How to choose your Team when you reached Level 5 in Pokémon GO – Singapore Trainer Tutorial by Trainer Gerlyn

Hello Fellow Trainers!


Decided to write this post because I realise a lot of google search on How to “CHANGE” your team in Pokémon GO and also some things about the Gym too.

This game is relatively complicated and confusing for a non-avid gamer.

I hope my research helps a little and do correct me if I am wrong.

Right now according to the game developer you are unable to change team / avatar / Trainer name so please pick everything wisely.

Avatar cannot change but that doesn’t matter because looks are superficial.

Trainer nickname just pick something you like.

Which Team…?? This is the headache part…

Why so headache?

So I was using the china app this morning to choose my team and apparently it hanged.


So it choose Team Red for my CharmanGer (TrainerGerlyn) account.

How is it good or bad? Or any tips or advice? This one I will share with you later!

If you are reading this, Congratulations! You are Level 5 now!


Then how do you choose a team? So level 5 already what will happen how they prompt you?

So basically you need to step into a GYM!


This is me attempting to enter a gym. 10secs before I enter, I took a screenshot and it shows this Gym is taken by Team Red and the Pokemon is Vaporeon and next second… Taken over by Team Blue and the Pokemon is Flareon. LOLS SO FAST!!!!


Maybe let me intro the 3 different teams in very short intro. Before I tell you how to make your choice.

Pokemon Go’s Team Instinct is driven by trust in the Pokemon. (Niantic)


  • Color: Yellow
  • Leader: Spark
  • Mascot: Zapdos

Spark believes the key to success is following one’s instincts and believing in their Pokémon’s innate abilities. Go for Team Instinct if the idea of closing your eyes and trusting in the Pokémon themselves appeals to you, or perhaps if you’re generally the kind of person to have faith and trust that things will work out.

As seen on:http://heavy.com/games/2016/07/pokemon-go-team-teams-differences-difference-between-what-to-join-instinct-mystic-valor-explanation-guide-walkthrough-which-choose/

Team Mystic is driven by wisdom and logic rather than emotion and trust. (Niantic)


  • Color: Blue
  • Leader: Blanche
  • Mascot: Articuno

While Team Instinct is guided by trust and gut-feelings, Mystic is guided by calmness, wisdom, and intellect. The team’s bird is Articuno, the creature with the ability to control the cold, which is appropriate for a group defined by maintaining a cool head rather than giving into emotion. Think of it as the Jedi Order of the Pokémon world.

As seen on:http://heavy.com/games/2016/07/pokemon-go-team-teams-differences-difference-between-what-to-join-instinct-mystic-valor-explanation-guide-walkthrough-which-choose/

Team Valor is driven by a thirst for power. (Niantic)


  • Color: Red
  • Leader: Candela
  • Mascot: Moltres

Finally, there’s Team Valor, which is driven by the idea that power is the most important element of the Pokémon world; Valor members are driven by passion and strength above all else, as opposed to the tranquility of Mystic and the faith of Instinct. Candela mentions in her introduction that she’s researching how to enhance the Pokémon’s natural power. Think of this as the House Targaryen of Pokemon Go.

As seen on:http://heavy.com/games/2016/07/pokemon-go-team-teams-differences-difference-between-what-to-join-instinct-mystic-valor-explanation-guide-walkthrough-which-choose/

Basically what this Team do is that every gym around you are conquered by different Team either Blue, Red or Yellow.

So in layman term according to my understanding. Ger’z Understanding!!!

If you are red, you can only train in red gym. Blue = Blue Gym , Yellow = Yellow Gym.

If you are Red, you can only battle in Blue or Yellow Gym.

Battling in Opposite Team gyms decrease their Team Prestige Level and increase your Team Prestige Level and higher the Level means the faster you can take over that gym.

Training in Same Team gyms increase the own Team Prestige Level and Level 1 gym can holds 1 Pokemon to defend and Level 3 gym can hold 3 pokemon. I dunno how many it can hold up to but I mainly see Level 3 Gyms all around me which usually have 3 Pokemons.

By Battling own Gym, you help increase Prestige Level and level up which means you can place a pokemon there to defend so you can hold the gym for a long period. And in return by placing your Pokemon to guard the gym will earn u some good stuffs.

But the Pokemon you leave in the gym will stays in the Gym until one day you get defeated then the Pokemon will come back to you.

Reasons to Battle in Friendly Gym

#1 Increase Prestige Level so can put more Pokemon and makes it harder for people to take it down as they need defeat so many Pokemons.

#2 Earn goodies like coins and items in return when you station your own Pokemon there. Right now  PokeCoins can only be purchase with money in real life hence this is the only wait to get coins.

