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Hello Reader! :)
This is a soooo over-dated post….. haha! It was way before my hair was long-dyed… 
So during March Holidays, we went to the legendary LEGOLAND @ Johore! :) We did not go there on purpose. We went to a relative birthday @ segamat and then we shun-lu go to Legoland :) hahaha! 
As a natural theme park goer, how can i give this a miss???? Correct??? 
So this will be a picture-blog this time! 

 Left: Yong Xin, Yong Yi and Yong Jie :) My KAT niece & newphew :)

 Here is our awesome driver!! My dearest wenxi :)

 Here is some cam-whore while waiting for our breakfast :)


 We have arrived @ LEGOLAND Malaysia :)

 As a no.1 theme park fan of course must SPAM !!!

 some big big space for tons of people to take photos.. No la… It is the upcoming hotel!! Lego Hotel… Wow.. Sounds cool!! Must go there and STAY!

 Wore a cap because i am having a bad hair day!

 SMILE~! It is zi-lian time!

Can see legoland behind me??? 

 Zilian with Yongxin :)

 See, So many PEOPLE~! Really people mountain people sea……….

 my signature post! : )

 Not forget to pose :)

 I think it is the receipt? I cant remember.. It was wayyyy too long

 Admission tix :)

 Zilian with the tix :P hooray!

 The spontaneous yongxin!! We trying to mimick the lego!!!

 bang bang!

 bang bang again! :) Yongyi is so cute!

 This is a real mascot! not statue!! can move one…. >.<

 This is their photo ticket.. you can take this to the counter to purchase the photos… Which i will never do.. Too EXPENSIVE!

 Posing with legoland :)

 With Yongxin ^^

 This is the mini-roller coaster.. We queued for 45mins… Very long wait….. Too many people…

Not very exciting also.. very disappointed.

 Very cute figurine

 close up!!

 The lego express.. It is a super lame train….

 We got tired of waiting…..

 See the amount of people waiting and sitting on the train…

 They also took so slow to start off the train…

 Some legoland restaurant , super expensive… It is used to hack SG-ren. I seriously hear more SG & China Accent than Malaysia Accent. I think too expensive for locals…..

 legoland express… the super lame train…..

 Zipai :)

 The map cant even be easily found….. The facilities are seriously bad.

 Vietnam – Small World :) Xiao Ren Guo (small people world)

 SG Flyer :)

 My signature pose again

 INDIA? Should be….

 Forbidden City <3 China :)

 Lulu home town! Wo Ai Zhong Guo!

 SG Riverside point :)


KLCC Twin Tower! 

 It is very exquisite actually…… Very fine-made.

 Us @ KLCC again!

 Look very big here!

 KAT family portrait :P

 2nd shot!

 The Junior Roller coaster.

 Take with the joker! He copied my pose!


 Saw the Adult Coaster @ the back?

 The dragon above the castle is actually moving :)

 Waiting for the ADULT COASTER NOW…..

 You see the decoration is very niceeeeee…

 Really look like we are reading a book right?

 The Nice Castle / waiting area… The queue is super long!

 Then Heavy rain came… So we waited 1.5hrs……

 Wait & take photos.

 The coaster was stopped due to lightning alert.

 4D movie experience.

 The 4D glasses.. :)

The lego giraffe <3 CUTE! 




 Admission tix :)

Price: EXPENSIVE $40 SGD <—- not worth going
imagine a family of 5?? Haiz…..
Queue Time: 1.5hrs on average on the weekend… <—- WASTE of time!
Food & Beverage: EXPENSIVE! RM5 for a bottle of sprite ! Siao! 
Service: LOUSY! Wont help us take photos easily.
Rides: Very kiddish…. No exciting factor!
Overall Experience: DONT GO LEGOLAND.


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