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iPhone 5s is born (review on 5s) 5.10.13 (updated!)

Dear Readers,

HELLO~!! I hope you are as excited as me! haha! Finally, i get my hands on iPhone 5s after pestering my mum to go down to Tampines Mall! Basically, there are on 30 iphone 5s 64GB Space Grey AVAILABLE!! And the officer have a list of number to strike off!!! >.< lll and I am happy that i am No. 12!!! Lucky me! Heng arhhhhzzz~!

P/s I dont see them doing that with Note 3, so i assume the demand not that high? Or maybe they don’t have enough stock for 5s (world-wide) !!!!

They also have iPhone 5s 32GB white/silver available.. But well, 32GB is not enough for a cam-whore like me!!!! >.< and I am not really happy with my iPhone 4s white either…. So i think space grey ROCKS~! Many asked why not the gold version of 5s? Below is my answer….

1) Dont you think GOLD is very OR-BIT?? Or-bit means very like old-school and very old people?
2) GOLD no stocks at all!! <— WHY???
3) Space grey so much cooler!

Above are based on my own humble opinions.. so dont shoot me okay? haha!

So i prepared some pictures for you all!! :)

So the front view was like this…. when the screen lights up.

It is like this when the screen don’t…. It comes with a charger adapter, the usb cable and the earpod.

This is the super duper cool back view!!

So, I would like to thank my mum for letting me re-contract with Starhub and trade in my 4s for $300!! Haha.. And thanks my darling Wenxi for driving us around… :) Appreciated my lovelies!

So we also get 2 apple stickers… And wenxi pasted it over his ACER lappy, and he find it not so nice and we pasted on our mirrors instead.. lolx..

We tested our camera with good food @ NTU Canteen 1. Western food stall, this spaghetti cost $3.

Wenxi cant wait to get started first….

Together with my beloved sister.. Testing the front cam.. Quite clear Right?

2nd shots!

This is edited by the built-in editor, you can choose the effects before you shoot!! No more other apps needed!!

Just select the effect before you shoot! And you see, We are pimple-free! :D

The night shot try-out….

This is abit failed, because wenxi is still getting used to tapping on different items to get lighting…

A Collage of the phone

I am proud to be an iPhone user!! :) 
Not sure if note3 is good anot, but i am a noob in android. I failed in switching. But i still love the widget in android. But maybe I find it too chim? And a little laggyyy? 

Whether is it iPhone or Note 3 , Apple or Android, just get one that is suitable for your usage. For me, an IT noob, iPhone is much user-friendly and straight-forward. :)

I tried 2 android before : HTC Desire and Nexus 4 , both turn out to be not so friendly and I turn very pissed off. I dunno why!! Maybe is me? haha!

Oh wells, just get a phone that you like!!!! 

Do not follow the trend, follow your heart. Find out what suits you best.

Dont people get what, you must get what.. Get smth you like is most important…..

And i promise 5s is gonna stick with me for 2 years like what 4s did! :D

Here is the review…. (update as of 8.10.13)
1) Battery Life (very important for people who always forget to charge)
Rate: 10/10 

The battery can last about 12 hrs on 4G network and I kept check fb and whatsapp for these 12hrs. I think it’s quite good for smartphone these days.

2) Camera

Rate: 10/10
Usually smartphone cant take nice pictures at night right? But iPhone 5s changes everything! Now u can spam all ur nightshots. The slowmo function is pretty awesome as well. And the effect function was built in too!

3) iOS 7
Rate: 6/10

I dont like the way they kill apps. I think is very time consuming. And everything here look so cartoon & childish. 
4) Speed
Rate: 7/10
Keeps running on 3G instead of 4G. Dunno why!

5) Reception from Starhub

Rate: 3/10
Poor reception received! Cant hit the 5bar of good signal.

6)Service received from Staff @ Starhub Tampines Mall

Rate: 7/10
So the staff was very nice, she inform me that my 4s can be trade in for a value of $300. Anyway, from now on, if you would like to trade in with starhub, they require original adaptor and cable.
She charge me a $26++ for the sim card charges because i convert to NANO sim. I mean, i could cut myself right?
Afterall, the phone was great, i got it at a cheap price, and no complains! But i will call starhub to ask abt the receptions!

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