#3 The Pokemon station there by your team member wont get damage

#4 The gym wont lose Prestige Level will only gain Prestige Level

#5 Gain EXP if you win the battle (applies to both Friendly and Enemy Gym)

Hence the longer your team holds the gym the more place you can to train.  I think I will stay in Friendly Gym and help my team. LOLS! So picking a Team is important in this sense.

Example: Your house here all flooded with Yellow Gym and you pick Blue then you need to walk very far to find a blue gym. But if you are super strong and able to take down Enemy Gym it also implies you can take down any gyms and not walk so far to Battle against enemy.

In short. Train in same team gym and Battle in different team gym.

It depends on how you see. You can follow the crowd and pick a team colour you commonly see at the area or go against the flow and fight your way thru battles and bring glory to your team.

Then see if you want to pit against your friends or work together with your friends or just basically depending on what your area have.

If I made it sounds super complicated please see this info done by my Poke bff Amanda.

Gym Info

I decided to give credit to her because of her awesome-ness and typed this information all by herself.

Very touched because I am always asking her tons of question and she is forever so helpful lah!

She is my real life Pokedex!! LOLS!!

Current informal Statistic as observed by me on Whatsapp chat / Line chat / FB Groups

Currently in the West, this moment 23rd-July-2016 there is a highly raved West Mystic (Blue) group.

Most people in my CCK-YT-BP group are choosing Mystic(Blue) or Valor(Red). Mainly Mystic… But I chosen Valor for my CharmanGer and this cant be changed because you need to pledge loyalty to the team.

As advice by my friend Amanda, she say it’s easy to re-train right now so it means I can use Ipad to re-train PikaGer as a Team Blue (Mystic) or Team Yellow (Instinct) but the iPad hmm cant afford to tio virus and wont want to get ban oso just in case and got my fave PikaGer inside so I am letting it stay at level 1 for the moment.

Maybe it does matter a lot to you or maybe it doesn’t matter a lot to you but yeah.. Just FYI..

You really cant change team.. So my advice Pick Wisely.


A Video on PikaGer team choosing will be available when Pokemon GO official launch in SG where I can walk you guys to the gym and show you. Because I will be choosing my Team together with my Little Sister, Keslyn who is also a part of my Ger’z World Blogger team. Promised her to train everything again with her the real way… The big sister promised..

But right now the pictures are from the China App which walks around using controls.

Anyway same thing as previous post please point out any inaccuracy or anything you think I should add on.

Email me or Contact me on Facebook!


Thanks for reading. As of now I am Level 5 so there is a lot of information which I am lacking. Not sure how far I would be able to trained to but I will also do my very best.

“I wanna be the very best!”

Anyway “TrainerGerlyn” and “Gerzworld” account difference are this.

TrainerGerlyn will be the “experimental” account for me to explore and make regrettable mistake.

Hence I download the China App in risk of the damage iPhone to see what’s going on and more insights hence I am able to better advice myself and you on what to do and the mistakes you should not do.

For Gerzworld Account aka PikaGer, it’s the main training account it will catch Pokemon based on real walking activities and running in marathon with me. Hence this is the “Precious” account and not allow to make mistake hence after making mistake for CharmanGer (TrainerGerlyn) we can all make better choices for our precious account when the time comes!

For those who thinks it’s cheating. I am sorry because the China App really uses controls to walk/run/drive and not using physical activities.

I wont stop anyone from using this China App or neither I will encourage it as it really spoils the fun of it because it is a little “Sian” or boring to walk on controls as I am a active person.

So I wont be teaching you how to download it.

I will say let’s read up more on advices on the net or read up on my blog and follow me thru my mistake-making journey.

Life is an rollercoaster isn’t it?

But wont it be better to have someone to help you bang the walls so you can stay safe and maximise your experience in this game?

Unless you tell me you enjoy making mistakes then ok.. LOLS!

And if you really wanna say I cheat etc.. Ok then.. But I will proof to you that using my own ability I can also do my PikaGer proud on video! LOLS!

Really sia, don’t judge people everyone got their own ways to play.

Update: BuzzFeed came out with this Quiz you can do to see which team you belonged to..

Which Pokémon Go Team Is Right For You?

Know before you hit level 5!


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 9.58.42 am

I got Team Valor! See really destined to be one Valor and one Mystic because I wanna be same as Amanda! LOLS

Actually Amanda oso got one Valor and I made her change to Mystic (Create a new account and re-train)!

Sorry babe! HEHEHE!

So now stay tuned to my video with Keslyn (sister) on which team we will be joining!

Team Instinct or Mystic? Lols!!!

I suspect the app will be release after national day arbo no1 watch NDP or will be running around catching Pokemon in Padang or floating platform..


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