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My Twelfth & Thirteen Run: 2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend presented by PANDORA Jewelry – 6th May 2016 to 8th May 2016 (Never Land 5k, Tinker Bell 10k, 21k and Pixie Dust Challenge)

Hello Readers!

tb feat

Today I am gonna share with you my story for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend in Disneyland Resort (California).

So it happens like this, last year in 2015, Casper won an Air ticket to North America by Eva Airways. So we know Casper loves running alot right? So I went to google and see what runs they have in America and then I was runDisney as the name explains, it’s running in Disneyland!!!

So we aim-ed Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend as I love Tinker Bell alot and why not other princesses? Not because I dont love them but because the air ticket only fly us to Los Angeles but not to Florida.

The registration starts in mid August 2015 but it is till end August 2015, one fine day in Casper’s office then i take a look at the registration portal then i REALISED!!!! 10km is SOLD OUT!!!


As someone who barely passed her 2.4km fitness test in secondary school and the last run i did was the 5km run with Elvina bff in Nov-2014 you can imagine my fitness level in Aug-2015. Very bad in running. So I was thinking 10km will be just nice and 5km was sold out too anyway I cant be going to America just to do 5km right? The minumum is like a 10km but then it’s sold out.

I cried so hard… Then I told Casper : “Damn it! I am gonna sign up for Half Marathon (21km/13miles)”

He reply: “You are crazy! You need training!”

Me reply: “Then you train me! I dun care! I need to get my blings (medals)!”

So here is my journey of booking the air ticket and the race.

But before that let me explains a few terms here.

runDisney Health & Fitness Expo (Race Pack Collection Area) aka EXPO

A place to buy official race merchandise and collect race items.

Disneyland® Hotel Exhibit Hall
10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 5, 2016
12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. on Friday, May 6, 2016
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 7, 2016

Never Land 5K presented by PANDORA Jewelry aka Neverland 5k done by Gerlyn only

2mths before we set off, I decided to take up the 5km run as I would like to have a full set of medals and it also act as a warm up. It cost $99 USD hence I am doing it alone.

Start Point: Disneyland® Resort (Inside the park)
Friday, May 6, 2016
Start Time: 5:00 a.m.


Pixie Dust Challenge presented by PANDORA Jewelry

So what is so special about Pixie Dust Challenge? It’s actually a way to get a “Challenge Medal” means tinker bell actually challenge your limits by asking you to complete the 10km run on Saturday and 21km (half marathon) on Sunday. If you complete both without being *sweep* you get the additional medal.

I made Casper sign this up so I will also have the “challenge medal”

The term *sweep* means if you run too slow, beyond a pace of 9min:56sec / km aka 16min/mile the balloons ladies aka sweeper will over take you and you will be asked to go off course and not able to cross the finish line.

But not being able to cross the finish line, you will not be entitle to your medals.

Now I will explain the next challenge.

What is the runDisney Castle to Château Race Challenge?

If you complete a half marathon distance at Disneyland® Paris and at the Disneyland® Resort in California or a half marathon in the same calendar year, then you will receive an additional medal commemorating your achievement.

In September we are flying to Paris to do our Castle to Chateau Challenge!

In order to get my medal in Paris, I must not be swept too. Because being swept disqualify you from getting the challenge medals.

As told by runDisney: “Complete both races within the pacing requirements”

Tinker Bell 10K presented by PANDORA Jewelry aka 10km done by Casper only

Start point: Disneyland® Resort and City of Anaheim (Outside the park)
Saturday, May 7, 2016
Start Time: 5:30 a.m.

Tinker Bell Half Marathon presented by PANDORA Jewelry aka #TinkHalf done by BOTH

Start Point: Disneyland® Resort and the City of Anaheim (Outside the park)
Sunday, May 8, 2016
Start Time: 5:30 a.m.

This is my Registration Confirmation Email for Half Marathon

This is my Registration Confirmation Email for Neverland 5k

This is the pricelist if you got your bib from runDisney.

2015-08-18 09_12_45-Race Registration _ Tinker Bell Half Marathon _ runDisneyBecause I got my Neverland 5k bib from a Travel Agent (TA) aka 3rd party, I paid $99USD instead of $85USD but I cant buy from runDisney directly as it’s sold out. 2015-08-18 09_13_04-Race Registration _ Tinker Bell Half Marathon _ runDisney

10km and 5km sells out within the Day 1 of registration hence it’s advisable for you to “camp” in front of PC till 12mn to register. 

A not so fun fact: Disneyland Paris sells out within 30mins! But because they only have 3000 spots. I think tinkerbell have 20,000 spots. So hence only the popular ones sells out so quickly. 2015-08-18 09_13_32-RegistrationWe purchased during the early bird which is before August 25th 2015.

