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hello readers! 
thanks for always popping by my super lame blog and see see look look :) 
sorry for the super long awaited post… today i will blog about FOOD!
so i went to KL like not long ago…. and you know i am a very picky eater… 
i die die wanted to eat this minced pork rice with sunny side up…. i had this meal like last year during xmas period when i went KL with my family & wenxi…  
And after a 1hr search in berjaya times square, we finally found the stall i have been craving for..
Thanks to jinhe! :)
So this is jinhe with his Fried Rice & Frizzy Ribena with lemon! It’s super yummy! 

Me & kiko with our food! :) See my super awesome minced pork rice!!!!!!!!! And kiko with her cheesy baked seafood rice!!!

..kiko is becoming a japanese… lols look @ her eyes… her rice is yummy and the portion is very big…

Me and my minced pork rice…. and my frizzy ribena…. 

butter rice with chicken :) 
Butter Rice: 7/10
Wenxi: I gave it a 7 is because I expected something better. It is like eating a baked rice in a hong kong char chan teng.. kinda weird.
Seafood bake rice: 9/10
Gerlyn: I think the portion can feed 2 actually!!! Personally I feel that the sotong and seafood and fish is very fresh and juicy.. tender and soft… yummmy… 
Minced pork rice: 10/10
Gerlyn: Obviously!!!!!! as we know we were look for it all the time!! The sunny side up is just nice, can break the egg yolk juice and mix with the rice.. yummy!!!
Frizzy Ribena & Lemon: 6/10
Gerlyn: I think that the ribena is being covered by the sprite and lemon instead.. no more ribena taste.. but still it is very REFRESHING and thirst quenching…
Service: 5/10
Waiting time is very long…. >.<lll and they took very long to respond to us… They also very bochap bochap… The utensils also not enough and we need to request for more… 
Ambience? 5/10
Very noisy as there are alot of people talking very loudly… So we have to talk quite loud in order to hear each other…
Overall: 7/10
I m still biased to my minced pork rice!! hehe! so must TRY OK???
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