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Today’s topic is about sisters. My thoughts on sistership. I am kinda inspired to write this post because i have some 感触 (feel) due to a bff of mine who quarrelled with her elder sis a few days back, which let me also reflect on my mum and my aunt’s ‘sister relationship’, as well as me and my sister’s relationship.

The one thing in common about the above 3 i mentioned is we are sisters, blood related sister.

10yrs ago in 2004, i saw my mum and her elder sister which is my 姨妈 (yima) have a terrible quarrel and since then their relationship not as good as previously. Last time can go out together but now maybe just an Hi-Bye?

I guess the reason is that both of them dont understand each other? Maybe is because my mum and her sis doesnt stay together when they are young? Because my mum is brought up by her paternal grandpa and her sis is brought up by her maternal grandparents. So probably they dun have those bonding time and play time together?

As the 2 sisters grew up in different places and different background, they seldom meet each other except for sch holidays. So their relationship not that close as compare to sisters that grew up together and facing each other daily like me and keslyn.

Then back in 2001 when my parents divorce, my mum die die dun let my dad take my custody coz she fear that me and keslyn will become distant like she and her sister (姨妈). Becoz in my mum’s heart, she really wanna be close to her sister becoz she grew up as if she was the only child and she was lonely. And this is why my mum decided to give birth to keslyn to be my playmate~

So i always tell my sister, “妈妈生你出来是给(陪)我玩的!”

My mum also always tell me i mus dote my little sister which is Keslyn la. So i super love keslyn *maybe you cant see it because you always think i bully her*!!! But tats because i love her so i bully her..


You know 打是疼;骂是爱?欺负也是一种疼爱!

win liao lo

So i was repetitively reminded by my mum to love my sister because she is my one and only sister.

But you know woman..

Woman are naturally born to be jealous. We are called green-eyed monster in case you dunno….

Some more since young, mummy will compare.. Which mother dun compare?

Keslyn’s prettier, Keslyn got more people like, Keslyn’s chubbier.

But whenever we quarrel or fight, I always hear this sentence from my mum!!



Sometimes i hear this until very pekchek! Is like, “Why mus i give in to her? Coz becos i am older?”

Then liddat i oso wanna be 妹妹!

Why younger sister always so many privilege de?

And parents always side the younger kid coz they are younger…

Jealousy between sisters is common.

If i say i not jealous cfm is fake de la..

It’s natural actually!


Jealous Fact 1: Keslyn Chubbier and adults like chubby kiddos 


Jealous Fact 2: Keslyn always look nicer in matching clothes.

And mum always made us wear matching clothes then people say we look like twins and say Keslyn gonna be taller than me!!!

10Jealous Fact 3: And ya, eventually she grew up to be taller than me liao..

Cfm pek-chek mah..


Always say “妹妹长大一定比姐姐高!”

Then “妹妹吃比较多!姐姐很挑食!”

see la, now come true liao lo!

But you know what? I was never really jealous of her. I was happy for her. We are sisters. If she go overseas, she will cfm buy things for me.. Like she go korea will buy face masks for me etc. Then although she was taller and prettier, but during my wedding day, she wore a ‘not so high heels’ too. But still i think she taller than me! But never mind my dress prettier than hers! And is hand made by my grandma in aussie so technically my gown is from aussie!


She was a really nice sister, a nice playmate to me..

Sisters bound to fight. But we always manage to patch back maybe patch back ourselves by talking nonsense or playing the same toys or my mum will be there to patch things up.

How to “tolerate” each other?

So how can 2 women in the same room sharing the same toys survive together? Mum usually dont buy 2 of the same toys so 1 of us have to sacrifice and take turns to play. Like for example handphone, and clothes usually keslyn will use my hand-downs. Coz we arent very rich to start with. So is like if it’s not spoilt, keslyn will take it.



Step 1: Always remember you must love your sister!


Step 2: You need to protect her because she is your younger sister.


Step 3: Only I CAN BULLY HER!

But if you bullied her, you will be dead!

But I can bully her because i am her jiejie!


Step 4: Always be grateful and thankful!

I still remember when i was young like 3yo, i told my mum.

“I am so bored can you give me a sister to play with?”

And mum really wanted to have a baby boy.

But i insisted on having a baby sister!

haha! and guess who wins?

sorry mom

When i was in my teens, i regretted for having a sister. Because she can steal parents attention. Then no one ‘chap’ me because sis suffer from Hyper active and Dyslexia. Then need bring her see doctor then mum also really paid full attention to her. But Kes recovered in 12yo and she even Aced her N levels.  But she is still the smartest sister one can ever have!


But she still cant write chinese characters. HAHA! You see chinese I think is D issit? lolols!

speech day


Then she also won Best in English, Science, Biz Skill and Computer in Speech day 2012! And below is me and my sec sch bff, Shuhui. She got Best in English in 2008! I love my school uniform I miss my secondary school too.

