How to catch Pikachu as your starter in Pokémon GO – Singapore Trainer Tutorial by Trainer Gerlyn

Hello Fellow Pokémon Trainers!! 

Today I am gonna tell you the truth on “How to catch Pikachu as your starter Pokémon” on Pokémon GO app!


As many of you know of this highly raved app / game all around the world.. 

Pokémon GO

Pokemon go logo

Always dreamed of being a Pokémon trainer In Real Life when you are younger?

Now you can… But not available in Singapore yet..

But you heard of some friends in Singapore already playing them and Level 14 / 15 etc? 

Let me tell you more about it how you can get to play in Singapore.

Option 1: Create a new Appstore Accounts in countries like US/AUS/NZ.

Option 2: Download the China App* which is a “hack” to cheat your location


In summary, China App fakes your GPS location to US so you get to play and see the real thing. 

Then the Official Pokémon GO if played in SG you can only find starters (Starter Pokémon) as tutorial practice after that there is no Poké Stop/Gym/ Wild Pokémon in this Map because SG is not ready. 

Disclaimer: Trainer Gerlyn is neutral about this app I do not recommend if you are not willing to take the risk. 

My friends from the FB group some used their old Iphone 4/5 and wonder if they should download it. 

My advice to them is to ask yourself this. 

Question 1: If kena virus or your whole phone spoilt, are you cool about it? 

Question 2: If account will be banned in future, are you cool about it? 

But lastly… 

If you really wan to play Pokémon GO like right now right now. 

Then ultimately, the choice is yours. 

Currently, 18th July 2016 there is no official release dates on when Pokémon GO will be out in Singapore. 

We dont know how long to wait or if authorities is gonna ban it because of all the crazy news all over the world. 

You can google on all the news articles on Pokémon GO.

(Some might be fake news also)

But all you gotta do is wait wait wait… See if they will come to Singapore anot…

Hopefully yes lah~!

So my main tutorial today will be on how to catch Pikachu! 

I know like many Pokémon trainers, we would love to have a Pikachu just like Ash… 

But how do you exactly do it? 

According to a MYTH… 

By Trainer Tips Youtube Channel and also by my Pokémon GO CCK-YT-BP admin Gabriel.


So as you can see according to Gabriel’s advice…

You need to siam 3 times to get Pikachu as your starter. 

What if you already created an account with one of the starter which is not Pikachu?

Option 1: Catch Pikachu in the wild. Although starters are hard to find in the wild but not all impossible. 

Option 2: Create a new account like what my sister, Theresa is gonna do. 

Problem with Option 1 is that is not possible to do now as wild pokemon are not available in SG Maps because it’s not launch so you can only catch the pre-set starters as a “TUTORIAL” on how to throw your Poké Balls. 

I jus wanna say again. Now in SG even you got this app is useless after you catch your starter you just gotta wait because SG Map is not ready so there is no Gyms, No Pokestops etc etc.. 

So even you walk 9999999 kilometers you also wont see Pokémon!!!! 

Under can stand? 


So in simple term, SG has not launch this app means not ready means cannot play. 

If you download it using US/AUS/NZ appstore then by right you should play in these countries and not Singapore. 

Using this app is not allowing you to play in Singapore because the game de GPS only works in country that have already launch. 

Therefore we are saying SG Map is not ready. 

I hope you understand by now.. 

Ok.. Gotta move on… Repeat 3 or 4 times liao.. I will be a naggy old granny if i keep harping on this! lolols! 

Here I have attached 3 videos on how to catch a Pikachu. It’s about 14mins in total. You can choose to play the video and watch and that’s all. Or keep reading if you are more studious! HAHAHA!

Hi Studious Trainers!

So I will jus summarise what is in the video for you.

I will walk you thru step by step in this blogpost.

Hopefully it’s very helpful for you to catch your very own Pikachu!

Let’s start the journey together!


When playing the game for the first time, you need to allow Pokémon GO to access your location while you use the app.

Reason: This game highly depends on GPS to track your distant and also needs to know your location so they can indicate which wild Pokémon is around you.  03

Next is to sign in using a GOOGLE account.

Reason: In case you would like to change device, you wont lose your account because your activities are linked to your google account.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about the trainer club as online tips advice me to use google account so I am using it. But of course I chose using google account as I have an existing gmail account which allows me to save the time to register an NEW account and fill up my details again at the Trainer Club.


Please always look around and be alert of what’s going on and not dash across the road or knock into people or bang into the wall. You don’t have to keep your eye fixed 24/7 there will be vibration when there is Pokémon nearby you. 05

Accept to all their Terms & Condition… LOLOLOLS! Who wont accept? 06

Dress up time! This is not important and got nothing to do with the game just making it interesting as you can personalise your Character. 

There is Blue / Red / Yellow apparel which signify the 3 different Team you have to choose in future. But you can totally be irrelevant when you choose but do note Avatar Changing is not allowed at this moment. 

Team Mystic (Blue)

Team Instinct (Yellow)

Team Valor (Red)

I do have a hard time picking a team.. You know I am pretty indecisive too…

I have 2 accounts so 1 will be on maybe Blue another one maybe Yellow but I also think Red is ok too. 

Reason: Blue is my favourite colour and Yellow is Pikachu colour which is my fave Pokémon. So yup! 

Update: I picked Team Red because it was Auto-Picked as the servers hang. LOLS! 

No biggie actually I just thinks that maybe red because CharmanGer would love to be in Red team? 

Actually being on which team affects the game play a little so I will share more about it in the next post.


After the style is done, you will encounter the Starter Pokémon aka Starters for the first time. 

