Graduation 2013 *Dip in CHS 10-13*

Hello Readers…. 
This is a long overdue post from May 2013!! :) lols… So at that point of time, we had our HMS (School of Humanities Graduation Ceremony) Finally, the day has come after dreaming it for 3years… 
So this will be a picture post.. so i will post as the picture talks.. yeah yeah.. 

 So let me intro me & my course… Ok… Basically, I am Gerlyn aka Qiu Hui and I am from Dip in Chs so u shuld know CH (means chinese) and S ( Means study) so in short.. It is Chinese Studies… So basically, i wont introduce much.. As you can find alot of info on it on the Ngee ann website. To do u a little favour, this is the website… http://www.np.edu.sg/hms/courses/CHS/Pages/chs_en.aspx
So basically, I am jus one of the *so-so* student inside the entire cohort.. Most probably I got the worst result? ok… maybe is weird to say it.. but my result are like this….

Literature: D
History: D
English communication: A
Drama : A
Social Psychology: A
Internship: A

So if you call me a lousy student, technically, not that lousy.. But yeah, more of like the subjects i like, I will do better in it… It also depends in alot of factors… Anyway, poly is the period where u can hardly concentrate.. You have CCAs, events, friends, etc etc and alot of temptation to distract you… So basically, I cant resist those temptation.. So, the results are the evidence…

So the Lady beside me, is my best friend, Kiko / Valarie / Yang Hui. And Since she got so many names, maybe i shuld be called Gerlyn Sosonekar Yutami Yiohsima Ong… haha.. just joking…

Lets talk a little about our friendship… Techically, we are not Classmates. I am from the super smart and hardcore *T01* Tutorial Grp 1 and she is from the super united *T02* I mean T01 is more of the elites and mostly we have foreign students from China.. We have 16 people in Class and maybe less than Half are from local… And for T02, they have quite a good mix.. They have Taiwanese and Shanghainese and just a good blend.. Maybe the seaweed is always greener on the other side.. Or maybe jus i am an “outcast” in the class…

So how do we get to know each other?
Hmm.. The story goes like this…. So at the 3rd year, we have to like go for an immersion in china for 6mths.. It is crazy.. I know~~!! I really hated this.. Becos i have to leave my family / love ones and cca / friends etc .. Well, seriously you will regret going for such a long immersion… Things changed.. Friends will change and yah.. I really hated to be parted for that period.

So as you know, as the “outcast” with a weird combination of results, with 8 – 10 CCAs on hand, a president of CCA grp is like, jus very weird to mingle with classmates that are result oriented. It is not their fault, but it is also not my fault.. But jus maybe i was the weirdo… And I tot I was the only weirdo until i met her….

Then you knw, when u go overseas, you got Hostel… then 2 person to 1 hostel and ya…
7 people from T01
7 people from T02
And total of 14 people going to china on 9march2012
So I am definitely the *outcast* 6+1 = 7 get it?
And apparently YH is a Wuhan-ren… means she gets to go home on weekend.. So her classmates kinda like “pangseh” her becos they dun wanna be pangseh when yh is back home on weekends…

So my course manager Mr Patrick Cheng (i invited for wedding) actually suggested us to be in one room.. I mean , i dun have a choice right? So i felt *meh-meh* for that instant and thinking that, hopefully i will be able to get along with yh.. As i totally have no idea of her….

All i knw of her is when lecturer said that yh is like a little playful. Then also yh heard my stories too.. “Stories” usually are negative… So me & yh started communicating via SMS and i also help her kept her laptop till the day we meet again at the airport…

After staying with her, i realise we are very similar.. and we both are like the weirdos respectively in the class… so we started to stay up late and chit chat… then we realise we both like photos!!! So we went for a photoshoot together in China.. Is like a sponsored one before I was a blogger.. lols.. But also yh know the boss… So they are doing a great job for us too…

These photos are non-edited.. and i know we were super slim at that point of time… >.<lll 
It is taken in 2012 and now this is how we look like..

Hopefully after 2 years of friendship, we still look as close as we used too :)

Thanks YangHui Dearest for always being here for me ^^

 Paiseh for the lengthy post up there…..

 So after 3 years of torture.. we finally graduated.. This is Yang Hui ^^ woo hoo~!!

