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Ger’z Shares: EX Beauty SR Skin Shooter Facial (Tiong Bahru)

Hello Readers,

Today I will be sharing with you a wonderful treatment I did at EX Beauty which is located at Tiong Bahru although is far from my place but I am willing to travel to continue my treatment with them.

I actually did an SR Skin Shooter Facial which is worth $289. It’s fantastic!

It works to brighten and effectively prevent further skin pigmentation by decreasing melanin synthesis, leaving my skin smooth, soft and radiant.

When arrived, EX Beauty staff took down my particulars and also understands more about my skin conditions.

Then we proceed to the treatment room which is very clean, nice and cozy. 

I changed into their bathrobe which had their Salon name printed on it.

We started off with Milk Cleansing first to remove my sunblock which I applied and also impurities before we start with the facial. 

My beauty consultant then checks my skin and get ready for extractions.

But first, they will steam my face so it could open up my pores hence extraction will be less painful. 

The start of the painful extractions. I am glad Casper was with me during the session. It’s still painful as I have little pain tolerance.
Extractions usually focus on getting rid of white and blackheads. The extraction is done perfectly and very thorough. Even Casper was impressed because despite me squirming, my beauty consultant still did not give up on my skin and continue to find more heads to extract out.
This light saber is to help minimize redness and inflammation.  It feels abit like an electric shock but actually quite a nice and weird feeling. 

I also did this HC3 Skinshooter, Needle-free mesotherapy which is the highlight for today.
It is to strengthens my skin structure, no side effect, and instant results. This is done using a clinical machine from Germany to treat uneven skin tone and for rejuvenating of skin. It’s totally painless. And I believe the treatment did help me to make my skin more prone to absorbing of products. That is the reason why we applied the mask after this HC3 Skinshooter therapy.

Here is the Before & After picture!

It is obvious that before facial, you can see my pimples are slightly inflamed and after the masking and anti-inflammation and HC3 Skinshooter therapy, my skin is brighter and redness is gone.

The main purpose of this facial is to increase skin brightness and I believe it was done!

It is to provide whitening and anti-oxidant effect, I am sure my skin whitened.

Helps to reduce and prevents age spots and hyperpigmentation.

It aids in collagen synthesis and inhibition of free radicals to prevent hyper-production of melanin.

Protects skin against damage caused by free radicals.

Decreases expression of melanogenic factors which in turn down-regulates melanosome.

I forgot to take pictures of me masking as I was too comfortable and totally forgotten clean about it.
The mask actually contains skin brightening mesotherapy solution which is enriched with biomimetic peptides to address skin discoloration conditions. It contains encapsulated Arbutin and Licorice extract. Which inhibits the formation of melanin pigment, therefore, reducing skin pigmentation, age spots, and freckles. It works perfectly with the HC3 Skinshooter and I am very pleased with the results.
I would highly recommend EX Beauty to you guys because of their professionalism. My beauty consultant and Hedy were very well-knowledged with the products and facial procedures. The extraction is relatively less painful although I still squirm because I have zero pain tolerance. Their products used are quite absorbing and I do not feel oily after my facial. My skin condition did improve a lot as I just came back from Thailand and I am exposed to the sun for long hours. I am glad the facial hydrated my skin and brighten my skin. Of course not as bright as before I went Thailand! Hahaha! I felt very comfortable leaving my face on their hands too!
I will definitely visit again next time for Eyelash extension services and slimming services!
They do have lots of services like for body, they have bust treatment and hair removal. I think I can do hair removal!!! Hahaha! For the face & neck, they have slimming V face & neck lifting which is non-surgical. If you happen to suffer from Skin Tag and Milia Seed, they also have the technology to remove it too. Using a High-Frequency Energy to heat off the skin tag and milia seed. No pain process!

EX ❤ Beauty Tiong Bahru

Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru




Don’t say I never share good stuff with you guys, right now they are giving all my Readers a discount of 40% to enjoy the first trial of this treatment.

The treatment I did yesterday is SR Skin Shooter Facial worth $289. Hence after readers discount, it will be $115.60.

Book your appointment today: or call 6265 7188

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I do not earn anything if you visit EX Beauty. I do not receive any monetary compensation for this blog post but I do get to enjoy this wonderful treatment. 

Do note: This post was sponsored by EX Beauty.

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