Lulu @ Car Tunes :) 10.10.13


As i promised, I will post videos of me mimic Michelle Chong’s character as Lulu. here is the video!

Lulu: She is from SzeChuan (China) and she is working @ a local KTV as a HOSTESS. Her first appearance is from this Mediacorp Variety Show, The Noose. Which is a sproof of the NEWS. You can youtube/google some videos of lulu.

Lulu always never fails to make me LAUGH OUT LOUD!! :) I am always so happy watching her videos. She is so talented. How i wish I can inherit 50% of her humour! :P

Let me share another video of mine…. Took in Taiwan LeoFoo Village. :)

I know I am still not there yet… But I will work hard and improve myself along the way :)

Hope you can support me ^^


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