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My Eighth Run: 6km My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016 – 28th Feb 2016 Feat. Sweetest Princess Tutu DIY Rainbow Dash Inspired Running Tutu

MLP Cover

My little pony~ My little pony~ Ah Ah Ah Ah~ If you are humming to this song in ur head.. HELLO Fellow Pony Lover! HAHHAHA

So ya, today i am gonna blog about the Magical Run~ Which is the My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016 organised by Pink Apple Events and sponsored by Hasbro Singapore.
mlp goodie bagAnd here is the goodie bag! Thanks Elvina Bestie for collecting it for me while i am celebrating Vday at Msia! LOLS!

One good thing about this bestie run is that you sign up in pair but only 1 person needed to collect 2 goodie bag. 

2016-03-09 15_50_40-My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016For pricing wise, we took up the 6KM Bestie Run (Competitive) it’s kinda special coz you mus sign up in a PAIR! Heng I got besties! LOLOLS! So we chiong for the early bird which is $110 for 2 and $55/pax. So it’s still better to be an Early Pony i mean Early Birdy~ 

mlp hair colouractually for this race, i made an effort to dye my hair rainbow colour. but apparently over a span of 2 weeks… Bye bye Blue… 

mlp13Then the cool thing about this race is they give u a race time tracker to tie with ur shoe lace. Liddat you will know how long u took to run 6km. And also make sure people dun cheat! hahaha! 

DSC04443Tadah we are done tying them! DSC04450Off we walk from the Beach Station Carpark to the starting point. Anyway we were there for 2hrs and we spent $5+ on parking. OMG! DSC04460Since it is the monkey year, and me and Casper born in the year of Monkey, we will not let any opportunity to take a picture with monkey missed! hahaha! DSC04461And Casper helped us took a photo too!
DSC04469So after we arrived, the first thing I did was to look for toilet!!!! DSC04472Off to the toilet~ DSC04474There are plenty of toilet set up and it was 7.20am hence is relatively still clean. After that I am not sure liao… DSC04478So ya the night before Mum jus watched a little bit of My Little Pony and she wanted to be Twilight Sparkle! LOLS! So she bought a purple colour skirt at the 11th hr! LOLS~
DSC04483Guess who i met? It’s Irene Soh from! LOLOLS! DSC04488And Irene’s cute daughter, Sophia! Both of them is so friendly! Pinkie Pie gave birth to Twilight Sparkle! LOLOLOLOLS! Jkjk.. But Irene really put in a lot of effort to dress up! She definitely should win the best-dressed! DSC04493Irene even DIY the horn and ears for Sophia! And the Tulle skirt is DIY by Irene! I dun have such crafty hands so I shall leave it to the experts at Sweetest Princess Tutu DIY! DSC04499And of course how can i miss this #FollowGerzTo / #FollowMeTo ?!

DSC04507This is family run / kinship run for me instead of besties run… DSC04509There are many little girls don in Tutu too! Hahahah! I am one of the oldest girl in Tutu! 
DSC04514Let’s have a shot with Pinkie Pie! DSC04524This is my evil Twin, Rainbow Dash! DSC04526And say hello to Rarity! DSC04533Here is mum with her favourite pony, Twilight sparkle! DSC04538 And this is Casper with Apple Jack! LOLS!
DSC04549Ah Kes with her Fluttershy! DSC04551We can see all the 6km bestie runners all fall in liao!! mlp infoSo my flag off timing is 8am. mlp mapThis is the map where we will be running. DSC04554Now we are walking towards the start line. DSC04557It’s a 6km run so is still more of a fun run to many so you dont see many people do warm up. DSC04561My warm up is jus to bend down and take more peektures! DSC04563And more peektures! DSC04567Okay enuf said… We are gonna start running soon! DSC04570Thanks hubby for accompanying me here! His bid is sponsored by me!!! :'( DSC04575Mum oso wanna play #FollowMeTo -.- LOLS! DSC04577Mum was so shock to see twilight sparkle lolols! See her shocked face! 
DSC04582She is like a happy lo~ So for 6km our mascot is Twilight Sparkle, 4km is Rainbow Dash and 1km is Pinkie Pie. DSC04584Anyway let’s start running!
DSC04593Okay maybe let’s start selfie-ing! DSC04598And there is 2 runners dress up as Princess Celestia and Luna. DSC04600Then this guy is My Little Fairy! HAHAHA! okay la.. maybe pinkie pie?
DSC04612Hooray 1km!
DSC04620Here is the bubble zone~ DSC04631On my way chionging to 2km.. DSC04633Mum oso follow me chiong… DSC04635And ah kes copy us! hahahha! DSC04638Ok this is uphill so it means walking time! DSC04640#FollowMeUphill DSC04648Finally 2km liao worz DSC04649Water point 1DSC04651Better drink more! I will tell u why later..
DSC04658Now is the rainbow zone

DSC04667Hooray~ It’s a sonic rainboom created by me! lolols! DSC04668U see when Mum reached the 3km mark she was like super happy can?! DSC04671YAY 3km done! DSC046744KM also done-edDSC04677So there is this U-turn sign and mum wanna act as if she has done 6km already..

LOLS mummy, just fyi, 6km run doesnt have 6km mark.. coz it’s the finishing line!!!! 