 Then this is me and my oversized gown… This is the smallest size liao… when we were renting the gown, it is so irritating :( the co-op (ngee ann bookstore) like make things difficult for me.. she first gave me XS when i booked XXXS (3xs) then after which she gave me (3XS) correct size but it is torn… >.<lll is like… last day in ngee ann liao, auntie, dont make things difficult for me leis…
But afterwhich her manager came and give me a brand new gown.. *jus a little crumpled* but nvm.. i got steam iron at home.. so nvm la… i can iron myself.. steam iron is allowed but normal iron they say will damage the gown.. aiya… simple! give it to ur mother and she will know what to do~!

p/s note to take to juniors this year, jus remember to book ur gown early… i have classmates that book late and got no more stock so in the end they never attend… >.<lll oso have class mates wearing wrong size and they look like wearing wedding gown.. I am serious.. not kidding.. so pls, book ur gown early!!! And make sure it fits!

 So yanghui oso got a little oversized gown.. she shuld take S instead of M but well, her model figure will fit practically into anything la!

 Ok… Well, rilakkuma have got his correct size… :P teehee…

Rilakkuma is smarter than me.. he is wearing the uni grad cap liao…. >.<lll 
But teehee.. 
I oso can wear
lols.. okok.. 

 So let me intro to you… My internship supervisor… Ms Audrey <3 :) She is like the best supervisor that I could ever ask for…. She is always so caring and nice and so fun to talk to… <3 <3 <3

 This is my Dearest Sa meimei… <3 <3

This is Shah Shah (Shafirna) My best temp staff… always there for me… 

 This is YWF ( Yeo Wanfa) My best friend…

 This is Kelin Mei Mei.. My favourite girl too <3

 This one is who? Haha.. Casper Kat~!! <3 my dearest boy…

This is KXY (Xingyu Brother) :) Thanks for being there always since year 1 and till i graduated! 

 Look who came.. Kerri Mei mei came from SP to NP jus for me ^^ and she got me tis little bouquet of bear flower… <3 her so much.. 4 years of friendship and counting!

 The happy me and the graduation wall~!! :)

 Taken with Shah & YWF :)

 The meow meow ^^

 Me & my future husband ^^

 This is Desmond and Gregory…

 Me & Gregory.. My best YEP friend… Woohoo and force him to lower himself to take a picture with me~!!

My 2 awesome sister ~!! Really thankful for this internship and meow meow… Becos of it, then i get to know them… ^^

 Tis is Xueying :) Another few friend in CHS…

 A photo with desmond ^^

 A MEow meow grp photo~!! Say cheeze~!!

 Say Cheese x2 :) Meow meow FTW~!!

 This is with my fave lecturer Dr Kang… Left: Benjamin, Yanghui, Me , Dr Kang :Right

 Look who came~!! Laoma (Great grandmother) :) Thanks laoma for attending this big day of mine…

 Mum, thanks for being there thru the torturous 3 years :P

 And my little sis Kiro Xuanzzzz … <3 <3 The one that loves the rilakkuma more than me~!

 Thanks Uncle Choo for coming down too. He helped me alot thru the 3years by reading my essay.. My essay is a disaster and terrible and he vet thru and taught me the tenses and etc etc… He is awesome man~!

 The ladies in the family :)

 My Family…. Sis, me and mummy…

 An individual photo with Mr Choo :) Behind Liu Bei, there is always a Zhu Ge Liang… :P Hehe..

 Me & Wenxi again.. :P

 This is Diyanah <3 love her so much !!!

 The meow meow team.. But added an Wenxi without kelin.. hmmmm.. I remember.. Kelin left for training..

 Then this is a group photo of me and my favourite people <3

Dear tried to strangle me…. >.< 

 yeah. finally with kiko~!

 Yay dearest, we have finally graduated together~!!! 

 Guess where are we at ????

We are back @ SSO ^^ This is Mrs Tay ^^ 

This is SALLY~!! :) 

 And this is me & Audrey…

 And this is Mr Heng Lian Meng :)

And last photo is with Laoma…
This pretty up sums up my graduation ^^ 
And I m proud to be able to GRADUATE~!


3cheers for me~! 

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