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“My Macbook is Barely Naked!” -Customised Sticker Protection for Devices Review #BNskinsGiveaway


Hello Readers,

Today I am gonna share with you a service provided by Barely Naked Skin. Barely Naked, a company which allows you to customise / design your own stickers to be pasted on your devices to protect them. Acts like a handphone protector, cover, or even similar to a Macbook Speck but it’s a sticker so you can protect devices but yet dun need to suffer the thickness or heaviness as a consequences.


So I actually won mine thru an IG giveaway by Barely Naked. So you can see my billing is ZERO. $0.00 yup, I am lucky! Then the kiasu me also opt for registered post SINCE IT’S FREE mah! 3

And tadah less than 7 working days, it arrived. And yes, although is FOC, Barely Naked still give me registered post! Wakakaka! Means i won $29.90 (skin) + postage $3.39!!! Wahahaha! Shiok la!

So let me share about the photo and designs. I tell you, the design is a torture! The pasting of photo here and there and the design app is really not friendly! You can select to actually “bring the photo forward” or backward. So i need to redo alot of times and one bad thing is, you can delete selected photo. For example, I pasted photo 1, photo 2 and photo 3. Now i think photo 1 sucks and I wanna delete it, i mus delete from photo 3 and photo 2 then photo 1. So even my photo 2 and 3 already swee swee, i also mus delete!

Good luck to you if you are designing it. I will suggest to use photoshop or other apps to design it first then paste on Barely Naked. After I finish designing it and submit to checkout then i realise this! Ya, i am stupid. Kthxbye~ Maybe at that point of time when I won this skin, i too kanchiong to send for printing. Never think so much. haizzz..

Time was not wasted for me.. Because it me, it’s a process of learning how not to make a beautiful laptop skin! I learn 5 ways to make an ugly skin! All this 5times actually attribute to a pretty skin today what i am using!

#ThinkPositive~ #InMyOpinion

So before i can paste the skin, i mus make sure the laptop mus be clean clean, 一尘不染 , means even a little bit of dust also cannot.. So I wipe with wet tissue then water then soap etc etc. Just to make sure my laptop bling bling. Then i also removed my chiong Specks from China. I bought it when i was in China in 2012. Lols~ Antique liao wor… 5

Next step: Activate Mr Casper Kat to help me paste the sticker! He keep on kpkb and say why he is the one who paste?

Epic convo

Casper: If i paste ugly will u scold me?

Me: YES!

Casper: Then you paste yourself!

Me: No~ Coz i confirm paste ugly! Then i cannot blame other ppl. You paste ugly i can blame you!

Casper: Kns! Liddat one lor you!

Me: Neh neh ni poo poo!

Casper: This Barely Naked got pasting service anot ah?

Me: Dun think so.. If have confirm ask them paste hor? But later ask you drive to their office or factory how? Waste Petrol!

Casper: Never mind waste petrol ! At least i not so stress to paste this!

End of Convo

The rest of the convo is jus Mr Kat keep on harping that is so hard to paste and he is sweating etc etc.

Apparently, Mr Casper still pasted it ugly! U see, this corner and that corner pop up.. All his fault la!

Then i know u all confirm say, “Gerlyn, you so smart you paste la!”

melody crying

Ok sorry! You win, i diam diam.. 7

Then lastly is paste the keyboard area. Haiya, Casper pasted 歪歪 again! You see he pasted more towards the left area!!! You look at the multi-touch trackpad then u see a gap right? right? right?

Haiz… Sua.. You ask me this Virgo Perfectionist how to tahan this? OMG!! My OCD mind keep instructing my hand to rip the sticker off!! Ahhhh Buay Tahan!! But Casper say cannot rip coz rip liao not sticky anymore! Haizzzz…

I will just live with it until the sticker cmi then remake i guess?


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Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored by Barely Naked. However this Barely Naked Skin for my Macbook is won thru a giveaway contest in Instagram.

2015-08-19 17_39_12-GERLYN ONG (@gerlynwang) • Instagram photos and videos

Click to view the bigger version (Initially wanted to print this photo however mum said great grandmother doesn’t like the idea of taking photo with 3 person and printing this photo big she might not like it. So i decided to design into a Casperlyn Wedding Theme Sticker.  

#21Sep2015 #1MoreDayToMyBirthday #BirthdayPost

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