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Inman Aligner Treatment 4 (Part 5)

Hello Readers,
How is my new design and layout? Hope you guys will like it as much as I do ^^ 
Anyway, let me do a short mini update on my Inman Treatment…
As what me & Casper have thought, my teeth aren’t straight enough for the retainers yet. So we expected to file some more gaps between my 2 bunny teeth and then wait for them to be even straighter. 

 So we had a mini chatting session / review session. So the convo goes like this
Dentist: So how is everything going?
Me: Good… But i think my aligner is very loose.
Dentist: I will tighten for you later
Me: Yay
Dentist: So how long do you wear them a day?
Me: Office hours? (Technically you have to wear them as long as possible!) Best result is 21hrs.
Dentist: You need to be more hardworking and wear it more often so you can see the result faster.
p/s Dear Dentist, but i am lazy :P

 Creating gaps in between the teeth so the protruding teeth can be pushed back in. He used a metal file to create the spaces. Not to worry, not a very big space but a small one so it allows the movement of the teeth.

 Actually is much much better now.. Jus that a perfectionist like me will never be content with the current result. Anyway, I will just show you an before and after so you would know how much the treatment helps me.

You can click on this collage photo and read up on previous post. 

Anyway, if you are wondering what is an inman aligner and how does it look like… You can click on the image above and you will get all the information on Inman Aligner. 
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