See 5km is really sold out!!! 2015-08-18 09_14_43-Registration

I made an additional purchase to buy the Merchandise Bundle.

I will show you how it looks like.Merchandise Bundle

Initally I wanted to refund them coz I think is not worth it. But eventually I thought to myself that this is a lifetime memories so I just kept them.

And I even wore the headband and eventually lost them.. Read on to find out more… 
2015-08-18 09_16_05-RegistrationNext up is declaring if you can finish before 3hrs 15mins. If you can you need to prove it by submitting a proof of time. If you never submit, you will be placed at last corral. 

Why being in the last corral is no good? 

As mentioned earlier about being swept. The balloon ladies (sweeper) will start 5secs later after the last runner from the last corral cross the start line. So being at the nearer corral means you can further away from the sweeper hence you got high chance of not being sweep. 

The last corral is F and we are very lucky to be placed at E. 

If you are placed at example Corral C and your friend is a Corral D, you can only move backwards but your friend cant move forward to look for you. This is to ensure that runners are of the same running speed aka same pace for safety reason and it’s part of a running ettiquite.
2015-08-18 09_17_15-Packet Pickup PolicyAlso a very important point to note: you are unable to ask someone to pick up the race pack on your behalf or you help people to pick up. You mus DIY (do it yourself).

And the thing is that you cant pick up on the race day morning. Example Friday is the Neverland 5km, I cant pick up the race pack (running bib) in the morning but I can pick up for 10km and for the half. So remember if you book flight, be sure to arrive a 1-2days earlier in case of flight delay.

And Now I will share about how we won the ticket to fly Eva Air~

So about April 2015, there is this 3D Hello Kitty Jet being printed on the floor of the Train Station in Dhoby Ghaut MRT. So we actually went to take a picture of it in my wedding gown and also brought along my luggage. Why we decided to wear wedding gown? Reason being we would like to win a trip and celebrate our honeymoon. But due to our hectic schedule even we are married for 2years, we did not get to celebrate a 2wks long vacation alone.

20150818223304 (1)And Tadah~ Boon Hee aka Casper won the ticket.
And the coolest thing is that he won a Elite Class ticket aka Premium Economy ticket to fly to America. But the not so happy thing is he only won 1 ticket. So he need to pay for my ticket.

As we are low on budget, so we both agree to buy me a Economy class ticket as it’s $1,500 SGD instead of a $2,900 SGD Elite Class ticket. With the $1,400 we saved we could spend a few more days at Disneyland too.

20150818223305The second not so good part of the ticket is that Casper have to pay for the airport tax himself which is about $600SGD as he is in the Premium Economy seat, his tax is also Premium kind. LOLS!

But still better than nothing you know?

On the day we fly. The doting husband decided to give up his Elite class seat and give it to me so I could enjoy the better treatment.


Then also because the flight was delayed from 1pm to 3pm hence EVA Airways gave us $15 each meal voucher. Printed using the hello kitty paper!! LOLS Same same as my boarding pass! hehehe!

But because of this delay, we missed our flight from Taipei to LAX (Los Angeles Intl. Airport) hence we manage to get a misconnection insurance claim too! Hey guys! Travel insurance very important ok? Especially i always kena flight delay. Last year from Perth back home my flight was delay for 7hrs!!! Luckily i stayed in Grandma house arbo I will be wandering around in Perth! Because the flight was supposed to be 5pm but became 12mn!!!

But thanks to this flight delay, it’s a blessing in disguise because we get to board…..


13315369_10154579344992580_332513628213608424_nInitially and by right is just normal EVA Airplane but tadah~ Good things goes to those who waited..


Hooray Welcome Aboard! Greeted by my favourite hello kitty!

Hello Kitty Jet

Like the name of the plane explains and the exterior of the plane explains, everything also hello kitty inside. Really a “MUST-DO” for the Kitty Fans! Even Toilet Roll also hello kitty.

Boon Hee even told me something so funny he said his neighbour beside him actually ask for a set of black utensils to use and kept the Purple Sanrio Utensils! He told me when we arrived and taiwan. And guess what i reply him?


I actually wiped and kept the purple utensils instead of asking for a new set.. Silly me! lolols..

13406755_10154635302647580_3992567216028133491_nSo now it’s time to transit and end my hello kitty dream flight!!! :'( sob sob..

Sorry but not sorry EVA Air, I stole your pillow!! HAHAHAAH! I am not the first and only that did this. My good friend, Grace also did that. I heard it’s not allowed…. But well.. As long as you are not caught!

Boon Hee says : “I knew you will take the cutlery and pillow! See i knew it!”

Me reply: “But you did not expect i even took the toilet rolls right? :P” I took 2 square of toilet rolls. HAHAHAHA!

EVA Menu TP to LAX

I heard from Casper that Economy Class does not have this Leisure Delight.

