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Happy 25th Birthday Magnum!

Hello Readers! 

Sorry for not updating so frequent this month because Casperlyn was having our Honeymoon in Hong Kong and I was pretty busy blah blah blah.. Ok fine… Excuses you may say… I am just plain lazy to type a blogpost! LOLS! Just kidding! Ok but I apologize to all of my readers that always refresh Ger’z World and see no updates. I am so so sorry. 

So to show my sincerity, TODAY’s post will be an yummy post! 

I am not a food blogger and I am not a professional food critic. So that why I seldom write about food. Cos to me, Food is either Nice or not nice, too salty or too bland. So I am writing about the “Aesthetic View of A Magnum!” 

Whenever we thought of MAGNUM we thought of CHOCOLATE…. Maybe very RICH Chocolate and very $$$ Chocolate Ice-cream. 

I was very lucky to won the contest hosted by Magnum Singapore to “Design Your Magnum“! 



I was given a “treasure box” which includes 2 complimentary voucher from Magnum Singapore.

I think the treasure box is named pleasure kit. Now I used the kit as my jewellery box. 

I invited Kiko along with us to enjoy this pleasure indulgence. To my surprise, It’s magnum’s 25th birthday! 

I can’t believe it Magnum have gone through 2 decades of bringing sinful indulgence to us! 

Location: Customs House Terrace08

Took a selfie with my voucher!

I was given the opportunity to own a customised Magnum!08a

We walked over to look for our pleasure makers! 09

The topping variety Magnum offer were giving me an headache. 

What should I pick? 

We are able to choose 3 out of all their finest topping to sprinkle on our magnum ice-cream.

I vaguely remembered I choose Chocolate Heart, Rose Petal and Macadamia Nuts.

Kiko choose Chilli Powder, Chocolate heart and Black and White Chocolate Balls.

I chose my favourite white belgian chocolate as my coating.

Kiko chose Milk Chocolate as her coating.21

She also drizzle white chocolate to make it more special. I did not opt for that because I wanted a pure white chocolate ice-cream. 23

This is our CUSTOMISED Magnum Ice-cream. 

Mine looks classier and her’s looks more daring.25

Us with our new creations! 26

Selfies with our pretty creations. 

They were just too pretty to be eaten!! 

Pleasure begins at the CRACK of the first bite. -Magnum31

Casper and Kiko enjoy the Belgian Chocolate Coating and while I enjoy the cream!!! :D 

After dessert, we went for more desserts!!! I admit the 3 of us have crazily sweet tooth! 

And it happens that Casper have discounts voucher for TCC so we went around the whole orchard looking for TCC. 

In the end, we drove to Millenium Walk to enjoy our TCC meal. 03a

Kiko ordered Matcha-zuki Latte while I ordered a Summer Cabaret.

We also shared a Summer Sonata dessert set which comes with a coffee for Casper!

Just nice!!! 03b

The Summer Sonata looks small but it was super filling for the 3 of us after the Magnums. 04

Say Cheese~! It’s another Foxies minus 1 outing without Jinhe. Jinhe you’d better join us next time!!! 04b

It was a enjoyable afternoon well spent for all of us!!! 05Thanks Magnum and TCC for the vouchers so poor kids like us can enjoy ATAS high tea session without burning our pockets! 

HAPPY 25th Birthday to Magnum~!

Thanks for allowing me to seek pleasure this afternoon! 

I <3 Magnum! 

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