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My Sixth Run: 5km Hello Kitty Run Singapore – 19th Dec 2015

Hello Readers,

Once again, I joined the Hello Kitty Run for the second time. Hmm.. You mus be thinking, aiyo.. First time liddat you still dare to join 2nd time especially quite a few of my hardcore kitty friend (Grace & Janice) actually “siam” this coz of the crowd etc etc. But I still went, jio-ed by my BFF Jesslyn and Elvina who ran with me last year. So is more like me and Elvina would like to make this our yearly event thingy and Jess usually ran with her boyfriend but she said kitty was too girly hence she joined us. Lolols…

My regular running kaki aka Casper Kat oso decided to siam this event too. So it’s like only the 3 BFFs… Really a besties run. LOLS! About the event

As this time I was at the Pre-registration stage, I paid $65.00 on 02nd of October 2015 together with Jesslyn. Elvina signed at a later date. But i think she paid $70 for the Early bird rate. So Jess and I did a pre-registration although we paid full and we were told in late oct or nov we can complete the full registration.

Complete Registration

So after everything was done, I realise the Race Pack Collection date clashes with my Batu Pahat 8.5km run hence I authorised Jess to pick it up for me. My next blog post will be about my Batu Pahat run which is like the longest and coolest run i ever did in malaysia!

So here are the pictures!

IMG_0137Thanks BFF Jesslyn for helping me to take my racepack and even help me laid them out so nicely to take a photo for the blog! Blog readers, go thank Jesslyn!!!!

Anyway can see that Pink Apple event organiser actually tie-up strongly with the Gabu Gabu soft drinks. I am not a really great fan of it but I will say the taste is very ice-creamy. Not bad but too sweet… LOLS! Even the upcoming little pony run this weekend also got Gabu Gabu. -.- I blessed Casper the soft drinks and yet i keep saying he is taking in too much sugar. I am a bad wifey! hahahahaha!

IMG_0508Thanks Casper for helping us to take one last photo before we set off to the starting point. Where did Casper go? He claimed he went to wait for us at dunno where and he saw Batz Maru, Melvin again. LOLOLS!

IMG_0511I am wearing my favourite Asics Kayano 22 and wearing my super loose FBT shorts. I think is time to go gear-shopping! Any sponsor? HAHAHAHAH!
IMG_0513Jesslyn Race BidIMG_0514Elvina Race BidIMG_0515Gerlyn Race Bid.. I mean my race bid! HAHAHA! IMG_0516Selfie with Jess & the CROWD! Omg.. Why so crowded…

IMG_0519Selfie with Elvina while we are waiting to reach the starting point and we are still at the race pack collection area..
IMG_0521More selfies as the crowd is getting CHAOTIC! As expected!!!! We are still super far from the flag off area and guess what?! They flagged the FIRST WAVE!

IMG_0524Really people mountain people sea!!! I am at the middle point of the queue and I need to exit this place aka the F1 pit building then I can queue to flag off…. IMG_0525See Everyone face… Seriously? This place is stuffy, is cramp, is omg.. I dunno how to describe it… I paid $65.00 to squeeze in peak hour MRT Ride. Probably this is the non-air con version. For the sake of kitty and my bff i shall not kp so much. But as usual i will still kp.. hahahaha! They gotten used to it liao.. IMG_0526And there is a long queue to collect race pack… Good luck to those who haven gotten their race pack. Later they need find a place to change into the event shirt, then join me in the queue to join the queue to flag off… Gong Xi Gong Xi.. -.- IMG_4785But everyone seems to look very happy and no grumpiness or having any meltdownz~ HAHAHA!

IMG_4784So according to the race programme, these are the few waves. Basically with my situation, I am probably the last wave or what liao.. And true enuf, i only start running at 7pm!
IMG_4786So is like since we are the last liao might as well we go take photos at the carnival first?  And also Jess needs to collect her Hello Kitty Towel. Lols!

Reason we go Carnival first..

#1 自暴自弃 coz is like last liao mah…

#2 Lighting is better now than at night so since still got sunlight now might as well take photos now.

