Should you take wedding photos?

Please hor! Dont tell me wedding photos are useless piece of shit / waste of money / keep under the bed only! Because you dunno how to utilise them doesnt mean Boon Hee and I dont! 

We fully utilise our photo, sharing it with family & relative and bringing out to show colleagues and let people share our joy! 

And giving review and telling people the story behind every photo. 

So for those who have kept your wedding photos under the bed, time to put it on the coffee table! 

And for those we are planning whether to “WASTE” your money anot, i will tell you this… 

“If you dont show , dont share, confirm is a waste!” 

And ask yourself this question, “if one day when you got kids, dont you wanna show them the photos when you look the prettiest?”

To man: ” if one day you and your wife have a terrible fight, wont it be easier to jus flip the photos & humour her than buying a tiffany or prada?”

As for me & wx, everytime we show our photos and looking at the photos we will become super happy for no reason ^^ 

It jus a feeling indescribable. My accountant boyfriend initially also complain “we spent too much on photos liao!” But now he jus sit down one corner and smiling over the photos.. 

Hahaha! And when his bro says “文喜看起来很年轻,很帅哦!” he also 暗爽!

Dont tink so much, it’s worth it. 



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