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How to cut cost for wedding photoshoot? (Collaboration between Dolce2Dolce, Celine Makeup room, Stardust With Love)

Hello Readers, 


Today I will be sharing with you, HOW TO CUT COST FOR WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT?

Whenever we think of pre-wedding photoshoot, we will think it’s expensive!

But sorry, let me teach you how CASPERLYN Cut cost!

If you are reading my blog right now, you are a step closer to cutting cost! WHY?!?!

Because if you realise, blogger usually offers discounts voucher and Ger’z World makes no exception! We also tie up with different wedding vendors to give you discounts! All you need to do is to read on and find out who is our vendors!

Ger’z Shares official bridal gown sponsor is…

Dolce2Dolce –

Location: 7500A, The Plaza, Beach Road, #02-343, S199591

Nearest MRT: Bugis MRT

Price Range: Rental of ROM gown starts from $150 onwards

Discount by quoting Ger’z World: 20%

It’s actually inside Park Royal Hotel level 2. Quite easy to find them.


I was very honoured to be introduced by STYLR to Dolce2Dolce for this Cost Cutting project.

We wanted to know how much it would really cost for a simple photoshoot. 02

On average, a photoshoot will have 3 gowns. It consists of 1 white gown and 2 evening gowns.

Most bridal studio will restrict on which gown you can bring out or even which design you could choose.

Some say, Designer gown needs top up.

Some say white gown cannot bring outdoor.

But….. It’s a once in a lifetime event! Why restrict yourselves?

Go for something you like!

Why Dolce2Dolce (or D2D)?

For all of us, wedding day is a precious moment and everyone looks forward to seeing the latest and greatest dresses from the best brands. We understand that it is not easy to choose a wedding gown or evening gown online, but, after all, D2D with its inimitable elegance, makes your heart beat, finding for you the dress of your dreams in every season. And here’s how you can easily find your ideal wedding gown:

Wide Ranges of Selection: 

D2D is determined to exceed our customers’ expectations. The collections in the catalog contain a range of essential wedding products: wedding gown, evening gown, bridesmaid dress, ROM dress, prom dress and groom suit. Let us select the best products from the most popular labels for you.

Customized Design:

One Dress – One Bride. Our team has years of experience and assure professional commitment in offering our brides a unique collection from which they can choose the most suitable wedding gown. Our product consultant takes the time to listen and understand your requirements. Right From offering you the basic knowledge of how to identify different wedding gowns, how to find the perfect fitting wedding gown, when to make order, how to do the correct measurement, until you get the right wedding gown, we will be there for you all the way! From our varied collections, you can select your own design, size, color and even the fabric for your wedding ceremony. We assure you that you will have the very best services for the biggest and most memorable day of your life.

High Quality: 

And there is one thing you should know: We always offer you the best quality! Want to find wonderful wedding dresses in various styles of high quality? All you need to do is contact our specialist who will provide you with the best consulting services. They can make you look charming and attractive on your big day.

Low Prices: 

We are an online wedding gown company; we directly sell the wedding gown to customers from the tailors, thus cutting-out all the ‘middle-men’ so you don’t need to spend extra money. Also, we integrate the logistics for different products, so the shipping cost can be cut. We offer all these services so that the bride can buy the ideal wedding gown at affordable prices.


Best Reason to choose D2D is because quoting Gerlyn’s name entitle you to 20% discount! 

Go grab high quality and affordable wedding gowns,evening gown, bridesmaid dress, prom dress and bride’s mom dresses at D2D now!


I am also very happy to introduce to you best bridal shoes in town!

Ger’z Shares official bridal shoe sponsor is…

Stardust with Love –


Contact No: +65 9653 0443

Location: 11 Sin Ming Road, Thomson V Two, #B1-25 Singapore 575629

Nearest MRT: Marymount MRT

Price Range : $66.90 to $99.90

Discount for Ger’z World Readers: 10%


I am spoilt for choice actually. There have so many shoes here!


All their shoes are so pretty! 04

I was trying to find the most comfy shoes here. But all their shoes are equally comfy~! 

And their service is excellent~! Really felt at home. 

Usually shoe shop will heck care you but Jessica will actually give me advices. 

***Thumbs up***

A photo taken with one of the lady boss, Miss Jessica



A selfie before I set off~! 01

Today’s photographer is my good friend, CM Tok! Lols!


First location: Punggol Park

Theme: Athen 03

Why we choose this place?

Mainly is because many photographer says here got the lalang field.

But we can’t find.


However this place is quite pretty and got the natural feel!

Most importantly… NO PHOTOBOMBS! 03c

This white ROM Gown from Dolce2Dolce also made the photos perfect.


Maybe it’s too far, the Champagne glass is Mickey & Minnie.

A gift from my auntie.


Another angle.

I like this shot. This shot is not easy to attain.

