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How can such a fine powder cleanse my face? BeautyBiotics Collagen Cleanse Review *Advertorial*

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Hello Readers,

Today Ger’z World is going to share with you a very AMAZING Product on the market!

That’s right! It’s the Collagen Cleanse from BeautyBiotics. 
A basic introduction on my understanding for Collagen Cleanse:
1) New Cleanser With Nano-Collagen – It’s a new product from BeautyBiotics featuring a very fine crystal powder which turns into a foam when activated by WATER! *Magical*
2) Collagen Treatment As You Cleanse – We all know that we need collagen in our skin for renewal of new skin cells. So now we can apply it on our face for faster effects! 
3) Deep + Gentle Foam Cleansing – The foam is gentle on the face yet it can clean & unclog pores! 
4)  Suitable For All Skin Types – Made for sensitive skins / oily / normal / combination
5) Formulated For Daily Use – Obviously we have to clean our face twice daily so this must be gentle enough for daily usage. 
So this is how the products look like in actual size. It is 65g in weight and it is of powdery form but will turn into foam when lather with lukewarm water. 
Retail Price in Watson : SGD$45/-
Price as accurate as of 6 April 2014

This is me before I wash my face with this product. It is taken at about 1pm when I just reach home after church. Don’t understand why my face look so oily / shiny even I was my face every morning with Product A from France. But Product A is a Soapless Gel Cleanser so it is quite unfair to compare them. I have been quite loyal to Product A since 2011 when I started to spend a little more on skincare products. Previously I have been using soap like pimple-free soap with sulfate to clean my face. However the pimples does not disappeared as I wished. Product A did lessen my pimples and it does not cause any allergies and I have introduce to every girl friends I have.

Just For Your Information, this is the first FOAM cleanser that I ever used so it is really difficult to compare between Foam Products.

As instructed by the “Directions”:

Step 1: Pour a small amount of collagen crystals onto your palm.
Step 2: Mix with water and rub to form a lather.
Step 3: Apply the foam onto your face in a circular motion and massage for a few minutes to allow the nano-collagen to be deeply absorbed. Rinse well and pat dry. Use day and night.

To be honest. This is what happened to me.
Step 1: Pour a small amount of collagen powder on my palm. – On the official guideline, it said we have to pour the size of 100 Yen coin in Wet Hands. Technically, 100 Yen Coin is not very small. So you have to pour quite a lot in my Ger’z Terms. Agree to disagree, but I felt you have to pour a lot to get that foamy effect.
Step 2: Mix with lukewarm water and rub to form a lather. – On the official guideline, you are suppose to rub until you form very big foam / bubbles. I spent 2-3mins but I failed. So I just continue to wash my face with the “foam” I have. 

Step 3: Apply foam in circular motion, allow it to be deeply absorbed. – I did what they said, and slowly the foam dries up and my face are just massaged with very thin “cream”.

Photo Credits to Official Guideline from

Although I did not experience a very good & foamy effect like the picture from Step 3 in the Official Guideline. But, I can actually still survive with the lather “cream” i have on my palm.

Why Ger’z Recommend Collagen Cleanse?

1) Smell – It has a very fruity smell of a peach and it is very refreshing because that is what keeps me awake for the morning bath.

2) Deep-Cleasing – I could really feel my pores unclog and the blackheads are easily remove with no-scrub or micro-beads.

3) Fast & Effective Cleansing – Using about 4-5splash of palm size water, I would totally remove the whole facial cleanser on my face. Usually for Product A, it need 10 splash as it is a gel.

4) Clean, Dry, Smooth – After I tap my face on my face towel, my face is completely dry and smooth and I really like that feeling. It’s a feeling product A could not give me because it is a gel.

5) Good for TRAVEL – This is a great selling point for people like me who always travel around and always taking midnight flight. Why? Firstly, when we depart Singapore/ any other countries, we cannot carry any liquid more than 100ml. Therefore I suggest we could bring this powder into our handcarry luggage and if the Police stop you, you can totally trolling him by showing him the powder!
But you must be thinking, why need to bring up on plane?
FOR ONE MAIN REASON! We can wash our face before we alight from the plane. Colgate has the 24hr action toothpaste saying they will brush their teeth after midnight flight right? Ladies… We can always wash our face and put on makeup again after midnight flight too!

Good idea right?

Benefits of Collagen Cleanse:
1. Regenerate as you cleanse (with Nano-collagen)
2. Deep Cleansing
3. Gentle (For all skin types)
4. Remove makeup, oil, dirt and impurities Intense Hydration
5. Rejuvenate and Revitalize skin
6. Increase Elasticity
7. Firming & Lifting
8. Skin Cell Renewal
So what are you waiting for? 
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