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Inman Aligner Treatment 3 (Part 4)

*Alert for disturbing pictures* If you are afraid of the dentist and operating theater, i suggest you to skip this post.. :D*


I am back for my inman aligner review again…. IF you are not very sure, you can look at this post

Inman Aligner Treatment 2 (Part 3)

Inman Aligner @ Dentalworkz Studio (Part 2)

So let me post some photos…. Maybe is this my second last post on inman aligner le >.<lll sob sob…

I guess I will miss the aligner…. I mean, is like a breakup with a boyfriend definitely very sad right? hahahaha~! So i did 2 collage for the recent appt and my 1mth anniversary with the INMAN~! :)

 So this is done for the 3rd review :) so i always put a fake hashtag #journeywithinmanaligner But it is fake… :P

 So this is done 2weeks ago :) So now i am soon to approach 2 mths anniversary.. and probably the last mth anniversary.. :( any suggestion how to celebrate?

So this is Dr Rashid preparing to check on my teeth.. Looks pretty scary but it is not painful :P

ahhhhh…. Jus normal checking on the “studs” and the condition of my teeth…

So he is filing my teeth now…. Creating gaps so the buck tooth and move in…. The noiseeee… URGH…

File file file file.. the noise is more scary than the pain.. *its painless* but you know, the noise is magnify by x100!

So Dr Rashid asked me, how long do i wear them? I say all the time except makan time?
HE SAID I AM A GOOD PATIENT! :) haha.. actually he dunno is i lazy to take out? if possible i wanna eat with the aligner but not possible.. TRIED AND FAILED… haha..

Cant chew properly.. :(

My thumb is up because he said, 1 more mth to retainers :) Means no more inman!

So we are discussing on whether to get a fixed retainers or a normal one…. i am still deciding no time for research by Sa was recommending the normal one… After hearing Sa & Kelin explaination and saying the super floss break easily and food might gets trap…

hmmm.. 70% for the normal one 30% for the fixed ones….

So a group photo with his team of dental professional :)

*THUMBS up goodddyyy!*

Me & Siti again… haha.. she still owe me cupcakes :P haha.. she said she will deliver to me once she is done… :)

A filtered picture on instagram :) #dentalworkz

A scary picture to sent to my fb & insta followers :P

With and without the inman… 

The protrusion still left a bit more… jiayou my poor teeth…

And as usual, after every visit is a new painful experience :(

Anyway, still worth it to go thru the pain…


Gerlyn :)



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