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Ger’z Shares: ECONO Multi Function Mop

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Dear Readers,

Today I am gonna share with you revolutional new mop in town!!! It’s the ECONO Multifunctional Mop. It’s my personal favourite for cleaning other than my Vacuum Cleaner. It’s a very cool mop because it not just a mop, it’s a polish cleaner. It spins while you mop and helping you to save tons of energy and time!


What is inside?
Econo unit with lithium battery, extendable rod, micro USB charging cable, 4 different types of cleaning pads, instruction manual.

#1 Suitable for most flooring

It can mop your ceramic floor, vinyl floor, your marble floor, it polish while it mops. It saves so much energy to put strength into mopping because basically it does ALL THE JOB! 

For vinyl flooring use the yellow one so it will not scratch your flooring. For my Condo, the flooring it’s vinyl and I am always not a fan of Vinyl because a lot of issue, cannot come in contact with hot water, only warm water, the maintenance is very troublesome.  

#2 Waterproof

Speaking of which, you can use it dry or wet, it’s waterproof and you can wash while it spins! So convenient to actually spray the water hose and at the same time it washes. 

***Econo unit is waterproof/splashproof but the unit will not be able to be immersed in the water for long period of time.***

#3 Extendable

It is extendable with a rod of up to 104cm hence you can reach high places like my full-length mirror cabinet or even the roof of the car! But of course if it could be longer, it will be better right? Although it can already reach so conveniently. 

Casper mentioned that when self-cleaning a car, it’s very troublesome to clean the roof, you probably will have to run from side to side because your hand is not long enough. Now with the Econo Mop, I guess he will do more washing on his own. Yay, I can eat snake (be lazy) while he washes the car. 

#4 Tough

Can remove stubborn stains in the toilet! All these stains that needs to rub rub rub, just got removed so easily, effortlessly!! Making cleaning such an ENJOYABLE THING! I had so much fun while doing this review and cleaning at the same time.

Casper and I keep going “WOW, WOW, WOW!” 

#5 Wireless (Rechargeable Battery operated)

Charge it with an USB cable for 2hrs and you can use it for 1.5hrs. It’s so convenient otherwise you wanna keep changing AA Battery??? Of course charging is more convenient lor… 

#6 Lightweight

Only requires One-hand operation!! It’s portable and able to bring it to the carpark to wax and polish your car!! But most of the time we use two-hands because the power abit big, the spinning is quite strong hence we need to hold on to it tightly. 

#7 Led Light

So you no need to use your handphone torch-light to see if you have mopped that corner under the sofa. Hahaha… So if you do our mopping at night then this will be useful for you!! 

#8 1 year warranty for all parts

Since it’s electric products, it’s better to have warranty because we are afraid later the parts will be very expensive and we need to buy a new mop!!


If you don’t like it, just return it!!! But trust me, you won’t return it because you will fall in love with it…

#10 Comes with 4 inter-changable pad

Using velcro hence can change easily and you can use any kind of cloth have at home and whatever cloth you like! Very convenient and hassle-free! 

To use them wet, you can remove the cleaning pad or put the cloth in a pail of water or detergent.
Afterwich, attached the wet cloth/pad to the velcro at the base of the Econo unit. But I will not really encourage dipping the whole cloth inside because it will be very very wet for normal mopping. 

Colour of Pad / Purpose

Green: For Scrubbing toilet floor 

Yellow: Coral felt like material which is gentle for Vinyl flooring. You can use it to wipe up stains and use in kitchen table top.

Blue Checkered: For Polishing Window, Glass shower screen, Mirrors, glass backsplash in kitchen and leather sofa.

Blue: For Cleaning HDB Porcelain Flooring, Car polishing & waxing.


It feel that it’s the time to discard all your mops and brushes! 
ECONO Multi Function Mop does it all mopping the floor, scrubbing the tiles & polishing your car, mirrors, windows. Basically it’s the Best cleaning device and a great helping hand! No more backaches because you need to bend down to clean the hard to reach places, it’s portable, light weight, you can carry it anywhere you like. Most importantly, wireless, a full charge can last you for 1.5hrs! 

If you want to use your own cleaning clothes it’s alright, i have matched it with my Daiso $2 dust collecting clothes and it’s perfect. Econo Mop is versatile, efficient and time-saving and making cleaning so easy! 

Personally I like the fact that i no need to put too much strength to mop the floor anymore and it could get in between the tiles grout. For Casper, he likes the fact that it could polish his “wife” which is his car. I like it especially that I could clean the Soft-Top of my Cooper effortlessly! 

If you are interested to get this product, there is a good news!!!

ECONO will like to Thank You for reading my review and I would like to Thank You for helping me reach 1.5k likes on Facebook! 

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But it’s only for the first 50 readers. 

The promo code to use during check-out is “THANKU15”.

Hence the price of the mop is $94.99 (ori. $154.50) , after 15% it will be $80.75.

But after the 50 readers you guys can still use the “ECONOSALE10” to get 10% off your purchases. 

The price of the mop will be $85.50 after 10%. 

Why pay more when you can pay lesser? Hurry now and check-out the mop with “THANKU15”!!

Click here to purchase your ECONO Mop now!!!  

LATEST UPDATE!!! For a limited period, there will be FREE STANDARD SHIPPING for all of you!!

Shipping will be done by Ninja Van and when I ordered, I got it on the next day!!

So what are you still waiting for? Choose ECONO Mop & use it today to enjoy cleaning now!

My Best Cleaning Weapon, the ECONO Multifunctional Mop! Try it today! 

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