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My Fifth Run: Batu Pahat 奔跑吧南安 8.5km Run (My longest run in the forest) Special Guest appearance: Great grandma (Laoma) – 13th Dec 2015

Hello Readers,

Today I am gonna share about my 5th Run which is at Batu Pahat Malaysia! This is like the coolest run ever~

So I set off my trip together with.. Obviously Mr Kat and Special Guest, Laoma (Great Grandmother) and my mum!

IMG_0095On the way there we are spamming Karaoke using youtube! hahaha! 

In case I did not share before, Casper sound alot like Aaron Kwok! Like seriously… Aaron fans, can you guess which song is this?

It is “到底有谁能够告诉我” the 随风~
IMG_0100Anyway this is Laoma who is admiring at the night view of Batu Pahat at Summit Signature Hotel. The drive up is about 2hrs+ (including slight jam at custom) so ya.. It was night time when we reached and we are super HUNGRY!  

IMG_0105Mum and laoma is like, faster go change and let’s go out and eat liao! 

IMG_0106But tsk tsk tsk.. we are still taking photos! HAHA! Anyway hor, this hotel the floor very dirty. Sandy one.. Not just me say.. Laoma and mum agree. Only Casper say “It’s okay what…”  
IMG_0108 Then you can see the TRAFFIC is TERRIBLE! We stuck in Traffic for like 1 hour.. OMG!

IMG_0113So after changing, we are setting off to grab some nice food. With laoma around, the food we get also must, know.. Must let her eat good one mah!  
IMG_0115So Casper up his budget, we have fish maw soup and Scallop Broccoli. 

IMG_0120 (1)Then we have Fried Toufu and also Fruit Salad Prawn. 


IMG_0126Casper serving us the soup. It’s pretty awesome got standard and apparently, there is a wedding banquet happening at the exact same time! LOLS! Then we say, people dare to banquet means the food confirm is not bad de lo! LOLS! 

IMG_0129Anyway, Laoma and mum started eating and I am still taking photos for you guys to see! HAHAHA!
IMG_0130Selfie with Laoma! LOLS! 

IMG_0133Then our dessert is this expensive Yam Paste. Actually not expensive. They put the price liddat.

Yam : RM 12

Meaning what? In Singapore Yam Paste is served in 1 bowl 1 bowl one. So we tot Yam Paste 12 Ringgit per bowl! WTH!

Then we misunderstood. Heng we never order 4 Yam Paste. Arbo we eat until siao! HAHAHHAHA!

So RM 12 is for 1 PLATE of Yam Paste which feeds 6pax!

So after goody good food, we go back hotel to rest!
IMG_0141In the early morning at 6am, me and casper woke up for the Lam Ann Chinese Secondary School Charity Run! lololols! 
IMG_0143We are very lucky to chance upon this running event at a Brooks apparels boutique while shopping at BP Mall a month ago. Then we go tell the retail assistant we wan sign up.. lols!

In the morning, the in-charge was so funny and nice to us.. Coz he mus be thinking “This couple siao ah! Drive all the way from Singapore to come Malaysia to do a 8.5km run!” hahahahaha!
IMG_0145So enuf said, start pinning our bids. 

IMG_0146And take some selfies~ 

IMG_0152The corner is folded coz mus cut for some lucky draw but we skipped it coz we rush back to meet laoma and mummy for breakfast. 

IMG_0153Then we can see at 7am, alot of people start to come in liao. 

The problem is their ‘alot of people’ is so little compare to SG Runs!!!!!

This is something I like!
IMG_0155So little people.. But so much fresh air and nice scenery.. 

IMG_0159So tired coz the night before I was whatsapp-ing Jesslyn regarding the Hello Kitty race pack she collected for me. 

IMG_0164So now is time for warm up! 

IMG_0167Anyway, u mus be wondering why so many people wear so many diff colours? Issit the Run got different Category?

So is liddat…

White = S

Orange = M

Red / Blue = L or XL

LOLS! Use colour to differentiate sizes very unique right?

IMG_0169So we started to warm up with the Aerobic Ladies or Zumba Ladies. 

I dunno what is the diff but ya.. Jus warm up!

IMG_0174So Casper very serious in doing this warm up.. U can see I am busy taking photos again! 

IMG_0176Anyway, right before we started, it rained…. 

As usual! Whatever Run I go, It will rain!!!!!!

IMG_0181So ya, in the end our hair all wet and clothes all wet. But i damn professional de.. I can still smile when I see camera! hahahaha! 

IMG_0185Meanwhile we go house-viewing too.. just kidding! 

IMG_0192It’s actually super cool to jog down these houses. Anyway, i dunno if this girl behind is the girl that actually race with me.. LOLS! And obviously I win her la.. If not I wont be posting this here! hahaha!  

IMG_0193See my dream hse behind? I call it Elsa Frozen Castle! HAHAHAH! 

2016-03-03 17_46_53-elsa ice palace - Google Search
Picture belongs to respective owner

Coz it is like grow outta no where? 

IMG_0201YAY!!! It’s the end! No?! What no? I tot i sign up for 4.5km? HAHAHAHA

Omg.. I was getting tired max! Now still ask me Climb uphill? ZHUNBO?! R u kidding me?

IMG_0204Nvm.. Sua! Just climb la! 

IMG_0209What? Still need pull ropes? 

IMG_0213Aiyo and the floor like a muddy sia coz of the rain jus now… 
IMG_0215getting pissed off liao.. Coz the rope machiam never ending!!!
IMG_0216Finally I tot it’s the end.. But no… 

IMG_0218Please act like a ballerina and continue the course.

Anyway me and casper got splitted coz he helped the girls behind me to prevent them from falling.

So ya, the downhill part did not take any pictures…

IMG_0221Anyway I complete the race liao! Woohoo!! 

IMG_0225Collecting my medals! 

IMG_0241Muacks muacks Muacks! I love my medal!!! 
IMG_0243Casper hair still haven dry.. lololols! I think is sweat and not the rain! hahah! 

IMG_0248TADAH! WE ARE FINISHED! *pun intended*

IMG_0250Took a picture with this train statue in the school. 

IMG_0256Came back and took a photo with my favourite person in the world! 

IMG_0263Yay! With mum and laoma! Hooray.. This is my longest RUN! No Training too! But totally not recommended. 
IMG_0265With Casper too but he left his medal in the car! LOLS! 
IMG_0267Afterwards we went to have breakfast at a nearby mall. But not the BP Mall we visit often. Is Square One Shopping Mall.

IMG_0272Yay! And we had very sumptuous breakfast! 
IMG_0274My honey milk drink and my darling laoma! 

IMG_0282Then afterwards we bought her to shop for shoes. 

IMG_0286Look at her happy face!! LOLS!

IMG_0293Then Casper oso bought an ICE CREAM for her! LOLS!

IMG_0296Lols.. So easy contented liao my laoma! 

IMG_0299Then went to shop for boots for fun.. lols.. I am a big fan of boots so everytime i see boots I will buy! And this is like 15 SGD only!!!! 

IMG_0308Then we had dinner at Aeon Tebrau  Mall. 


IMG_03142 Ladies in black! 

IMG_0320Photo with Laoma! :)  
IMG_0322Then we took a photo with SpongeBob and Mr Krab! HAHAHAH! 

IMG_0330And tats all for my short getaway! HAHAHAHA! Signing off, Gerz! 

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