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How to feel fresh & clean during period? / Things I can’t survive without during period! *Advertorial* – Laurier Ultra Gentle Sanitary Pad Review

Hello my female readers, (i doubt this post any guys will read also)

Today I am gonna share with you a little more personal about me. Well, many of you know that I am very nice de hor.. But during period….. I CAN CHANGE INTO A MONSTER!


So the only way to keep this monster in me “within me” or aka tame the monster here are the thing I NEED!!!


So the rest of the items above the most important one and cannot live without one is PADS la! If not u wanna see a bloody red stained bed sheet?! No right? Of course PAD is necessary, a necessities but it’s also good to get a GOOD Pad and not just any PAD. Nope, not even Ipad! haha!

So today I am gonna intro the best pad in the market that I have used! Laurier Ultra Gentle for the extremely sensitive skin user like ME~! So below are some intro about it!


Napkin dermatitis is the inflammation of human skin with symptoms like itchiness, soreness and rashes. It is associated with wearing sanitary napkins during periods, and has a tendency to happen because the skin around your delicate area has the least number of protective skin layers.

Why are you prone to napkin dermatitis during periods?


Excessive humidity between the napkin and your skin

Perspiration builds up in the confined space between the napkin and your skin. Along with the presence of menstrual blood, relative humidity can reach 85% or higher, thus making your skin tender and susceptible to swelling.


Physical contact between the napkin’s surface and your skin

When your skin is tender, even light rubbing against the napkin can feel unpleasant as the skin’s natural barrier to friction from physical contact is significantly reduced.


How to minimise such discomfort? Here’s some advice from dermatologists


While following some general hygiene guidelines such as changing your napkin more frequently would help, experts also recommend you choose a higher quality sanitary napkin that has been designed specially to target these factors with characteristics like:

1) Good absorbency that reduces menstrual blood on the napkin’s surface

2) High breathability that relieves stuffiness

3) Soft skin-friendly surface that has little contact with the skin, thus keeping friction to a minimum.


*Dermatogically tested Laurier Ultra Gentle is specially designed to fulfill all these requirements.Try it now!


7 out of 10 women* have experienced skin irritations e.g. itchiness, stuffiness & redness during periods.

Such discomforts occur as skin around intimate area become more sensitive during the time of the month.

*Source: Japan survey by Kao (N=500)


Laurier Ultra Gentle is the 1st dermatologically tested napkin in Singapore, clinically proven to relieve skin irritations.

Key efficacies:

1. Ultimate comfort > Unique airy soft wavy surface reduces skin contact, minimizing friction and skin irritations image002

2. Extra Breathable > airflow is channeled and promoted by the wavy surface, thus relieving stuffiness, moisture and itchiness.


3. Quick Lock & Dry system > super absorbent layer locks in fluid quickly, reducing wetness on the napkin surface, leaving you drier and sticky-free.

4. Advanced technology > developed with Japan’s Advanced Skin Science Technology

5. Premium quality, Made in Japan

6. Suitable for All skin types especially sensitive skin

my personal reviews


Personally i feel that this product is awesome! Best pad i have ever used. Really not itchy, no more redness and no more mozzie bites on my precious butt :P Serious sia, is like having menstrual cramp already damn xinku then if your pad not comfy, x2 the xinku. But with Laurier, I just need to take care of my cramps and no need worry about leakage and also discomfort or itchiness liao! Shiok Sia!

I wore it during my Malacca / Muar Marathon trip with Casper, and i can shop all day without feeling niam niam or discomfort! So dry as if never come tat one. Serious, no kidding. If you don’t believe, go try it yourself! Get samples below. Or ask from me, I ok to give you 1 to try! But you come collect from me la :)) 

This is the one and only pad which made me feel fresh and clean during period! PERIOD!

Below are some of the photos taken in the hotel with Brand X as comparison.




The wavy surface design actually minimized friction therefore i wont feel a thing. Then it actually dry faster than Brand X therefore is more breathable wont have humid or niam niam feeling. And a good pad is a girl’s best friend if you need to go for shopping during period. Bo Ko Leng during period u dun go shopping one right?! So ya, Thanks Laurier~! I can continue my shopping session in MUAR~!

-A confession of a shopaholic who is having her menses! Teehee!


7 56













They have  also launched new lengths: 25cm (i am using now) and 40cm (planning to buy for night usage).

100% no more leakage!


– Where to Buy: Major supermarkets/hypermarkets, pharmacies & personal care stores

The above price list is based on recommended retail selling price.

Currently they are having the special Kao 50th Anniversary Promotion for Laurier Ultra Gentle 25cm at $5.00 in the month of June.

*Pls check in-store for more details.*

Below is photos taken in Watson – Parklane Shopping Mall on the 17 June 2015.



There is 2 promotion.

1) Blue aka Night use one 30cm – $8.45 (2 packet of 10pcs each) + FOC 2pcs Morning 25cm

By right the blue 30cm one selling at $4.80 each = $9.60 for 2 packet now only $8.45 and got FOC 2pcs 25cm

2) White aka Day use one 22.5cm -$9.50 (2 packet of 16pcs each) + FOC 3pcs Night 30cm

By right the white 22.5cm one selling @ $5.40 each = $10.80 for 2 packet now only $9.50 and got FOC 3pcs 30cm!

Promotion 1 Savings: $1.15

Promotion 2 Savings: $1.30

Not to mention the FOC pads that they include!!!!!

This watson promo not bad sia!!

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 11.55.46 pm

If this mth (June 2015) buy, the one i am using, White aka Day 25cm one packet only $5 instead of $5.60!!!!

Samples? Of course have lah #AuntieModeOn

Free sample redemption on Sample Store here from 29th May:

*Latest update, sample store actually ran out of stock.* So ya, click the redeem button below to redeem from Laurier Facebook App!

If you are super kiasu like me or a hardcore fan of this product, you can redeem more sample pads below!


The same url above will allow you to find out more about napkin dermatitis and product information.


To redeem free samples to try before buying?

Visit: bloggers_150Click this logo to sign up for free samples!

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