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Inman Aligner Treatment 2 (Part 3)

Hello readers!

I jus came back from my 2 week review! :))) 
Remember my day one with inman? 

Yup.. Day 1 to day 3 is a painful experience. Cant talk cant bite… Sadded… But i soon got used to it ^^ 
I mean like, you are wearing inman to make urself prettier right? So the more u must smile ^^ so i decided to be even more confident with my inman :D
I wore lipsticks and simple make up and went for dinner with friends etc etc. although they complained : “Ger, can speak properly anot? ” 
I always reply: “you dont understand what i m saying is your problem! SWAG!”
No la.. I will apologize and speak slowly again… :( 
But hor, i realise smth leis.. People who likes me, friends of mine like wenxi, isa , mummy , beatrice, yh, jinhe and new boss & colleagues all can understand me VERY WELL no need for me to repeat! 
But hor my ex-colleague and ex-supervisor cannot.. Hmmm.. Wonder what went wrong…. >.<||| 
Anyway, i am happy with using the inman aligner at work and boss & colleagues always reminds me to wear them after lunch.. Hehe.. ^^
Anyway, lets show some photos of what My Fave dentist Dr Rashid did ok?
Another button / stud were sticked/glued to my front teeth.. The protuding teeth.. Why??? So the inman would not slide up and inman would be keep in place ^^ 
Well it is not very obvious.. I told wenxi to make it obvious so you guys can see it ^^ remember the first time i said i had one similar button that was stick to the interior of the teeth??? 
It chipped off :(( sob sob.. But Dr Rashid say, “It most probably chip off because it interferred with your bite.”
Me:” need to redo?”
Him:” as long as it is there, doing its function, it is alrite! “
So yup… When i was bored, i will use my tongue to play with the chipped button ^^ very fun hor! :P 
So now as u can see, the inman is lowered to the middle of the teeth. Last time it flew all the way up to the gum. Now more obvious to people liao… ^^ 
And many people asked me, “wow! Cool! Whats this? Where to get it?”
And i told them! DENTALWORKZ STUDIO! :) 
Haha! They thought i was sponsored.. I WISHED! No la.. I was given some samples of toothpaste but i think maybe Doctor give me cause he wan to hint me “Remember to brush your teeth and keep it clean hor!”
Other than the buttons, do your see that there are small little tiny gaps between my teeth on the left? Dr Rashid use some filers to file between my teeth to create some space… It works like our nail filer but jus very flimsy piece of metal… And there are like different thickness between used and different sounds were created! 
No pain too!!! But i still feel very scared and nervous! 
I dunno why, but when the manicurist file my nails, i don’t feel weird or what but when Dr Rashid file my teeth, i feel so insecured! 
Maybe sounds created on the mouth auto MAGNIFY x100000 and auto create fears in us!!! >.<|| stress! 
But i swear, no PAIN LAH! 
Haha! Anyway, alot of people noticed the differences in my teeth and they were happy for me! :) 
And thanks Dr Rashid & his team in Dentalworkz Studio for making me more and more confident with my smile! ^^ 
Now i can be a pretty bride! :) 
Hopefully can remove it before my wedding but even if it cant, i can just take it off what! 
What talking me?! 哎呀!总而言之,新娘还是最美的! 哈哈!别抢我的风头哦!
Signing off,
Gerlyn! :D 


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