#3 Lesser people since most are doing the run so there is no queue at those photo ops places

#4 Jess have to come here to collect her towel so might as well~

IMG_4792If you didnt know this is the Singapore Iconic Structures. We have the airport control tower being kitty-fied, MBS, and the Art science Museum. The one beside Jess I dunno what it is.. LOLOLS!
IMG_4794This spot is actually for people to take photos when they come back with their medals.. How I know leh? Coz when I am taking photos, this Angmoh woman from First Wave already came back with her medal! OMG! So fast! Fine i am the slow one… IMG_4801So this helpful angmoh woman help us took some photos and since she came alone, so we help her took some photos back… IMG_4790We decided to proceed back and get ready for the last wave or maybe last 2nd wave. IMG_4796Helpful kitty fans helping us to take group photos~ Since everyone is waiting then might as well take some photos?

IMG_0582And finally after waiting for 5-10mins we reached the “START” line… Ok… So we mus take a photo too~ IMG_4795And finally we started… You can see people start to jog liao but first let us TAKE A SELFIE! HAHAHAHA

IMG_0580Very fast in dunno how long, the sky darken and it became a night run I mean night walk.. HAHAHA! 1km – CHECKED! IMG_0527Then we walked pass this neon lights shelter and is super cool la so we spent 3mins selfie-ing! IMG_0528
IMG_0530Pardon the bad quality but this is like the best we can do!! HAHAHAHAH!
IMG_0532So after much fun times in the dark neon shelter, we proceed out.. And we saw encouraging billboard so we decided to take photos of it whenever we saw them! IMG_0533Very fast we reached 2km. Tadah~

IMG_0536And there is a billboard again! IMG_05373km-Checked
IMG_0539And billboard again! HAHAHA
IMG_0541Then the water point only 2 nia so is totally not enough to keep me and Elvina going so we decided to buy a drink at Gardens by the bay… So dear all, please standby some cash..
IMG_0543After the energy plain water which cost us $2 for a 500ml mineral water. We dash across the finishing line!!!
IMG_0545Hooray~ Finished… Like finally!

IMG_0548And we are greeted by more GABU GABU Drinks.. Which i politely declined. #ThanksButNoThanks
IMG_0550Then we grabbed the isotonic drinks instead to quench our thrist!!!

IMG_0553After drinking and all, it’s time for a medal selfie! IMG_0554So the lighting was not very good so we used Jess phone to take photo and mine to shine as a torch. IMG_4788And the pictures turn other better than using the flash… HAHAHA!

You think no diff? There is a diff, one is 打灯,one is 闪光灯….


IMG_4789YAY! I completed it with Jesslyn BFF!!!
IMG_4798And YAY with Elvina BFF!!!! IMG_4791And together this is totally a bestie / friendship run!!! HAHAHHAHAHA!
IMG_0578Before we say good bye, we just flaunt our medal for the last time! HAHAHHAA!

IMG_0594A picture collage I made to commemorate my first run with Jesslyn and 2nd run with Elvina! HAHAHAH!

my personal reviewsOnce again, this year race has 1 bad point which is the number of water point and location of water point. The 2 water point was located at 1 & 2km area respectively and for 3km and 4km there is no water point at all hence we bought our own drinks. But overall, they (Pink Apple) improved alot as this year there is no casulties and everyone walked away with a medal. Just my advise is that the Gabu Gabu water maybe can give 1 can instead of 2 cans as we are promoting a healthy “Big Fun Walk” so I think Gabu Gabu is not so healthy in my opinion. And is really heavy for the race pack to have 3 kinds of drinks (2 Gabu Gabu and 1 Cranberry Juice). So ya….

E certAnyway, E Certs are ready online so do visit their official website to download yours! :)) Last year they sent an email to remind but this year I only found out when I was blogging like yesterday and I reminded my BFFs :) HAHAHA!

Lastly, Thanks for reading~

You can check out my blogpost for Last year Kitty run here:

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