So well, i guess there is difference with the 1k top up you see.

13435546_10154635314352580_8643608084190025522_nAs for seat wise, it’s much bigger, more leg room and you can lean back more. For window seats, it’s 2 person instead of 3 person. HAHAHA! It comes with a EVA Air pillow not this pillow but I prefer this pillow! HEHEHHEHE

13413023_10154635366507580_3757972970116370056_nThis is our first photo taken in AMERICA!! Woohoo~

Los Angeles here we come!!! <3

After we arrived, we bought a sim card from the Money Changer @ LAX which has unlimited internet data and free calls and SMSes back to Singapore @ $109 USD.

13442348_10154635444147580_2461471431608219645_nBut on the 4th day you see what I received!!!!

13418756_10154635448497580_3320772389277610112_nI was very angry when i received this sms because I was misleaded.

The salesperson said is unlimited and I even asked what speed she said 4G / LTE!!!

Then now after i maxed out, I cant even LIVE on Facebook and Periscope but I still have super duper slow internet better than no internet.

But jus super URGH!!!! Haizzz.. If I knew it’s 2GB only i would not wasted them by watching youtube videos! Forget it..

Learn my lesson never watch youtube without WIFI!

Anyway I am super duper happy with the service by Super Shuttle. They were recommended to me by my Tinker Bell FB Group friends! MY friends from Tinkerbell fb group were so nice!!! In fact i met many of them during the run or even at the expo! hahahhaa! They recognise me! I think coz i am too noisy in the grp liao!

Now I will just skip to the DAY 1 of the EXPO!

5-May-2016, Thursday


The Packet Pick Up aka Race Pack collection is located at the convention center of Disneyland Hotel. It really pays to stay in Disneyland Hotel actually. I regretted, shouldn’t have used up my one and only chance in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. And you know what? Among all the Disneyland Hotels, actually Hong Kong is not the cheapest!!!

But who knews I will have a chance to visit America if not without EVA Air. Right?  e2

This is the Course Map of the Never Land 5k, Tinker Bell 10k and Tinker Bell Half Marathon. All 3 gets to run in Disney that is why it’s call runDisney right? Don’t run in Disney how can? But apparently I feel 5k is the best as you get the most out of Disney. 21km like only run abit of Disneyland then come out already!!!


Tadah~ Just collected my bib from the Half Marathon Counter. But just the bib only.. The t-shirt need to go back up to Level 1 of the convention center to collect…. Seriously? Why don’t wan collect altogether?!


For Casper’s bib collection is abit special.. As I mentioned earlier he is doing the “PIXIE DUST CHALLENGE” as long as got the word “CHALLENGE” means you better not play cheat!

The official Photographer took a photo of Casper not for fun but for record purpose so when he collect his Pixie Dust Challenge medal, they will match the runner face with the face @ the EXPO and make sure SAME PERSON!! So you better make sure if you make up at the EXPO, during the run you also better wear make up and make sure after the run you still look the same hor!!!!


Lastly, to collect my Never Land 5km bib. The most expensive 5km I did to date… And this volunteer was super nice can? He welcomed me to LA and hope I have a wonderful journey! LOLS! Americans really nice and friendly.. Singapore when collect race pack is just take and go.. then “NEXT”.. Who cares about welcoming each other?


Next up, I went to collect my Pre-purchase Merchandise Bundle. The good thing about pre-purchase means you can get limited edition items and confirm got stock. Anyway, every collection requires Photo ID aka Driver License, Passport and they really match my face to my ID photo. Heng my Passport photo not that bad looking! HAHAHA!

4But pandora charms can’t be Pre-purchase! So we chiong and faster queue before my “runDisney” Pandora charm run out of stocks! And also faster grab my Tinker Bell star pandora charm just in case it run out of stocks. The rest of the charms are unable to buy here as they are “PARK EXCLUSIVE” which means you can only buy them in Disneyland itself means must buy tickets go in and buy.

But funny thing is that the runDisney Pandora is park exclusive but it can be bought at the EXPO.

So weird….

The rest of the charms will be shared on another blogpost. Now I will just share the 2 charms I bought.

rundisney pandoraSorry but not sorry for the ugly watermark for IMAGE STEALER! If you want my image, please ask for permission otherwise find the official image from Disney or Pandora.com.


Ok let’s move on…..


This is the troublesome aka LEYCHEY part… Now we need travel 1 level up to collect our t-shirt and buy merchandise!!! Seriously?! Never Mind this is warm up, this is exercise.

#ComplainingIsInsideMyBlood #SingaporeansLoveToComplain


Then super cute one lo, got different counter for different sizes!!! Win liao lo.. You all just trying to create “Volunteer Opportunies” issit? Coz too many manpower so you split job until liddat..

