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My Ninth Run: 10km The Running Diva Malaysia 2016 – 12th March 2016 Feat. Sweetest Princess Tutu DIY & Brooks Malaysia + Hello Kitty Gourmet Café @ Sunway Pyramid & Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon – Sunway Lagoon

Diva Feat

Hello Readers,

Today gonna share with you my experience at The Running Diva Malaysia~

So basically what happen was that we set off on a friday night and just nice tat night we met with a terrible jam at the Custom. Haiz so sad…..

It took us 3hrs to clear the jam and finally we are on the way to KL. We actually reached KL @ 4:29am (midnight).

Casper was very exhausted and he told me that we might have to skip the run or give up the run in the morning at 7am.

I was reluctant and told him to at least let me go because I wanna earn my medals for my first 10km run and especially that is a Princess Tiara Medal!!!

DSC04901  DSC04902 DSC04903 DSC04906 DSC04907

The hotel is very cozy and clean and nice.

DSC04909 DSC04912

As you can see, we did last minute changing and preparation when we arrived at the University of Malaya. And guess what happen? Boon Hee drove to University of Malaysia instead of Malaya……. Speechless…


This is also the 2nd time i wore this Tutu for a run after the Little Pony Run.  DSC04916

Tadah~ 10km Princess Run. It’s my first longest run at that point and also it’s the most lack of sleep run!!!


12-March-2016 (Saturday) usually i joined Sunday Races so I get to rest on Saturday when I reached Kuala Lumpur but apparently this race I so badly wanted to join for the medal so decided to go for it but we are terribly wrong because we did not expect the crazy jam!!!


It’s warm up time~


The zumba dancer.


 Doing some simple warm up to wake myself up. Because I am feeling so sleepy and terrible!!!!!!


Last photo on stage before we set off!  DSC04946

Going to queue up at the start point!


#FollowGerzTo Follow me to RUNNING!


Let’s start!


Run run run.. Although sleepy but #GerzKeepRunning!


Arrived at the first check point and gotten my pink string~ DSC04995

Water point has 100 plus! Woohoo~ Love 100 plus sooooo much!


3km! Before 3km got water point liao.. Steady! Berry good lah!~


Sun is coming up liao.. Siao liao lor…


WHAT?! 10km go uphill? You must be kidding me!!!! I think i sign up for 5km right?????


APA INI?! Can skip anot? Who will know?


Damn.. At the peak they give out this blue string!! If you dont have means u cheated lo.. Heng I persist and ran up..


Time to chiong back down! I love running downslope!! <3


There is alot of slope and uphill in this race which is unexpected.


Hi 5!! It’s 5km already which means HALFWAY LIAO!!! I am tired, sleepy right now.


Waterpoint to wake me up! I like this race because their waterpoint is so near to each other!


Orange string added!


Yellow string added too!


Also saw our fellow Malaysia running friend, Aizat! LOLS! He always dress up for runs! When I saw him, I am running upslope to next check point and he is running downslope to the finish line!!!

He dress up until liddat still can run so fast….


7km liao! Phew~ 3 more km to go! I know I can do it! #TinkPositive


Remember to always cross this tracker / detector!


Running pass this bridge and soon to the finish line!!!!


Actually my tutu like nice hor? Very DIVA and princessy!


Chiong ah~~~~~


I am slow but I am not quitting!


Oh yes!!! A little more to go!  DSC05115

YES! Crossed the finishing line!!!! WOOHOO!


Medals for me! Hooray!


My first Tiara Medal and my first longest run! 10km! Done-ed!


Pretty proud of myself. Despite the upslope, wrong venue, lack of sleep and traffic jam.

I did it!


Here I wore the Tiara! I think this is one of the nicest looking medal I ever owned.


A photo with my Prince Casper! We did it. He did it.. LOLS!

I get to catch some ZzZz in the car during the jam but he did not at all.

Erm.. He cant!!! LOLS!


Photo with Aizat again.. With our medals!

My Medal Pride Mandatory shot! LOLS!

See this album for more photos of the race!


We only collect goodie bag in the morning hence the photos of racepack is taken after the race! LOLS!


I believe you can guess it correctly, I placed our sweaty running event t-shirt on the bed.


Not very sweaty or wet already la!


First 10km finisher medal!  #Proud


His first Prince / Crown Medal!

Anyway the timing for The Running Diva Malaysia is out….