Casper have to carry me up and I have grab the bars tight using my feet.01

Before I change into my 2nd outfit, I am glad Celine from Celine MakeupRoom lend me this lacey veil!

I love long veils especially with laces. I really liked her because she have alot of accessories for me to play with!

2nd Location: Singapore Changi Airport.

Met this cute little Elsa who wanted to take a photo with me.

She was look at her mom’s camera while I am looking at CM ones. Oops!

We went to Terminal 3 for this Escalator.

Why this Escalator?

1) Very little people using.

2) The speed is relatively slow compared to others.

3) The view is great! 04

We tried a lot of times to get this right.

Have you done this shot before? If you do, share your photos with me!


Proposing with a pair of shoe? You think I Cinderella ah?

Just kidding. But Mr DIY, Casper actually DIY the I DO stickers on the bridal heels from Stardust With Love.


I DO~! Casper looks so happy to help me with my bridal heels.

I really liked this pair of heels because it’s simple, it’s classy and elegant!


It’s lunch time!! We went Poulet at Level 3 of Terminal 3. 08a

It’s some selfie time too ~! Cheers to my favourite girls and my beloved husband!!


Having a good lunch @ poulet! :) Their service also very awesome!!!

After the energy replenishment, we continue to take a few photos at poulet.

The feel actually not bad right? So don’t always say Singapore no place to take photos lah! 12

Here are a few shots we took at poulet.

Ideas by ME~! lols! 13 14

This editing effect is done by Casper. Which I dun really like.. oopps~15

This is my favourite photo!!! I like it so much.. Because my dress flow so nicely and the blue is so pretty.


Other than giving shoes, of course must choose rings la! lols! $.$18

Goodbye Changi Airport~! We will miss you~!!

Blue gown by : Dolce2Dolce

Shoes by: Stardust with love


3rd Location: Guess?

It is at a road nearby Changi Beach. 02

The traffic was a little heavy so we waited quite long to capture just a few photos.03

The focus of the photo here is the shadow. Can you see the guitar shape?


This is also one of my favourite photo! During recee session on national day, I saw this “mini sakura field”!

Looks quite Jap right?


Got feel hor? 


Next up we went to the seaside. 08

Love the effects of the gown when the cold wind blows~! 09

Thank you my thoughtful little sister, Kelin for setting up this cozy picnic area.

Props done by Casperlyn Wedding~ Lols. Quite easy to DIY.

Guitar was a gift from my dad when i was 14years old.

Shoes by Stardust with love.10Madly in love with the striking red shoes! Hope I can bring them home but I gotta return them the following day.

Which one do I prefer?

I like the red more.

1) Favourite colour: RED!

2) The BLINGS~!

3) Covered toes means you do not need to do any pedicure.

Therefore you can cut cost!!


4th Location: MBC

P/s Permit required.

Props sponsored by Asia Soft

Weapons done by Casperlyn wedding~ which is my MR DIY again! 05

Ahhh… Lao Gong, Save me!!!


I would like to specially thanks Celine from Celine Makeup room for making me so pretty and making her way down to MBC to help me with my second change.02

Off we go to our 5th Location: MBS 03

We waited 30mins for the light shows but it wasn’t too impressive either on the camera. 04

My photos did not do justice.

This one is slightly better off. But the lights come and go too fast! 


Then I was just too tired and just sat on the floor.

Casper and CM managed to take some nice pictures!

And the gown was really pretty in the night scene.10

I loved my curls and it matched my gown very well. 11Tadah.. Last photo and goodbye MBS.

Ger’z Shares:

Doing an ala carte photoshoot all by yourself is not an easy job to be honest.

But the sense of satisfaction you get when you see your photos turn out to be so pretty is PRICELESS~!

Indeed we did cut cost by sourcing our own Gown vendors, bridal shoes, own make up artist.

But the time spent and what if they are no good? So thats why online reviews are important.

Go for trustable vendors for your wedding. Don’t just go for cheap but they must be good.

Go Ask around. Like for example, Celine was highly recommended by my reader.

Her good reviews are all over the net and most importantly whenever I see someone asking for MUA recommendation, Celine name confirm pop-up at least twice!

Do it once, Do it right!

Do your homework well and you wont regret!

Go Enjoy your wedding photoshoot ~!

Anything just Facebook me, email me, or leave a comment.

Ger’z World will always be here to help!

small signature(use this)Special Thanks to everyone that made it possible.

Dolce2Dolce: Steven & May

Stardust With Love: Jessica

Celine Makeup Room: Celine

Maple Story Standees : Asia Soft (Mr Ian)

Poulet Changi Airport Outlet Manager for helping us to shift the furniture

Mapletree Biz City Security Guards

Photographer: CM Tok

Helpers: Kelin & Theresa 

Props: Mr Casper Kat from Casperlyn Wedding (p/s he is also one of the props)

Pretty bride: Gerlyn Ong (p/s buay paiseh)


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