You Win liao lo~


Then you see very double work can? The volunteer above now have to tear the “T-shirt” coupon and take the t-shirt for us.. Why don’t wanna issue t-shirt with bib together? So no need tear here tear there and waste time?

This one i really don’t understand…





And here is a huge display of medals which can be earned in the year 2016.


I see who i saw.. It’s Jeff Galloway!! If you don’t know him, it’s ok.. He is like my idol..

He is an olympian, he created this “RUN-WALK-RUN” training method which helps me improve my running. Boon Hee aka Hubby always say you shuld run constantly etc etc and my RUN-WALK-RUN method was wrong.. Until one day I found Jeff’s training plan under the introduction of the Tinker Bell FB Group and I followed his training in RunKeeper APP and I improved. I managed to complete a half marathon within 2mths! Not bad right?

This is my 2nd half marathon and first overseas half marathon. I will share my first again next time..

1st Half: 2XU Compression Run Singapore (April’16) 3hrs 30mins 11secs (Cut off Time: 4hrs)

2nd Half: Tinker Bell Half Marathon (May’16) 3hrs 26mins 30secs (Cut off Time: 3hrs 30mins)

3rd Half: Camel Muar 24km Half Marathon (June’16) 4hr 26mins 53secs (Cut off Time: 5hrs)

4th Half: Standard Charted Kuala Lumpur Half Marathon (to be completed in August’16)


Next we went to take a photo with the NEW Balance Disney running shoes collection. We are unable to enter as you would need to pre-register online before you can enter. We did not pre-register as Casper is NOT KEEN to buy me 1 pair of Tinker Bell or Minnie Running shoes..

#NotComplaining #JustSaying

e14There is a super long queue to get into the Official Merchandise shopping area..

But that is not all, there is another long queue to make payment too!!! LOLS!


Then next up there is this super nice welfare for runners and fans of Tinker Bell is you can have your own magical wings! For FREE! Lolols! But I have issues downloading this photos. Thanks Ashley for taking the time to download it for me and even take effort to email them to me.

NEXT PURCHASE is to pre-pay for Medal Engraving Service. Before the trip, I have emailed the official medal engraver “Fond Memories Graphics”. I got do homework one ok?

Question: Are you able to engrave on the 5km medal? How long does it takes?
We are unable to engrave a plastic medal however all other medals should be engraved at the event once you are complete, on site.  It only takes 2 minutes to engrave each medal, if there is a line then it can take additional time.  If you want to avoid the line come and pre pay at the expo for all.
Thank You
Vice President, Manufacturing

Fond Memories Graphics

As usual, the person who hates to waste time.. OBVIOUSLY PRE PAY IS THE WAY TO GO LAH!e16

Although it is USD$20 but totally worth it la! How many marathon allows your medals to be engraved?! And it even engrave your timing!! Swee la!

Because they tied up with runDisney hence they know my timing even before I myself know it.


My next purchase is the MEDAL HANGER.. Why I purposely go America and buy medal hanger back? Not heavy meh? Why don’t wan buy online?

Because online does not have this design and I prefer to feel and touch the quality of the hanger.

This hanger I bought has a castle!!!! And it writes ” MAGICAL MILES”

Only in America then we say MILES and not Kilometers. And miles sounds like mouse. (Mickey mouse) So ya…. Magical Miles confirm looks nicer than Magical Kilometers. HAHAHA


That’s all for the expo! So what other things I bought leh? Read on to find out!




And now we will walk to the start point inside Disneyland Resort. And before we can enter, we must go through the security checks. Make sure we do not carry any selfie sticks and our attire is appropriate. Like no full face mask, no cape etc. And after which the runDisney volunteers will check for bibs and let you enter if you have a bib.

So I have to say Byebye to Casper and this is my first SOLO Run. :'(

Super excited and super nervous.

n0aHooray~ Successfully enter into the park without paying for a ticket! HAHA

But i pay for this race which is more EXPENSIVE than the ticket!! >.<

1I <3 my favourite Castle!

corral C

I am at Corral C which is right infront of the Castle and I managed to see Tinker Bell flew over the castle. And the lucky me was the first in line for Corral C! But my lady luck did not stay with me for long… As I dropped my head band even before I reach Mile 1 (1.6km)… :'( Sob


From left to right, Photo 1 is my last photo with my missing head band.

Photo 2 was accidentally captured by the official photographer. I did not even know they exist hence I did not even smile. But you can see the head band is riding upwards and about to fell off already.

Photo 3 was taken after I ran back to find and was stopped by the volunteers and fellow runners citing it’s too dangerous. And i started to teared… But there is a camera.. So i smiled.. lols..


Decided to move on with the run.. I mean what is lost is lost.. haizz.


Hooray I have arrived at Cars Land~ 

And yes! Mile 1~ I tink 5km only about 3 miles plus? 

