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Ger’z Shares: How do you book an appt with DA hairdressing? Step by Step Tutorial


How do you book an appointment with DA HAIRDRESSING?


Hello Readers,

Recently many of you ask me, “Gerz, how do I book appt with DA?”

some asked me, “where are the outlets?”

“who is the stylist?”

“What services they offer?”

so today, i will answer all your queries above.

Pardon my inability to capitalize because i am typing and blogging using my phone today which is not very user-friendly.

So… How do you achieve this?

A reminder to remind your appt with DA hairdressing!

And knowing who is your stylist!






Start off by going to / or download their app in appstore or playstore.




Click a preferred location for you! I am choosing far east this time as i am visiting Audrey, lady boss of DA hairdressing. *excited & looking forward!*image image

choose an service! image image image image image







Simple & easy right?


If you face any other difficulties can comment below and let me know!


See you all at DA HAIRDRESSING this Saturday!

Kiko and Wenxi will be joining me too and she will be writing an review in Chinese! So see you guys there and we can take a big groupie!


Date: 31st May (Sat)

Time: 11am to 1pm

blog by : gerger (Y)



  1. I love reading your blog! Thanks for the great info above. Will visit Dahairdress this sunday too.

    1. Hi Eunice, thanks for your support! Hope you enjoy ur trip to DA ^^ can you upload ur photo to instagram and hashtag #dahairdressing and tag me @gerlynwang to let me admire your hair ok? :D

  2. Gerlyn, any recommended hairstylist for Chinatown Point outlet? I am going next week to touch up my color.

    1. Hi Alvin, you can visit to choose which stylist you like or just choose any stylist. DA stylist are all trained and very professional and I believe they will do a good job with your hair.

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