You must be wondering I tot you say no Wild Pokémon why in Bukit Panjang you can see Pokémon. 

As mentioned earlier this is the Starters which is like a tutorial to teach you how to use Poké Ball to catch Pokémon. 

Starter Pokémon, or Starters, are the Pokémon a trainer chooses at the beginning of their Pokémon journey. In each generation of Pokémon games, a set of Starter Pokémon are available for new trainers to choose from in sets of three; the types that make up these sets are Fire, Grass, and Water.

Quote from: http://pokemon.wikia.com/wiki/Starter_Pokémon

So there is 3 starters available..

Fire is Charmander

Grass is Bulbasaur

Water is Squirtle

So today’s blog post objective is teach you how to catch Pikachu. So obvious inside this photo there is no Pikachu la… 

So according to the MYTH online and by my FB grp admin Gabriel…

Basically what you do is reject this 3 starters given to you by not tapping on any of them and WALK OFF!

By doing this for more than 4 times, you will get a Pikachu as a Starter!

Then according to more Myths is that Starter are hard to find in the wild so it’s best you get your favourite Starter right now and for me is PIKACHU!!! I dont want to spend my whole Pokémon GO journey waiting for Pikachu to appear I hope to have him right now!!!!


While playing the game you are not allowed to Close the App or Off your screen. 

It’s super battery draining but bobian.. This is the life of a real life Pokémon GO Trainer. So go get a portable charger or what and charge on the go. 

Reason: If you close the app, then the game will pause then you will walk for nothing and wont know if there is any Pokémon in the wild. 

Why i say walk for nothing? In the future when the game starts, you will be hatching eggs which requires you to physically walk 2km or 5km or 10km to hatch a particular egg. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 11.29.04 am
Looks smth liddat la.. Then this requires physical walking. You can’t drive because they wont detect speed faster than 20miles/hr which is equivilent to 32.18688 km/hour. 

Even the faster runner runs slower than this so you cant lie about running this fast. 

Personally for me is easy because a half marathon can hatch 10 of the 2kilometers egg OR 4 of the 5km eggs OR 2 of the 10km eggs! 

HAHAHAHA! Come and join Half Marathon and run with me lah! Can hatch eggs leh! 

Keep Fit, Hatch Egg!

Nice slogan hor?


So after walking off for 4mins which is 0.15km (150m) the Starters refreshed and forcing me to take my pick again. 13

Then after 7mins 31 secs, at 0.30km (300m) they re-appeared for the 3rd time. 

I was saying that Charmander they all so kelian like I dun wan them. But actually I love Charmander too so I hold 2 accounts to get a CharmanGER and PikaGER!! LOLS! 

Since now is the 3rd time, the 4th time is the rumoured “time” which Pikachu will appear!! Let’s see if he turned up! 14

4th time and nope Pikachu is not found… I was a little sad but I told myself to keep trying till the 10th time. If 10th time still dont have then we can proof this “Myth” is not true..


5th encounter!!! What? Still dont have? Are you kidding me??? Super demoralised.. I really scare Pikachu wont come out.. 16

Finally Pikachu is here to look for me to be his TRAINER! LOLOLS 


Tadah! At the 6th time / encounter then he appeared!

This runkeeper stats is not accurate because I walk off for 500m then realise I forget to screenshot. 

So basically about 12mins (500meters) of walk from 1st Encounter I manage to see a Pikachu! 17

Then a very important tip is that you must TAP directly on Pikachu if another Starter is super near to him then you must adjust your position because in case you tapped wrongly then you will be forced to catch that starter.

So we would not want our effort to go to waste right? 



After tapping your preferred Starter Pokémon for the first time you need to learn how to turn on your camera. 

So by default the Camera aka AR (Augmented Reality) toggle button is always “ON” 

But to save battery you can turn it OFF. 

I prefer to turn them off unless I am catching a super rare and cute Pokémon. Otherwise I will off them for accuracy and not waste my Poké Balls. Because with AR on it’s harder to aim and catch but turned off it makes it easier. 

Reason: I dunno why also.. But I just wanna save battery too! But at the start I would turn on because you feel is cool and something new la.. But eventually unless you face some super nice background arbo you will just turn it off! LOLOLS! 

So how do you catch a Pokémon or a Pikachu actually it’s the same for all la… 

So is like the game you remember the throw can game (Can Knockdown)?

Image from Google Playstore
Image from Google Playstore

Using the exact same technic la! 


So after you successfully catch your very First very own Pokémon you can name them! 

Name them anything you want as long as dont exceed character limits! 

So tap on the “Grey colour Pencil” logo and rename them!

As usual my fave Pokémon will be named after me.. Like Pikachu will become PikaGER! LOLS!!


After renaming your Pokémon you can now choose your own Username! 

Username can only be in AlphaNumeric form cannot have Symbols like _ (underscore) etc. But Username are pretty limited my name “Gerlyn” is taken already.  23

So for my first account with CharmanGer I used TrainerGerlyn!

Trainer Gerlyn should be the main one I think unless I am so free to jar-gar both then yeah both will be active! LOLS!!

Thank you for reading till this part and good luck in hunting that Pikachu down!

Go out there and be the very best like no one ever was!

gerlyn signature 2016

Do me a favour if there is any inaccuracy in my post do email me or Facebook me at Ger’z World FB page.

Otherwise this post is updated as of 18th-July-2017.

And Pokémon GO is still not available in Singapore.

Special Mentions!

This post is made possible by these person.

Pokémon GO CCK-YT-BP Whatsapp Chat group members (Especially Gabriel and Amanda)

And of course Casper for taking the video and all those pictures la.

Like this one in particular!

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