And hor u liddat cover people still can see the u-turn sign… -.- DSC04690Tadah~ It’s PALAWAN at 9am… DSC04695Dog owners bring their doggies out for bathing session.. Awwww…
DSC047025 km liao!! LAST KM!!!! DSC04712Finally the 2nd water point…. DSC04714Actually my Tutu look very nice under the sunlight hor? DSC04718So now we have to u-turn back to the finishing line which is near the starting line and we get to see rainbow again! DSC04723We are back at the start of palawan beach.. u can see Kes is holding onto the draw string bag and now carrying it already… Why leh? Coz it broke… DSC04727Enuff said.. Let’s chiong to the finishing line bah! DSC04728Oops i chiong abit too fast! DSC04733Tadah.. the red stripe on the floor is the time tracker. So if u cheat they will know de la. DSC04734Hooray to mum for completing her first 6km!
DSC04737Let’s collect medal, water and milk. DSC04738Heng we finish it fast, arbo here will be crowded with alot of people and will be super chaotic!
DSC04741Yay! Medal + Milk!
DSC04747Mummy first medal.. She very touched.

DSC04772Standard kiss medal pose!
DSC047796km !!!!
DSC04795Well done mummy! DSC04807And thanks hubby for being our photographer! DSC04809Met our friends at the friendship run! L- R : Bernard, Chuer, Min :D DSC04813Thanks Bernard for taking this photo!

my personal reviews

Sweetest Princess Tutu DIY: This Rainbow Dash inspired Tutu was customised specially for me and suitable for running. Christine (Seller) knows that this is meant for running events hence she made it puffier (3 layers) of 100% soft nylon material hence it does not scratch my skin. I am also able to choose any colours I like. The current price of the exact same tutu I am wearing is a 8years old kids price and it’s about $45-$50 (as of today). Prices will subject to changes. If you notice, she used crochet waist band hence the tutu skirt does not ride up!

Sweetest Princess

Do support her humble business by liking her facebook page too!

Sweetest Princess Tutu DIY Logo
mlp instagram commentsHahaha! Someone mentioned I was cute!!! *hooray* Thanks for the compliments @lady_equinox!

My Little Pony Run 2016: Well, this run is well organised but there is a few feedbacks from me la.

#1: Material of the goodie bag. As it is called Race Pack, hence alot of people majority 80% of runners will run with this bag. But many of the runners incl. us, suffered from this!

DSC04816What is worst? The day before, we still double sewn it using sewing machine. But still it broke. Haizzzz… DSC04818You may say we put too many things but you gave us 1 can of Gabu Gabu drinks and it cant even tahan the weight of the Gabu gabu?! ok……..

#2: WATER POINT!!!!!

Seriously… For 5km run, Hello Kitty run 2016, you give me 2 water point but at 1km & 2km and tats all.. I already find it… WHAT?!

This time round you really disappoint me TTM ( to the max)! You gave me 2 water point for a 6KM Competitive Run aka must chiong run and you placed 1 @ 2km another one @ 5km.

LIKE WHAT?! 2km one nvm.. Is ok… 5km one is like so FAR!!! You gave us one super sweet Gabu Gabu and you wan me to use tat to “TONG / TAHAN” for 3km of Run then reach ur water point?

Although technically by right 4km mus have 1 water point and you are not wrong but many of the 6km participants are “First Time runners” like my mum. This is the first time they doing 6km which is super long for them so you mus do more welfare to encourage them to adopt this healthy running activities as their hobbies and not discourage them.

Most runners doing 6km ones are First time runners and the type of runners are:

TYPE 1  doing for the sake that 6km medal is prettier

TYPE 2 Accompanying friend coz 6km is a bestie run and you need to sign up as a pair

TYPE 3 Bring kids to run the 6km as most Singapore race are 5km or lesser.

So as such a family run, relatively fun run.. welfare is important! need be, you shuld give snacks too! HAHAHA!

And ya… We are ponies too! WE NEED WATER! Pony dun need water meh?

#3 The Quality of the Temporary Body Tattoo! – BAD!!!


No need me to explain bah.. My Rainbow dash was 五马分尸!Separated / torn apart…

Keslyn’s Fluttershy cutie mark was torn too. 

Then u see keslyn’s face tattoo.. SO OBVIOUS dun tell me you CANNOT SEE HOR!!!

1f9515c7-1329-4c36-bda2-8d82bbf99864   7936af78-027e-4fce-b1e3-89cbb60eadfb 902d8b94-5d6f-4d0a-b5fb-667898d03d86  d0a9fece-4810-4c4c-8895-a0e44bcbe367

In the end we wasted about 4-5 tattoos coz it was torn but the rest of the tattoo turns out well for us.. 

Other than that, the race was good.

You have the “running tag” which ties to our shoe lace then people cannot cheat.

Then enough medals to go around… For 6km everything was in order basically is liddat. For the $60 run this standard is…. Ok lo.. Acceptable! I just hope the next Pink Apple Run I go to will have more water points! Call me water bucket if you must but lesson learnt, carry your own water when you run!

And lastly kudos to all the photo ops moment and the carnival was pretty well done! Although I did not enjoy it coz I am a big kid but I can see alot of kiddos having fun.

The memorable moments was the “Rainbow Zone” which you have balloons and “Bubble Zone” where you have bubble machine! Then also you start on the dot this time so it’s pretty awesome!

And indeed I have plenty of fun and photo ops moments! hahahahaha!

mlp friendship

Latest update, the Racetime is out!

mlp race time 2 mlp race time


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