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Ger’z World Revamp by


Hello Readers,

Do you remember how Ger’z World looks like in the past?

I still remember that my sister, Keslyn told me, “Your blog design is too childish!”

At that point of time, I didn’t really care that much. I just thought to myself.

“Who cares, nobody reads it at all! “

But slowly I have readers that feedback to me saying that, my site took very long to load.

Then this keeps me pondering. Is it time for a REVAMP?

Well, revamp is possible actually since I learnt a little of Basic Web-designing when I was in Secondary School. But *coughs coughs* I am just too lazy to redo the whole site all by myself! That’s too much for me!

So I told this issue to my lovely blog manager “Lovaine” & she help me source for a few designing company to re-design the entire blog.

So she went to a few. Some says, “I charge $1000 USD.” Some says, “I don’t do Blog design.”

Thanks God! Eventually we met Shaf. Shaf is a really good web-designer. He charge really reasonably.

We were very pleased with the pricing that Shaf from quote us.

Especially our “Finance” Mr Casper also agree to let us revamp the blog!

After we paypal the money to Shaf, very quickly he started on my blog designing.

I did not make much request only highlight important stuff to him like the side banner must give me some space for my Ger’z Share (Sponsor’s Logo) and also a flash banner.

At this point of time, my concept for Flash Banner is a simple one, maybe a rotation of my display photos? I did not thought of the value add it could possibly add to my site.

But Shaf SURPRISED me! Indeed, he made this flash request into a flash rotation for my post! So readers could know about the post I have written without clicking archive or what. They can just stop & stare at the flash banner!

I was very impressed with this Flash Post Banner! Thanks Shaf!

Other than these, he also taught me alot of blogging tricks, he help me boost my SEO(Search Engine Optimise) , taught me all about Adsense, Applied an Adsense account for me, taught me to resize my 4MB photos to half a MB only! This totally speeded up my site to a very seconds to load. All these skills really help me alot though-out my blogging life journey.

But the site still slows a little because I simply love to add alot of pictures! :) Although Shaf recommends 3-4 picture per post. But how could I possibly abide to this?

Anyway, needless for me to say so much the results is right infront of your eyes!

So currently he is having this Special offer!

Special Offer! 3 accounts giveaway Host4 1 Year Premium Hosting account & 3 accounts giveaway at Host4 1 Year Premium Hosting
Please send your application to for a account with and for
As well as this offer we also may consider Hosting community Websites for Free!
We will require you to post a review of our hosting services after 1 week or 1 month of hosting and also a small logo saying hosted by Sz1Hosting Group at the bottom of your site. USA Hosting UK Hosting

If you need other services, you can email him & quote: “Ger’z World”

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