2016-04-15 13_51_43-The Running Diva Malaysia 2016.pdf

2016-04-15 13_52_54-The Running Diva Malaysia 2016.pdf

After the race, we went to my fave makan place.. Paradise Dynasty! LOLS! DSC05195

Almost after every run, I will have my Post-Race Lunch there!


After that we went to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Center to use my RM 1000 Brooks Voucher.

Read:    DSC05212

I tried on Ravenna 7 which is like their latest model.


Here is Casper’s compliment to Brooks:


Here is my loots from Brooks. It’s a little top up from the RM1000 voucher.

I love the capri pants alot and even used it during TinkerBell Half Marathon in America.

After shopping, it’s time for Hello Kitty High Tea! DSC05273

We actually drove pass Sunway Pyramid and saw the hello kitty cafe and I told Casper I wanted to have this for lunch! LOLS!


Kinda happy to take photos with HK statues!


While waiting for food~


Even the serviette is Kitty-fied. hahaha!


Menu.. Slightly pricey maybe because it’s Hello Kitty.


Cant miss out any opportunity for a selfie~


Kitty face birthday cake. Super suitable for Kitty lovers who are celebrating birthday here!


Another Statue


They have this big party area for party hosting! LOLS! Too bad I cant host my party here because I cant invite you over. It’s too long a journey!


Seriously everything oso must selfie #SelfieQueen


This is Boon Hee’s Mocha and Aglio Olio.


I ordered a Hello Kitty Waffle for myself!


I also ordered Churros to share! But did not expect the huge portion!!!


After the meal we proceed to Sunway Lagoon!


Walking on this bridge again.. LOLS! In the middle people can do bungee you know? DSC05379

I was Periscop-ing at this moment.


Sharing the good view with my followers on Periscope!


Then I also decided to challenge the Flying Fox.


Mr Kat decided not to join because of the huge camera he is carrying.


I queued for at least an hour before it’s my turn. The first time i wanted to play it rain hence we skipped it.


You can see how far I was away from the “Platform”. Not sure where is the video I hope Mr Kat uploads it on FB so I can share it here.



Then there is this new section of the park. The Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon.


First in ASIA!!!


You get to have meet & greet session with Ninja Turtles.


Visit Spongebob’s “Pineapple House” under the sea!


Lot’s of nice photo ops here.


And you get to enjoy SLIME TIME like what we always saw on TV!


See the water turned green and slimey!


I am having so much fun like a small kid!


LOLS! Still play slide somemore at the age of 24!!! OMG! My mum gave birth to my sis at 24yo and what am I doing? Playing slide… Damn…


It brings me so much childhood memories and I am glad I am petite and have a super encouraging husband who allows me to be crazy~


Guess who will we be meeting next?




Like I met and old friend!!! LOLOLOLS!


Boots the Monkey hugged Gerlyn the Monkey (born in year of monkey!)


Next up! I met my favourite SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS and PATRICK STAR!!!


Their Pirate attire is so cool!!!


Patrick!! It’s my first time meeting Patrick in real life!!


Are you ready Kids?! Aye Aye Captain!!!!


After meeting the characters there is a heavy downpour.


I did some jungle trekking around the park with Mr Kat.


The floor is slippery and my Slippers is totally not helpful!


But we have tons of fun!


I still can tell Mr Kat : “Later when the rain is smaller we go play which slide which slide lah?”


Sometimes I quite envy Mr Kat for having such a “spontaneous” wife who can turn all unhappy stuff into happy stuff!! LOLS!

DSC05590 DSC05587


So wat should you eat after the cold cold rain? Yes!

It’s ICE-CREAM! And you must sadist by pulling the butterfly wings open!


Afterwhich we ended our day and start our journey back to Singapore~

I hope you like my lengthy blogpost! LOLS!

Oh ya! My personal review!

I almost forgot!

my personal reviews

The Diva Run: 10/10

Waterpoint sufficient, nice medals, and very challenging.

Advice: Have a 21km Half marathon segment too, event date on Sunday instead and maybe have a best Princess Dress category! LOLS!

Hello Kitty Cafe: 6/10

Portion very big and deco very nice.

Advice: Serving can be a little faster and maybe price and lower abit although you are located in KL largest shopping center but if lower then better.

Sunway Lagoon “Nickelodeon” The Lost Lagoon Theme Park: 11/10

Very worthwhile! More water slides and water attractions compare to previously.

So many characters to take photos with and also the Slime Time is so fun!

Advice: Entrance ticket abit pricey….. $50SGD per pax.

Maybe can have a half day ticket? To lower down cost?

That’s all for my blogpost! Thanks for reading!

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