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My Melody Cafe Singapore Review: Worth a try?

Dear readers,

As you guys should know I am a huge My Melody fangirl… HAHAHAHA! Kinda obvious if you have seen my bathroom and kitchen you should know it’s My Melody themed.

So today I will walk you through the FIRST EVER My Melody Cafe in Singapore. Recently there are so many themed cafes all around Singapore but finally, there is this one, My Melody. In case you don’t know My Melody….. My Melody is Hello Kitty’s friend, part of the Sanrio Characters. A little pity of this Cafe is that they did not feature her Rival, Kuromi. Actually, Boon Hee likes Kuromi more than My Melody. Weird sia this guy…

I really do like this huge My Melody at the doorstep! Hope I could bring her home right away but I believe it will be super expensive lor

This is My Melody’s house as the Kitchen.

As much as I wanted to take the sofa seats, but it’s fully occupied. I do hope that the Cafe does take in reservations for table booking so I would be able to take the sofa seats. 

The food was served in less than 15mins during breakfast period on a weekday. I think it’s a reasonable waiting time. 

Although it’s 9 am on a weekday, the cafe is full house!!! When we left, there is a queue too… So I can’t imagine what it would be like on weekends. 

Casper ordered Pancake Bliss, $23. Personally, I felt that the variety of food is very little. 

The outlook of the pancake is a bit chaotar, and there is a scar on My Melody’s face. Which is a pity but we just let it go because it’s Casper’s meal, if it’s mine, I will ask them to redo… LOLS!!! 

But it’s yummy, the chicken and the sauce and pancake is a perfect match and this is quite filling. It tasted better than mine. 

I ordered Little Pink Riding Hood, $23.90.

The fruit salad and Japanese cucumber were very refreshing and nice.

The eggs benedict and salmon fish compliments each other very well. But it got a little too salty and sourish like quite heavy. 

But the salad was really nice and refreshing… I am not a veggie person but maybe the portion too small so I finished the salad too!!!But I feel that this looks much better than the chaotar pancake.. lols… So I took a picture with my EGGYYYSS…  Next, I ordered Merry-Donut-Go-Round, $12.90. There is only 2 cold milkshake to choose from and of course, the pink Melody lover like me would pick this…

To be honest, it’s SUPER SWEET lah!! But super pretty… I think the donut will give u the sugar rush but then the drink itself it’s sweet but yummy and I finish it alone! 

The portion is quite huge and I think the price is slightly on the high end but I guess it’s still acceptable for me because it’s My Melody. We often see Hello Kitty cafe but not My Melody cafe!!!

This is the price list for Hot Beverages. We got Cappucino at $6. It comes with a Melody cookie too… I am more intrigued by the cookie than the coffee itself. I am like, I wan that cookie mold. Seriously, any kitchen gadgets that have melody is so hard to find!!! I would like to Melody-fied my kitchen, however, there is a limitation as compared to Hello Kitty.

The Coffee addict showing off his cookie to me…

Total Damage, $70 (after GST 7% + Service Charge 10%) for 2 of us…. So I guess this is a very expensive breakfast.

If you are interested to visit, here is their address:

3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Blvd, #01-361, 038983 (Beside Gudetama Cafe)

Open from 10am – 10pm Daily.

This is the starting of the queue on weekdays at 11 am. I heard it’s pretty crazy on weekends so do be early. 

Honestly speaking, My Melody Cafe is indeed a super rare cafe and I believe My Melody lovers should go. But due to the price, I believe it’s a one-time off thingy or unless there is a really special occasion. The food in the cafe is mostly “All-Day breakfast” menu and if I am gonna pay $70 for dinner I wouldn’t think it will keep me full. But I am thankful that my husband who is super thrifty told me that we just need to go once otherwise we will regret it. If right now it’s pop-up Hello Kitty Cafe, I probably won’t go because I have been to lots of Hello Kitty cafe and Changi Airport has one too. Hence I believe there is “no rush” but we don’t know when My Melody Cafe is closing and changing the theme, therefore, I urge you to go quickly and at least capture some memories! 

Food is tasty, drinks are superb, I will recommend My Melody Cafe but I won’t go in the future unless someone gives a treat for my birthday next month!! TEEHHEEE~~! 

Thanks, Boon Hee for bringing me to My Melody Cafe!!! I really appreciate it! LOVE YOU!!! <3 

Find out more on their Facebook page below:

I heard that there is some national day special!!! And happy holidays!!!

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