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My First Run: Hello Kitty Run Singapore – 1st Nov 2014


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Hello Readers,

Today I will be sharing about my experience for my first run which is the Hello Kitty Run Singapore, in celebration of the Kitty’s 40th Birthday~

Initially I was preparing to sign up for the run as it was $$$ expensive. So I just thought I will give it a miss since I wasn’t really a kitty fan but more of a Melody Fan instead and Little Twin Star fan!!!  

The pre-registered ones are $65 and it was the point where Janice jie and my online friends Lynn actually signed up when it first release.

But Elvina jio me after the pre-register period thus we paid $70/pax instead. Be it $65 or $70 is still pretty expensive especially for a 5km run where people cfm will bring Ah Gong Ah Ma , Children , Grand Children, Uncle Auntie go one. A family of 5 would have to pay how much? Sorry I cant count but it’s damn chorrrrr ok?

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0001editSo there is this $75 if you are the last minute kind. I even saw some people collecting goodie bag and sign up on the spot at sentosa!!! I was like, you guys can be later!


So this is the running route. We will start off at the boardwalk area / gateway and end at siloso beach. Ok seems like got 5km la. Then $70 also got beach party, goodie bag and a plushies. Hao la, mai hiam buay pai la…


The goodie bag collection was quite chaotic for the first few days. People complain they queue for 2hrs!!! What’s worst got not enough goodie bags and must come back another day.

But, lucky for me & Elvina, we actually queue for less than 5min and everything was swee swee for us. I went on the 3rd day of collection so maybe is right, dun chiong for the first. I guess after the 2days of chaos, the organiser gain some experiences and improved.


So this is what’s inside the GOODIE BAG~! Not exactly very goody~ for me lah… Cause there is a lot of voucher which I never use in the end, a lot of flyers and posters but the best is the plushies and the cornflake! Hubby saw the goodie bag and he commented on the racing bid, he say the quality abit……. People in accounts always liddat de… Ignore him!  


004editWhen I arrived at the gateway I was shocked! Actually before the event I already know got more than 10k participants and I already whatsapp my wifeys I say this cfm is HELLO KITTY WALK and not Hello Kitty Run. How to run with so many people? Excuse me here and excuse me there.

Then I saw my running bid, 21302? Means got 20k people? Hubby say, maybe the number start from 10000? Ok benefit of doubt… Then I still see people signing on the spot!!!!

I think to myself, really “WALK” liao lo… Hello Kitty BIG WALK!  005edit

But let’s not be so negative about having so many people coz it means many ppl love kitty and love to celebrate her 40th birthday! Well, I wish tat when I was 40th, also got such a big birthday party too!!!  

To make ourselves more Hyped up and high for the birthday celebration, we pasted the temporary tattoo on.  006edit

So what do we do after pasting? Of course is take photo la!! SELFIE!!!! Anyway u can see, there is a lot of people waiting for the flag off.  007editLuckily we were early, we are the 2nd batch to be flagged off. Let’s read on to see what if you were late……  


Anyway, being the 2nd batch is good… You get more personal space, get to pose for photos and slow jog. 

008edit009editMe to Elvina, “Today the weather berry good hor? Cooling sia!”


Let’s see how the 1st batch people is doing.

 011a edit

Jialat, we heard news that people fainted and here comes the ambulance.

On that day I saw 4 ambulance in total and Hubby say 5 ambulances. Regardless got how many I hope the casualties have recovered already.

 011b edit

We can see there is a lot of families who went for this Walk together! Oops sorry is Run. Ya, got run la… Who say you cant run in the TUTU?!  012editWaaaaa! Official Mascot also got Badtz Maru!!!! Hubby captured this but I dint saw him!! Must catch this mascot!!!!!  013edit 014editOh, got camera!!! Elvina, run!!!! Act that we got run! Ok, camera no more liao, can walk…. :P Siao la! Hubby got take…. :(   016edit

This is what happen in the middle of the walk. I mean run. RAIN~!!!!! Siao liao… So if I am the 2nd batch and I kena this, what will happen to the batches behind?  017editBut some came well-prepared, they prepared brolly/ umbrella / poncho. And people like me, deserve to be drenched. Just like this kitty below.

000002But it’s a blessing in disguise. Coz a lot of family with elderly and strollers went to seek shelter, thus the WALK BECAME A RUN!! To siam the rain, we ran!! Like chiong all the way to the finishing line!!!  00004edit

Tadah~! And look whom I saw at the finishing line?!


I saw Badtz Maru!!!! He is also drenched. Cant imagine how he is feeling in this costume and heavy headgear. The rain doesn’t come timely. Anyway I did not know he wasn’t official! So I jus grab him for a photo but in the end when I went home, I saw his running bid and I scream to hubby and Elvina, he is a participant?! I felt extremely bad and I wrote a thank you note on my facebook.

And it’s cool we became friends after that! Lols! I made new friends in hello kitty run!!!

018editAnd the coolest thing is Hubby’s Primary School Classmate Wenz (Wendy) actually spotted me! OMG~! So fated… We saw each other in a 10k people crowd!

00003editThis is the beach party entrance. So cute~!  However I was feeling cold thus we decided to give the party a miss and return back to Vivo instead.

019editThere were free shuttle bus which you can hop on for a ride back to Vivo. But we queued for 30mins.  Then still kena traffic jam on the gateway. 020edit

Afterwhich we went for our brunch at Vivo City Food Republic Bak Kut Teh Stall. Elvina also introduce me to her friend Ferina :) New friend again!!  021edit So since this is my first run, confirm must camwhore with my medal! Lols! My wedding gown photobombed me! 9997 last editAfter a few weeks later, we received our E-certificate of participation.  

my personal reviewsI feel that the run is a bit shorter than 5km. Maybe they went to cut it short due to the rain.

I also heard many stories and complains about there isn’t enough medals to go around and on carousell there are people selling in cartons. I think the volunteer should make some marking on the running bid to ensure people have taken what’s rightfully theirs.

Then the medal collection point is extreme chaotic. Wet weather programme also not done properly. They should give us poncho in the goodie bag. Also should prepare more rest point for families and elderly. The event received a lot of negative feedbacks on social media and I can understand how they feel cause this company also planned Garfield Run before and they are not a company with no experience.

This is how family people feel: “I spend $70 then got no place to run, no medal, no stroller parking, no rest point, no umbrella, no poncho.”

This is how the 3rd batch & onwards people feel: “How come you don’t wanna let us flag off earlier? Before we start running, the rain come liao! Why you start the event late?”

This is how the ambulance medic feel: “You wan me to come in and send ppl go hospital, but you no give me space to come in….”

This is what I wanna say, “Maybe next time don’t organise so many participants if you got not enough volunteers.”

Anyway, Thanks to the volunteers who kept encouraging us to keep running and even offer your umbrella to a Mother who is pushing a stroller with her baby.

Good Job Volunteer!

And to those people who are selling the medals that is not RIGHTFULLY YOURS, shame on you!

And those who din get their medal I think the organiser already mailed to you. Hope you dun feel upset anymore.

9998 last editAnd lastly! Thank you for reading this super late blogpost! I just didn’t have the time to write it! Sorry x10000! And I hope you enjoy reading my rants! teehee!!


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