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Happy Anniversary @ Bayu Marina Hotel

Hello Readers…

I know i owe this review damn longggg… By right should post in Oct…

So our 1st anniversary, we went to Marina Bayu to have a staycation :)

It’s a very romantic place except we check in at 12mn becuz custom jam and ting’s wedding ended a little late… *my wedding should end very late becos we have 40tabs…* #siaoliaojipai

So this is our big rooommm!! Pretty??

Dunno when i took this.. but damn act.. :P hahaha #emogirl92 #actingemo

Actually this is real me :)

So back to the hotel…. We bought cakes from breadtalk to eat and celebrate but the cake turned sour!! :(

Anyway, this is their kitchen.. pretty???

their bathroom.. neat & tidy

The living room is pretty biggg and long…

Say cheezzz… Can see that i m very tired…

view from inside out…

The outside balcony view

The morning sumptuous breakfast..

So they have a dimsum corner :) Not bad? Yup… it’s yummy!!

See wenxi, the greedy piggy :P no la.. he is taking for me :) hahahah!!

So they have like 2 chefs to cook all kinds of egg for u!! They are so great because they have so many mix of sides to mixed with… they have cheese powder, onion, cucumber, ham and alot of thingggyyy..

This is my plate of dimsum :) the eggtart is pretty awesome… and the prawn cracker is nice… But the pau is not so goody… >.<lll anyway, still quite yummy…

So this is the egg, i request for scramble and mix all the stuff together and it taste pretty awesome.. :)

A photo of us with the mirror :)

dunno what casper is trying to do also… haha.. but he look quite handsome hor?

So this is the view from the balcony… i think it is so-so only…

our last photo together before we set off back to sg :)
REVIEW time… :D
Breakfast Buffet: 10/10 great variety of food 
Room condition : 10/10 clean and comfy
View from the room: 4/10 if you like seeing carpark then ok lo….
Room service: 10/10 very nice and polite and helpful.. :) 
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