Everything is a photo opportunity for all runners. Especially 5km is untimed.. So you can take your own sweet time! :P 7Me and Captain Hook’s Shadow!


Mile 2 and Goodbye Cars Land.


And Hello Pacific Wharf~ 

As you can see, I am queue-ing to take photos with the Mickey’s Fun Wheel.

First Photo you mus be thinking, why so courtesy? Why queue?

Yeah indeed next moment people who do not wish to queue took photos from the sides. LOLS..

But since I am doing this alone I think I better queue so the one behind me will help me take my photos. 
n11aBut thanks to FR100 from Casio Exilim, I can take selfies without the help of others and still get everything inside the photo!

12Disney Cast Member are forever so friendly.. Lols.. They always like to photobomb in a nice way.


Yay! It’s cove bar.. I wish to visit Cove Bar but I did not due to the long long long queue. 

Me and the Lost Boys from Never Land! LOLS! They were so impressed with my camera and they even said they wanna buy 1!!! LOLS!


But who exactly are we waiting for?!?! Tadah~~~ It’s Peter Pan and Wendy. And why the long wait?

I was told by fellow runners who queued along with me that Wendy is a rare character and hardly she appears together with Peter Pan hence the Super Duper Long Queue!!!! But this is very short compare to queue in the parks which is 60mins for Anna & Elsa and 80mins for Tinker Bell!!! And guess what…. 80mins for Captain America and Spider Man!!! But do take note the time I visit it is the peak period as it’s the marathon weekend and I heard it’s blackout for Annual Passholders! Blackout liao still need to queue until liddat… -.-|| hence you can see I did very little mascot hunts during this trip.. Those characters that can find in HKDL (Hong Kong Disneyland) de all i skipped…

Bobian.. Jet lag + Queue = More ZzZzZz Sleepy… Casper even dozed off while queue-ing for rides and I dozed off while playing 1 ride.. Which ride? I will tell you next time!


You must be also wondering, “Gerlyn, so many nice marathon photos taken by who?”

It’s taken by the Photopass Photographer and they cost $39USD/day regardless how many pictures they took of you. So the more they take the more worthwhile your Photopass will be.

The good thing about this Photopass is that it includes all the parks photos and rides photos.

But bad thing is that Photopass system do not accept Singapore Credit Card they kept rejecting and the sad thing is that you CANT pay over the counter!!! How I resolved this issue? Keep on reading!


Casper said when he arrived, there is some super fast runner that zoomed off Mile 3 without stopping for photos. I think they are those who “chiong” for the awards. n15comic

The super nice doting husband actually stood here for hours just to wait for my arrival. He dont even dare to walk away in fear I might run pass him. So touched..


Finally the last lap to the finish line… OMG.. Gonna meet hubby, gonna get medal, gonna eat breakfast soon.. CHIONG AH!



Woohoo saw myself on TeeVee! HAHA! Actually this TV is for spectators who paid to watch their family members or friends run. It’s called Cheer Squad. Casper did not take up this coz he wanted to save money.. But he cheer for me in Mile 3 !


Tadah! I crossed the finish line!


Got my medals! Not bling coz it’s plastic but nvm la! The most expensive medal leh! 
23This is the Medical Station. They gave me some plaster because I got a tiny cut on the ankle because my left leg go “buay” rub against my right ankle and it bleed a little.. lolols! I need a longer sock i think!


Hooray! I did it! 5k done-ed! 

Medal PRIDE! SOOOOO Love my medal because they have Peter Pan which is my childhood crush!


Then I went to collect the runners refreshment pack too… And a banana. The pack consist of Chips, Cheese, Gogo Apple Sauce, Oreo , wet wipes and a Chocolate Energy bar. I love the chips and cheese the most. I actually ate them during my hollywood hike 4 days later. Because we did 4 race in total so we have like 4 packs and hooray, we saved so much on breakkie because we munch on them! hahahaha! 

So on the left is the “over-sized” Adult S size t-shirt for the event. On the right is my “I did it Never Land 5k” t-shirt which is Women S size. Middle is my bib and medal. Want to see them IRL (In Real Life)?

Visit my open house in October 2016! I am hosting a house warming if possible and a meet and greet and appreciation tea party with my followers and all of you my readers.

Free flow tea will be provided with courtesy of Mr Casper Kat

Free Flow Butter Cookie will be provided with courtesy of Ms Gerlyn Ong *

*Pray that I wont burn the house in the process*

Just kidding.. We will look into it and we will update with a blog post or FB event if there is a Tea Party!