Then the most qiao is that her Computer class was taught by Mr Alvin Ng which she aced it and I was also taught by Mr Alvin Ng for Combine Bio and I aced it too! hahaha~

So technically getting Mr Alvin to teach your kids means you can aced the subject issit? hmm.. Then liddat mus get xiao monkey to enroll into Mr Alvin’s class too!

My friend told me, her sister felt that my friend never treat her as sister. But hor, if my friend never treat you as sister, why she care so much abt you, everytime when you have smth, she will be the first to help, and now you are carry your baby girl, she oso wanna to crochet a baby shoe for her niece which is your soon to be new born too.

So sweet of her. And she even said she needs to take care of the family so your mum could help you with confinement and taking care of your older kids.

And my friend can totally dun do this for you one. She can jus drop everything and bochap. But she chose to do it for you BECAUSE YOU ARE HER SISTER.

Well, I am serious. Keslyn wont do this for me I guess, she will rather go COSPLAY THAN CROCHET! Then she will SWAG ME i tell you!


Keslyn confirm bochap me de..

She will even snatch room with my future Xiao Monkey i tell you! HAHA!

And i can bitch about her all day long her in my blog but she will give me this face again!


But really, sisters, family, parents and siblings got no overnight grudges. 一家人没有隔夜仇!

I also sometimes angry with Keslyn also say nasty things to her. Jus say sorry can liao mah.. Sister will forgive and forget. I also always piss my mum off. Say sorry can liao mah.. Family members have high tolerance of errors for each other de. I believe you also love your sister (my friend) alot so you very care about her mah..

And ya, you are a great sister in my opinion. You cared alot for you niece, and your sister although you are married!

Seriously, i think i care much lesser for Keslyn after she turn 18yo and after i got married.

Not lazy but i think Keslyn grow up liao! And she is more mature than me. so no need chap her so much. But she come to me for advice sometimes. Ok fine. she don’t often come to me for advice but is i purposely tell her my opinion regarding her life.

But really la, younger sisters do grow up. They also will think for themselves.

And as older sister, we mus learn to

Let it go~ Let it go~

let it go


Really sia, sometimes somethings 不要太执着。为难自己也为难别人。


sia la, siao siao, gerlyn ong say this kind of chimology words.

But dun quarrel la. Really dun quarrel because of small things or big things or anything.


although i always quarrel and pick fight with mum.

hmm.. guess that i am not a good spokesperson for this! oopsyyyy

Haizzz.. so fast Keslyn Ong grew up liao..

I think the day she get married I cfm cry like siao..

DSC0054See this girl, sibeh ‘bo-xim’ one.. I married that day she so happy..

She still say i married off is good, nobody will bother her!

melody happy


She is like super happy, no one snatch her blanket, no one snatch her towel, no one snatch her bolster , no one snatch her bed. And no one snatch mummy!

Haizzz.. Maybe my friend de elder sister, you are right, younger sister aka meimei all ‘bo-xim’ one. Never treat us as sister!

Even now i get married oso wanna snatch my hand bouquet!! You see, is who snatch who? You tell me!!!!! 


See la!!

Mum reaction: “Please la, you girls one day dun fight can anot?”

Me: “Can!!! If you give us NDP tickets?”


Kes: “Can!! If you bring us to USS?”


To my friend de sister, you already very lucky liao, like me liddat got a sister to grow up with, got a bff for life!

So ya, to all those who have a sister / sibling, go ahead and annoy them! Talk to them!

Got any quarrel, settle immediately! Settle now.. Say sorry and big hug them!


For the fact that, she is our FIRST BEST FRIEND and the first person we love before even meeting her!

child kissing pregnant belly - Google Search

I still remember when mum was pregnant with kes, I always sing song to her.

“Baby baby, your papa is very naughty!”

Then my dad will sing “Baby baby, your jiejie is very naughty!”


Please lor, I so guai where got naughty?!

Then she was born on 30 Dec mah, then hor on 2nd Jan, i refuse to report to kindergarden sia!

I say i wanna stay at home play with meimei!


I so cute hor?

feature2015-08-26 19_15_23-annoying sister - Google Searchsisters

The ONE AND ONLY FRIEND WHO WONT ‘Bao-tou’* you or SABO* you.

*Terms&Conditions Applies*

Sometimes will still sabo you to mum say you never bathe jiu go to bed, wear shoes walk around at home, never wash dishes, never sweep the floor and ya, bully her!



Thanks little sis for always being here for me!

I <3 You!


所以那些跟姐妹cold war的人,是时候和好了!这样妈妈看了也happy!而且如果你还是人家的妈妈,你也不希望你孩子之间闹不合!对吗?所以你要做好榜样lor!


Best Sisters

Lastly I hope we will be BEST SISTERS FOREVER! BSF~ 

You see ah, you always say to your friends, we must be BFF (best friends forever)

But why you never say that to your sister?

Now it’s time to do so!!!

hello septemberAnd HELLO! September~ This is my FIRST POST IN SEPTEMBER!

And September has a special meaning to me because it is my birthday month!

 Thanks for reading!!!! 

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