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Ger’z Shares: Style Shampoo and Moisturiser / Birthday Giveaway!


Hello Readers!

Today I will be sharing with you the best smelling shampoo I have ever used. A lot of you guys always asked me…

“Gerlyn, which shampoo you used uh? Your hair so smooth!”

“Gerlyn, you do treatment again uh?”

But well, we cant possibly do treatment EVERYDAY! It would have cost so much! So how do you enjoy smooth and tangle-free hair?

Let’s check this out!


My secret is my STYLE – Aromatherapy 02d

What is so good about this product? 

It is the ingredient! It has Dead sea minerals, Natural Argan Oil and Borage Seed oil which gives my lifeless hair it’s glow and shine back! 


After mentioning Argan Oil so many times, what is Argan Oil all about? 

Argan Oil contains the Strongest Antioxidant & Therapeutic properties found in Nature.

The 8 big function of Argan Oil! 

#1 : Remarkable Anti – aging properties

Every part of our body will age and so does our hair and scalp! So it is neccessary to use a good shampoo to pamper them!

#2 Stylish and Silky Hair in 60secs!

Once I step out of the bathroom, it is all silky without applying moisturizer! 

#3 Dry & Frizzy Hair Control

I have natural dry & frizzy hair and every morning i wake up, I look like LION! But after using for a week….. You can see the effects below! 

#4 10x Moisturizing Effects

Definitely easier to comb and tame my stubborn hair!  

#5 10x Strengthening Effects for hair

Lesser hairfall i realise maybe less tangle and less pulling and tugging!

#6 10x protection against UV Damage

Living in Singapore we definitely need this! 

#7 Minimize Dehydration , oiliness, dandruff

This is neccessary! Who doesnt wan to be dandruff-less? 

#8 Gives Light & Fresh feeling 

This is for sure! IF not SHAMPOO FOR WHAT? lols! 


This is how my hair turns our every morning! Even my ponies have nicer hair than me! 04

My hair is in a bad bad bad condition. I wonder how am I gonna comb my way through the tangles!! 

The very terrible / cui condition of my split-ends. I guess most of you will say, to save the trouble, let’s SNIP IT OFF! 

Girls, this is escaping from problems! We should face the roots of the split-ends and solve it together with Moroccan Argan Shampoo! 10

Tadah! Here is our SAVIOUR~~!! 救星来啦!Even the little ponies recommends it! haha! 

Without further ado, we will put this shampoo into the test of my super cannot make it hair! 


Step 1: Wet your hair! 

Step 2: Lather the shampoo on your palm first! 17

Step 3: Massage then Rinse. 20

Step 4: Blow dry and take a #selfie! 21

After which apply the hair moisturizer! This can protect your hair from the hot treatment electrical products. 23

According to 女人我最大(新加坡)they say no need to put so much. Jus one 50cents coin will do. But I prefer to put more because I love to spam on my split-ends so they can absorb more easily! 25

Tadah.. How is my new look? 26 28

No more split ends! And lesser unruly hairs.  30

I love this moisturizer!!! I am so gonna use it EVERYDAY!! 01


I totally recommend this Shampoo and Moisturizer to you! It is a must buy and I am gonna stock up now!!! 

Where to buy?

Getting from qoo10 is definitely much cheaper than retail! You get to shop at the comfort of your own home, free shipping no need carry the shampoo back from shopping center. And did i mention… The seller throws in FREE SAMPLES!!! 
Here is a screenshot of this reliable seller’s reviews! 
Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.52.24 pm
For more REVIEWS on this product, you can check out the pages and videos below: 
女人我最大 REVIEW:
STYLE Facebook Page!



This is my before, AFTER and 1 week later!

BE IT Straight or Curl, Style Aromatherapy will do it’s JOB WELL!  


Product will make dry hair more oily and give them shine so it will look more pretty. Compare photo 1 & 2, photo 2 is definitely prettier. 

The shampoo will smooth out tangles and there will be lesser tugging and pulling in the bathroom. 

The styling and holding effects for curls is quite awesome too. My curls on the 3rd photo lasted throughout the day. Curls were done on my own too using machine but the products allows the curls to set nicely and holds it in it’s shape without much twisting and turning. 

Overall i will give it a 9/10. Because the product feels a little oily and I have to wash my hands with soap. It’s just a personally preference because i dun like the niam niam feeling. But still it is an awesome product and I have been using till now for about 2mths. I will stock up once i have used up maybe in another month or 2? But YES, I WILL RECOMMEND THIS!!! 


Since it’s my birthday month… I decided is time for a #GERZGIVEAWAY!

That’s right! We will be hosting a giveaway in courtesy of the Qoo10 shop owner :)

What will be giving away?

We will be giving Travel Pack of Style Aromatherapy Hair Product and there will be 2 WINNERS! Postage of Prize will be paid by us lah…

By winning this travel pack which is trial size is good because you can test it out before you buy it!


How do we join?

Just follow the instructions below and get up to 10x chances to win the giveaway!

What are you waiting for? HURRY UP NOW!!!

Contest ends on 30-September!

a Rafflecopter giveaway




  1. I hopes to win the shampoo as I want to resolve my bad hair condition, reduce the tangle and hairfall issues which I am facing. I want to experience the effective of the shampoo.

  2. After reading the great reviews online, I would love to try Style’s hair products! Hope I could be one of the 2 lucky winners!

  3. A BIG thank you to everyone who have participated in the Travel Pack of Style Aromatherapy Hair Product GIVEAWAY!

    We will be announcing the two winners for this giveaway by this weekend. Stay tuned.

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