Tinker Bell 10km

(Pixie Dust Challenge Part 1)

*** do note this section is written by Casper himself. ****

Casper’s OOTD with the official T-shirt

Too freezing cold... everyone wearing rain coat.... and walk in orderly manner to their respectively corral
Too freezing cold… everyone wearing rain coat…. and walk in orderly manner to their respectively corral….
It has been quite a while to do solo run. And this run really excited me. First time running in a Western country.
It has been quite a while to do solo run. And this run really excited me. First time running in a Western country.
It so cold out there in the morning! See, I got to put on rain coat... and it's drizzling too... I think it's only about 10 degree Celsius
It so cold out there in the morning! See, I got to put on rain coat… and it’s drizzling too… I think it’s only about 10 degree Celsius
Start queueing in my corral
Start queueing in my corral
Of when I m queueing, online friends recognize me as Gerlyn Ong's hubby! I guess Gerlyn Ong must be very very popular in the Tinkerbell fb group
Of when I m queueing, online friends recognize me as Gerlyn Ong’s hubby! I guess Gerlyn Ong must be very very popular in the Tinkerbell fb group
What a sight! Loving it..
What a sight! Loving it..
Start running
Start running
Haha! I m still busying taking last minute selfies before running!
Haha! I m still busying taking last minute selfies before running!
Yay, first mile reached with ease.. haha
Yay, first mile reached with ease.. haha
So many runners are taking photos and selfies too
So many runners are taking photos and selfies too
2nd mile reached
2nd mile reached
So, it a small world after all,.... singing while running...
So, it a small world after all,…. singing while running…
Gerlyn Ong favourite castle !
Gerlyn Ong favourite castle !
U see so many runners are queueing up to catch good background shots!
U see so many runners are queueing up to catch good background shots!
Spotted the official photographer, so must show big BIG SMILE!
Spotted the official photographer, so must show big BIG SMILE!
Spotted some fairies !
Spotted some fairies !
Woohoo.. mile 3 reached
Woohoo.. mile 3 reached
And mile 4... no photo bomb at all..
And mile 4… no photo bomb at all..
I love this place... make a guess where is it?
I love this place… make a guess where is it?

Full of energy and love for running… I wanna show everyone I really love running! Look how happy I am in Cars Land

 Yay! Mile 5...
Yay! Mile 5…
Fairies spotted again... quickly do a selfie with them as background
Fairies spotted again… quickly do a selfie with them as background
Ar! My favourite!! Love this background.... the Mickey ferris wheel!
Ar! My favourite!! Love this background…. the Mickey ferris wheel!
Completing soon ...
Completing soon …
No time to relax now... must do my sprint!
No time to relax now… must do my sprint!
And happiness is approaching the finishing line!
And happiness is approaching the finishing line!

Expression of my happiness all show on my face, If I can do it, so can you too! Let’s go!

Medal pride!
Medal pride!
This 10k medal is really beautiful and shiny! Love it
This 10k medal is really beautiful and shiny! Love it
The Organiser is really caring for runners well fare. They are issuing out emergency blanket for runners to walk back to their hotel in the cold cold weather
The Organiser is really caring for runners well fare. They are issuing out emergency blanket for runners to walk back to their hotel in the cold cold weather
My favorite fruits to replenish energy
My favorite fruits to replenish energy
And so it goes, my Tinkerbell 10k journey... a bucket list to me... totally worth it... no regret signing up for this run. #memoriesaremadeofthese
And so it goes, my Tinkerbell 10k journey… a bucket list to me… totally worth it… no regret signing up for this run. #memoriesaremadeofthese
Tada ! Time to present tribute to my wife Gerlyn Ong
Tada ! Time to present tribute to my wife Gerlyn Ong

Tinker Bell Half Marathon 21km


Casper’s Pixie Dust Challenge (PART 2)

 HELLO Readers, Gerlyn is back!

Gerlyn’s Tinker Bell OOTD

Casper’s Peter Pan OOTD

US @ Corral E


This is when Corral A started off at 5:30am sharp. You can see the sky is dark.. 


Then slowly we moved nearer to the start line and of course the sun comes up… 

A selfie with the Tinker Bell Runners in Corral E! 

Tadah~ Let’s GOOOO~ START! 

MILE 1~ Kinda obvious ah.. t7

Mile 2 <3 t8

And we saw Tinker Bell & Light Fairy, Iridessa but the queue was… Ahhh.. NVM~ Really.. The queue is too long, if I queue, I definitely will get sweep!

And yes! The Castle… <3 Really love doing the race this year because it’s the Diamond Celebration means Disneyland is celebrating their 60th Anniversary! So everything is 60, 60 and 60.. And If I did not do it this year,  I wont get to see the 60th Celebration decors. Glad I decided to do Tinker Bell this year! LOLS! t9b

Hooray~ Running through the castle is like my dream.. How many people can get this wonderful experience? 

Best experience EVER!!! 

