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My Seventh Run: Kuala Lumpur 4km Score Cupid Run – 14th Feb 2016 Feat. Sweetest Princess Tutu DIY Cinderella Inspired Running Tutu + Brooks Malaysia + Bella Skin Malaysia

Hello Readers,

Today gonna share with you my experience at SCORE Cupid Run! So on the first day we arrived at Kuala Lumpur (KL) we stayed at Grand Millennium Copthorne Hotel. It’s a complimentary stay because of our credit card i think is amex. So anyway it’s pretty amazing to be able to stay here coz their service is really goodyyy~

DSC04187 DSC04189 DSC04190

Toilet area are well-facilitated. Got bathtub to enjoy and relax~

DSC04193 DSC04194

They prepare 2 bathrobe for us and there is safebox and torch light too!

DSC04196 DSC04199

Snacks and water are available but you need to pay accordingly.

DSC04200 DSC04202 DSC04204

Room is big, neat, clean, tidy! Awesome!


We ordered room service as it’s raining outside and I am kinda lazy to go out. You can see the view of KLCC in the comfort of your own room!

DSC04220 DSC04221 DSC04222

Casper ordered Club Sandwich, I ordered Napoleon Penne Pasta and they gave us some free angmoh bread.

DSC04224 DSC04225

Drinks wise is Mint Green Apple Juice and Strawberry Juice.

DSC04212 DSC04213

Then we also just collected our racepack for Cupid Run which is happening tomorrow!! So excited!!! Just by looking at the shirt you already know the organising team already spend so much effort to design all the details in the logo. The pink one has glass slippers and tiffany blue one has WHITE HORSE!

DSC04215 DSC04217

My attire for tomorrow! Wearing Tutu from Sweetest Princess Tutu DIY!


The shirts are sponsored by Brooks and the racepack has sponsors from Watson which gave us supplement and also deodorant.


Then is also Valentine’s day so YAY!!! Here is my flower and present!!! HEHEHEHE! Thanks Hubby Casper!

DSC04234 DSC04235 DSC04240 DSC04242 DSC04243

Tadah we arrived at 6:30am or 7am and it’s still quite dark. Slowly the sun came out to greet us and more people arrived at the start point. 

DSC04252   DSC04267DSC04259 cp12 cp1

I met Cinderella and a Bear Bear ^.^ Me and Casper also queue to take a photo with the backdrop. And we are lucky to be spotted by the Organiser, Chloe who actually picked us as a CONTEST FINALIST! So the contest is like a best couple contest and even you get last you also get smth. So we decided to join! HAHA! o(^▽^)o

DSC04401DSC04275 DSC04279 DSC04285

So there is 3 points of photo ops session. At the first point you have to work hard first at Step mom’s place. How you work very hard? You need to queue for soooo long… LOLS! 

DSC04291 DSC04288 DSC04296 DSC04300

Then working for them makes you very sad right? So you mus go cry at the wishing well!!! 

DSC04306 DSC04307 DSC04308 DSC04312 DSC04314

Point 2: So you need to find FAIRY GOD MOTHER to BLESS you la! 

DSC04319 DSC04320 DSC04324 DSC04327

Then also mus queue a while to find a pumpkin to be your carriage!!!

DSC04332 DSC04334 DSC04336   DSC04345

Along the way you need to complete some obstacles to gain floral crown to doll up for the ball. 

DSC04351 DSC04353 DSC04360 DSC04364

The reason why I love malaysia run so much is those scenery and their parks are so freakkkkingggg cool!!! Can you see the fishes behind me? 

 DSC04375 DSC04379

And Finally you have found your carriage to send you to the ball! And of course that is a REAL HORSE!!!! We are super heng to be the last couple in line to take photo with the horse who have been standing under the sun for 2hrs!!!! The horse really “BEH-Tahan” Beh = Horse in hokkien!! HAHHAA! 


Side track: At this point of time we are chionging back to the starting point coz they are gonna start the competition for contest finalist to compete for Cinderella and Prince Charming! And we are sooo late so we told them to start without us. But as promised we will “rush” back.

DSC04395 DSC04397 DSC04384 DSC04387 DSC04390

Tadah tat’s the end of this super cool storyline filled race!! Then you can look at the medal!!! Is cool right? It can be combined as one and if you take the girls one out, the guy one looks empty.. haha! So means guys need girls la! HAHAHA Jkjk! Both can standalone as it’s own! 


Then at this point of time i sibeh sad.. Why leh? Coz they have quiz session and if you got it correctly you get a GLASS SLIPPER!!! OMG!!! But i din get a chance… The organiser never pick me! 


But lucky us, we got picked as a contest finalist (in the morning) to be Cinderella and Prince Charming for the day.. So we mus do all kinds of dance with the zumba instructor to win the best couple prize! HAHAHA~ There is 5 other competitors who are equally strong at dancing and I am the lousiest one but I keep shaking like mad woman with my TUTU and we WON! HAHAHA

Thanks to my nice TUTU tat hides my lousy moves! 

cp4cp5 DSC04411cp7

YAY!!! I was crowned as Cinderella and this is my first time winning such things on a RACE! This is my 7th RACE ok? But I never won things like this like a peagent or what… 

I tapped on Casper’s Luck in winning contest! HAHAHHAA! 

DSC04421 DSC04424 DSC04433   cp8

It’s great to be running on Valentine’s Day! I hope to join next year Score Cupid Run again! Or maybe join any couple run on Vday coz is so nice to run on vday seeing all the other couples running together and xoxo.. So sweet~~~ 


And in Runs like this, it’s PERFECTLY FINE to do Kissing pose! HAHHAHAHA! 

Before I end this post, I would like to thank the following~ 

Sweetest Princess Tutu DIY Logo

Thanks Sweetest Princess Tutu for the amazing Cinderella inspired Tutu for this run!

Special thanks to Christine Low for the effort and last minute order.

Check out her facebook page here:

Note: She ships worldwide!


Thanks Brooks Malaysia for the RM1000 Voucher!

Special thanks to Julia Heh from Brooks Sunway Pyramid.

Check out Boon Hee’s complimentary to her.




Thanks Bella Skin for the complimentary Hydrating Facial Treatment for both me & casper!


And lastly we would like to thanks Score for picking us as the Cinderella and Prince Charming of the day!feature

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