Outing with Laoma + Slappy Cake Review!


Hello Readers,

This is how i spent my Hari Raya. 

So my god ma and god sis actually went to msia during the Hari Raya long weekend last Friday. 

So mum suggested to visit laoma aka great grandma. 

ok, today abit grandmother story la, paiseh. 


So I was reading cheekiemonkies blog and they intro this slappy cake like quite a nice place to hands on / DIY own pancakes. And I also saw it twice in RWS seems like a cool. So i decided to try it. 

But apparently laoma wasnt into the han

ds on cooking idea so she decided to take their main course which is the Cajun Chicken. 

P/s their main course is expensive la. So ya, me and Casper Gek-Kiang, we took 2 sets of pancake. 

Ya, is damn filling. I think we should just stick with one set. Anyway for a pancake set is about $20 ++ but can feed 2 person. 

Their mains is 20+ but feed 1 person. Well, i dunno la. But Cajun Chicken was nice. But mum’s spaghetti was so-so. 

We waiting for about 15mins only. Quite lucky because I heard people waited up to 45mins. And when we queued they told us estimated waiting time is 30mins. 2b

The food waiting time was very long too. We waited for 20mins for the mains to arrived. As you can see from “how many pictures” we took while waiting.

Ya, selfies and more. 

3a 3b

Anyway we started with playing with the pancakes. Seriously, is not easy to draw at all! I regret taking the wholegrain batter. Cause is not smooth and just hard to control. 3c

So Casper used the butter milk batter to “sign” my name. Thanks Ah! 

I dunno you can figure it out anot, I was trying to draw a rilakkuma. Ok, i failed. 3e

Then i tried another big rilakkuma. And i failed coz it looked like a pig! 4a

Then the most talented DRAWER was Keslyn! She is the best drawer! P/s since young i like to call ppl who draw as a drawer. 

You see, people who sing is what? Singer

People who dance? Dancer

People who Act? Actor 

People who draw? DRAWER la! 4b

Then hor, we got some kaypoh aunties who came to critise Kes’s Melody. Seriously la, u so smart, u draw la! 4c

So what happen was got this Mum and her kid was saying.

Kid: ” Mummy tat looks like Melody!”

Mum: “Where got look like Melody?”

Kid: “Is melody.”

Mum: “Melody dont look liddat!” 

Me: “Dont look like melody look like what?”

Seriously la, not easy to draw lo. You so smart you draw la! *smirk*

If your kids say dun look like melody, ok fine, kids dun lie.

Benefit of doubt maybe that Mom dunno how melody looks like so say dun look like melody lo.

In my opinion, Kes the melody you draw is the prettiest! 


Kes also draw PIKACHU! Pikachu pancake! 5a

So 1 pikachu pancake for kes and 1 melody pancake for me! 5b

Then this pancake was done by me. Very failed la.. Mine was rilakkuma. But in the end i think it looks like pooh bear instead. OMG! Mine is plain ugly. Faster eat it! 5c

Next i made a <3 Love heart for Casper. Not easy to control also but I did my best liao! 

Selfie with PIKA PIKA~! 5f

And took a photo with My Melody! 5g

Thanks Kes for being so talented! 

Then took a photo with Laoma coz Laoma is born in year of Labbit! i mean Rabbit! 5i

Lastly a photo of the nicest pancake we made. 

Casper wanted to take the logo slappy cake but he forget My Melody … 

A grp photo taken by the manager of Slappy cake. 

2015-07-20 14_08_36-Slappy Cakes » Pancakes+Drinks+Fun! _ Contact Us 2015-07-20

Review time: 

Price: $$$$ 5 person we spent about $116.05 (aft gst and service charge)  


Personally i find the toppings like strawberries, bananas abit redundant and expensive la. Then mushroom soup so small bowl $7?! 

Taste: Pancake abit tasteless leh, mains only Cajun is nice. 

Location: Parking is abit far. 

Waiting time: 15mins acceptable, anything more than 30mins then i will say bye~

What I ordered: Combo 3 & Combo 7

Will I go back again? Hmm.. I will go back again la. But just for pancakes and not for mains. Then I will bring along non-stick spray to spray the pan and maybe chocolate rice to deco. I think mains are a little overprices but the pancakes are ok, concepts are cool. Not recommended to bring kids because too dangerous. I almost burnt myself. Then the indian family beside me brought 6kids and they also scream and shout at the kids asking them to be-care-ful. so ya, if I have xmk (xiao monkey) aka my baby, i wont bring him here unless he is maybe 9 years old? Cause i feel the pan is really dangerous la…

Feedbacks? Personally i feel that they should give chocolate sauce to deco / draw outline so our pancakes look nicer. Then maybe the pancake batter can have more colours like pink / blue / red / yellow. 

2015-07-21 10_03_21-TigerTomato - YouTube

So in future our pancakes can look like this!!!

Screenshot grabbed from:

More info:


Then afterwhich we brought laoma to Pasarbella to see see look look. 6b

This marks the end of Hari Raya holiday for us. Nice time spent and laoma oso very HAPPY!! 6c

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