We saw Vidia, Wind Fairy and Fawn, Animal fairy..t11

We are running on the Main Street, USA!!!t12

Mile 3 and we entered DCA, Disney California Adventure.t13

My favourite Ferris Wheel, the Mickey’s Fun Wheel!!!!t14

Chip & Dale and Groofy is also at the park! And guess what?! Their queue is longer than the fairies!! LOLS

One important thing about what I love about Disney Run is that the amount of toilet is…. ALOT!

In the park, you see toilet, but the queue is long? Fret not! The next toilet is readily available.

I have a fellow runner friend who is pregnant and she mentioned that she requires toilet break every mile and glad Disney is able to cater for her needs. Usually for a Half Marathon I require 1 or 2 toilet breaks. And clean toilet is sooo important.. Of course Disney ones are quite clean. 

Again a picture with my favourite ride.. LOLS! 

As we stepped into Cars Land, we see more official photographers. So we start to pose again! 

Guess who is behind us? It’s Silvermist, Water Fairy and Rosetta, Floral Fairy.

Casper’s sweet message.. lolols.. You mus thank Tinker Bell and EVA Air arbo i really wont run with you de lo…


Mile 4!

Mile 5! Did you see my orange bracelet? It’s a gift from our Tinker Bell FB group admin, Lyn Paulos.

It acts as a group identity bracelet and using it I manage to get recognised and recognised many of fellow tinks! 

Mile 6 ~ t21

As we passed the 10km checkpoint, we will receive an sms telling us our pace.


RunDisney service quite good right? Even have ETA meaning Estimate Time Arrived. They think I could finish in 3hrs 17mins! LOLS! They are so wrong.. The longer you run, the slower you will go..

Mile 7! t23

The cheerleaders from the public!! They kept us motivated by singing, dancing and cheering! t24

Mile 8~~ 

This is my first time eating Liquorice and it was given to me free by a Stranger?!?!

FREE!!! Seriously, you don’t have strangers giving free snacks in Singapore!!

Not of I experienced before. Really US is friendly…  

Mile 9~~!! 3 more miles to go! 

15km already! This time the checkpoint thingy like spoilt. Coz they never SMS us!

Then i was so scared I scare they thought we never cross the 15km point then think we “play cheat” or what..

Then I tell Casper, “You see, heng I ask you take photo of every mile and the 15km signs so they will know we never play cheat! LOLS! t28

Mile 10! 

Mile 11 and at this point got a Crew told us… A relatively good news..

“The last person is 20mins behind you.”

Last person means the sweeper. So means I got 20mins to slack before David (sweeper) catch up.

In case i did not introduce David is from the Tinker Bell Group too. He is a Balloon Dude who sweep the fellow tink!! LOLS.. So bad of him right?

Anyway we will be seeing him in Paris too! LOLS But he said he will just be a normal runner..

t30Mile 12 liao.. Last 2 miles!!!

Mile 12 – Mile 13

Sprinkling dust because we are powered by Pixie Dust!


Mile 13! We are gonna be ok~! Behind us is Earl of Sandwich which sells yummy sandwich! LOLS!

I eat them during the 5km but did not take picture coz I am too hungry.. 

WE ARE FINISH-ed! As usual every post I will write this..

Is a intended grammatical error..

Fine.. We are done. Complete! Completely FINISH! HAHAHA t33

A selfie with Mickey and I think this Mickey is uncooperative because he wear sports attire so he is like active and keeps move here move there!

No la! Reason because he don’t wan runners to camp here and block the finish line to take photos with him. I am glad I took this photos because my friend Usha, she told me to take with them because after you cross the line, you wont see them again.

Which is TRUE!! Heng (Luckily) I took with Mickey.. Better than nothing you see?

YAY We crossed the finish line.. Somewhat together~


Finally I got my dream MEDAL! My Blings! Very pretty right???? 

Me and Casper was separated as he needs to get his Pixie Dust Challenge Medal which needs to be verified.

I did it! Initially Disney Photopass cant find this picture.. Then I email them.. And tadah they found it! Heng AH !! Arbo i will be so so so so upset!

And we did it together my wonderful hubby!


Medal PRIDE! t37

2012 to 2016.. 5th anniversary of Tinker Bell Half Marathon! Woohoo! I am glad I am part of it! t38

Our engraved medals! SO NO ONE CAN STEAL THEM! lolols! Like who will steal them anyway!

It’s so heavy!!! t39

As promised, This is the stuff I got from the EXPO.

The I Did It shirt, a official CAP, and a I did it headband. Thanks Hubby for the gifts…

Because the medals are so heavy and Casper suffered from backache so he just bring his PDC (Pixie Dust Challenge) Medal along.. He told me.. “No need bring 2 medal la.. “

I ask why?

Casper: “Because you got pixie dust then people will know liao..”


Then as recommended by a fellow Tink, I embroided my cap at only $7!

