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hello readerz! it is halloween today!! yup… 31st october 2013… the post is actually created on halloween but jus not published… haha!! 

anyway, very happy here today to share with you my adventure with the foxies to KL sunway lagoon halloween night… 
Tickets selling @ 48RM with a complimentay bottled water.. :) they only limit 1000 guest per night… so we booked our tickets very very early!!! 
last year we went for USS HALOWEEN NIGHT 2 and we almost missed the tickets as the respond was overwhelmed. But i think uss not as fun as NOF 13 :) lols.. USS ghost are not friendly at all.. anyway, today is not doing a comparison but jus wanna intro something awesome to all of my readers!!!

Please note, readers below 18 yrs old pls have parental guidance… :O nah… jus joking… so this is the entrance to the fear…. very scary one hor!!!  

Even wenxi also scare la!! haha! 

But the 2 brothers in crime manage to fight their fears together!!! 

not to forget a zipai with their banner…. 

and with their ducky mascort!!! 

This is a photo collage made using instamag… u can download it at playstore or appstore… very easy to use.. :)

This is a group photo of the foxies as we are waiting to adventure the haunted house of world war Z!!! did u all watch that movie before by brad pitt?? mus watch hor!! very nice and scaryyyyy!!! 

at the entrance already can see their pumpkim… nice right???

and this ghostly mascort took a photo with us @ the entrance… FOC…. shiok right?? 

this is another female ghost at the entrance.. super friendly hor?

this is a super tall ghost took by wenxi

at this corner, it is the photobooth… so their official photographer will help us take photo and we then purchase from them. and we can approach them to help us take using our camera.. but this is the quality….

so wenxi go find them again to help us take again…

before we step into the ghost town… spookyyyyyyyyy

we saw another pumpkin!!! 

the first ghost we saw @ ghost town.. kiko is like biting the axe… lols

2nd shot!!! 

i am scareddddd.. and jinhe still dunno doing what…… 

finally a decent scary one….

she is friendly actually but she keeps digging her bag which i dunno will she scare me with some gruesome fingers or eyes…. hahaha.. in the end, i think too much…. 

this is a funny ghost….he keep screaming and shouting at the top of his voice…. 

this is zombie from mummy zone…

scary much?? i wonder will he feel hot…. i mean being wrapped so tightly… confirm uncomfortable right?? 

this is actually a photobooth and we jus took for fun… :P

twist! :) sisters forever! 

finally i manage to find this clown… he kept running around non-stop… i think he looks like the ayoyo laoshi clown actually.

arrrrggggghhhhhh a ghost is chasing us…. 

so we about to step in cursed carvings staircase… all of us are quite hesitant about whether to venture into this anot… because we dunnno what is next to be anticiapted. and what we saw next??? 

this friendly ghost!! haha!! he told us to go up and there is no scary things up htere… should we trust him??? hmmmm…. i still scare scare lah… but wenxi made me go upppp…

AHHHHHH minions pumpkin lantern!!! kawaiiizzz nehzzz… :D hehe…. so cute right???

me and kiko of course must take photo together la!!! :P

then we meet this friendly ghost again… haha… he say, why take photo again? I replied: “this time u can pumpkin.. i wan take photo with pumpkin not you la!” hehehe.. i m so bad… 

we queued for our 4th haunted house… the ghost theater…. woohooo…

this is the ticketing officer standing outside the theater. the ghost story inside is about a young couple wanted to go sunway lagoon.. but then sunway was closed that day.. so they sneak into sunway… and they met ghost!! like vampire and other kinds of vicious ghost… then got this butcher go kidnap them… and u wan to know what happen to them next? u can visit sunway lagoon haunteed house :)

u can see their lighting very halloween and creepy….. they must have spent alot in the decoration… and the ticket is jus 48RM and they spent so much…. gosh… how they earn??? 

thanks wenxi for keep being our cameraman.. lols… 

now we are queueing for the ferris wheel… :) yay!! 

luckily we wore brought dress to KL so that why we can have long slim leggsss :) 

up on the ferris wheel.. i mean haunted wheel

yay.. we r up on the skyyy 

so is jinhe :) 

now we are queueing for the 360degree pirate ship!

can you see us up there??? 

haiyahhhh! we are stealing his knifeeee ~! :P 

ooppssyy holding on to the 7up and being chased by the ghost! phantom i mean.. 

captain jack sparrow and my first photo with wenxi!!! 

this is a very spontaneous guest… he took a photo with us ^^

scarrryyy ghostttt… 

oh my god….. a leg!!!! >.<lll very stress to see all this…

and even the one selling drinks also dress up to the theme… 

seeeeee… we so lucky! we manage to gather all the ghost to take a photo together!!!

but still wenxi is not in the photo… who can help to photoshop him in uh ? :P 
hehe… anyway, i had lots of fun that night ^^
byebye readers… 


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