beach... the instructor is really pro... landing was very smooth... i just have to lift both my leg and feets high up.
Getting down and land on the beach… the instructor is really pro… landing was very smooth… i just have to lift both my leg and feets high up.
I saw the cameras pointing at me... then i keep mentioning it is very cold up there! Lol
I saw the cameras pointing at me… then i keep mentioning it is very cold up there! Lol
Smile at the camera with my Will you marry me banner!
Smile at the camera with my Will you marry me banner!
Flowers and balloons ready for my princess arrival!
Flowers and balloons ready for my princess arrival!
I knee down infront of my wife... doing my proposal again...
I knee down infront of my wife… doing my proposal again…
Tada... no one know i brought this ring to Australia!! Thanks God I get clearance from the airport custom authority without any difficulties... if not, my wife sure know i m doing a re-proposal to her
Tada… no one know i brought this ring to Australia!! Thanks God I get clearance from the airport custom authority without any difficulties… if not, my wife sure know i m doing a re-proposal to her


Haha... wife so touch and she hugged me..
Haha… wife so touch and she hugged me..
The Southern Skydiver team are great! My partners in crime for this proposal planning! Haha! Really thankful to the team!
The Southern Skydiver team are great! My partners in crime for this proposal planning! Haha! Really thankful to the team!
Highfive! Yeah!
Highfive! Yeah!
Finally, my successful proposal to Gerlyn... she got no more complain liao... haha
Finally, my successful proposal to Gerlyn… she got no more complain liao… haha



For more photos CLICK here to visit our Ger’z World FB album



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