But Disney store warns me that in case anything happen they can replace the cap because it’s from the expo and expo is closed already…

Disney Cap embroidery – SUCCESS!!


Selfie with my favourite FAIRY! Tinker Bell!!!

Next up to look for Captain Hook but he is off for the Parade so no choice, we only get to snap a shot while he walk away… So I faster ask Casper to get ready camera.. And guess what!! 


HABIT I MEAN! But he is not the only one who tries to take my medal!! LOLS!

Stitch too!!!


The real Peter Pan! And the fake Peter Pan wanna be.. Which is Casper.. LOLS!

Lastly here is our E-Certificate!

Available at : http://mydisneymarathon.com/tinkerbell/multimedia/certificates

100a 100b


Thanks for making our trip so special~

Lyn Paulos (Tinker Bell FB Group Admin)

Kelsey (Tinker Bell FB Group Member)

Sundryanna Steeno (Tinker Bell FB Group Member, Owner of Facebook page: Run Disney Girl Run)

Ashley (Tinker Bell FB Group Member)

Ashley Victoria Amirkhanian

Sarah Mcintire (Tinker Bell FB Group Member, Owner of etsy store: LookieLuLus)

Sarah Giveaway

Out of 200 people that participated, I was chosen.. How lucky I am?!?!

We met after the half marathon race inside the park near Cinderella Carousell. And after which, she informed me that I…..

Sarah McIntire PB

PHOTOBOMB-ED her photos!!! LOLS! So qiao (coincidence).. Serious.. Strike lottery oso never so heng… Epic sia!!!

Kimberlee (Tinker Bell FB Group Member)


Disney Park Blogs

We are first being inform by fellow Tinker Bell FB Group Member, Louella.

Jeff (Photopass Cast Member in Disneyland Resort)

error to purchase

Anyway this is the error message I received. But thanks to Usha, it’s all resolved.

Usha (Tinker Bell FB Group Member also raised in Singapore)

Lastly…. All the Tinker Bell FB Group friends!

Here is a FB Photo album created just for them!

my personal reviews

Honestly speaking, runDisney is VERY EXPENSIVE! Everything Disney is expensive but I will say is a worthwhile experience especially my air tickets is already “half” paid for then why not? I wont regret doing this race, I believe no runners ever said they regret doing a race. But although this race is expensive, I will recommend everyone to do it at least once. If you can run, go for HALF, if you are still picking up, try 5km. If you want to challenge yourselves, 10km will also be great.

Full Marathon runners? Be like Casper go for Pixie Dust Challenge! LOLS!

Total damage for this race only I think is about $1000 SGD.

Not including hotel, or disney admission tickets or merchandise.

Race alone!

Merchandise for the run damage about $100 SGD

Not including the pandoras.

The 2 Pandoras Feat. In this post is

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.08.36 pm

A gift by my dad to commemorate that I did Tinker Bell Half Marathon.Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.08.53 pm

A gift by Hubby to signify I did runDisney.

*Disney Parks Authentic* means park exclusive which means must buy inside the park. Outside cannot buy.

He said I must complete the half marathon to earn this if not he will take them back.

Luckily I completed!


*Price of pandora above not inclusive of 9% GST*

Just note that Tax is non-refundable in Los Angeles.

Basically, I just wanna say.. I enjoyed myself very much, made alot of friends and memories and I will never forget how much good times California have given to me especially Disney times.

I am missing Disney and all the fellow tinks..

*Feeling emotional and crying*

Anyway. I spent 1 mth plus to draft this lengthy post so I do hope you did read the whole blog post till this part.

Lastly…. I would like to thank you for reading and following me on Facebook and Instagram.

For those on Tinker Bell FB group who are reading this. Sorry this post contains a lot of “Singapore-styled” English aka Singlish but it’s my style of writing, hope you understand. I also wanna thank you for being part of my Tinker Bell HM journey in the FB group.

Thanks for your advices when I just started learning how to run..

Thanks for your encouragement when I am very slow…

Thanks for your kind words on my costumes…

Thanks for your thumbs up (likes) on my post…

Thanks for tolerating my spamming! LOLS!

You guys are all very nice people and I hope to see you again..

Last but not least, a song to dedicate to all of you!

Meaningful Lyrics which is also the theme song used for Paint the night parade.

It’s been fun but now I’ve got to go
Life it way too short to take it slow
But before I go and hit the road
I gotta know, ’til then,
when can we do this again?
(Casper, when can we do this again?)
Oh oh oh oh
When can I see you again?
(All my friends from Tinker Bell FB Grp, when can I see you again?)
Oh oh oh oh
When can we do this again?
Oh oh oh oh
I gotta know, when can I see you again?
(When can I see you again?)

Read more:  Owl City – When Can I See You Again Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Farewell everyone!!!

gerlyn signature 2016

Xoxo, Gerlyn from Sunny Singapore!

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