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Ger’z Shares: DA Hairdressing Voucher for #GerzWorldTurns1 の #GerzGiveAway

Hello Readers, 

I bet today’s blog post is your favourite blogpost!!! Yup, you guessed it! It is another Ger’z World Giveaway aka #gerzgiveaway! 

What will we be giving away? Nah.. Not gonna tell you but you have to find out yourselves! 

But firstly, we will have to Thanks DA Hairdressing once again for being such an AWESOME Hair Sponsor for Ger’z World for the past one year! And to celebrate #GerzWorldTurns1 with you, we are hosting this giveaway in courtesy of DA Hairdressing *Claps* *Claps* for DA Hairdressing! Thanks DA Hairdressing for your trust and support towards Ger’z World and me. 


Let’s go back to the main topic! 

Last Sunday, 5th October which is Hari Raya was our GERZ WORLD TURNS ONE birthday Celebration. As one of the host for the birthday party, I was invited to DA Hairdressing to set my hair for the party! 

Sorry to Aaron and Boon Hee but I am indeed one lucky girl. For the event the 3 of us is hosting, our roles are as followed. Aaron will be the emcee, Boon Hee will be Photographer (Pg) and I will be Flower Vase means I am meant for display. ***Bimbo Mode*** Turns on.  02

I was glad to have Salon Manager, Joanne to help me wash my hair at first. She complaint why I did not come to DA Hairdressing to retouch my roots. So sorry Joanne, I was pretty busy lately. :( 03

In the end, Joanne really find my black roots very ugly and she insist on a retouch. But due to time constraint, we only retouch the crown of the head instead of the whole head. 04

The retouch was pretty fast, less than 15-20mins and I was ready for a wash. I always loved DA hairdressing Hair Wash skills. It’s so awesome! I am very pleased with their service! 05

To speed up the process because I was rushing to the next location, Joanne activated Asako to help me to blow dry my hair together.


Next up let’s welcome my Takashi *clap clap* … Takashi will be doing my curls as per requested. So I told him I want a princess look and I am gonna place a headband above and showed him my overall look and he gotta do a replica!


Well, let’s see if Takashi will be able to do up an hairdo that I really wanted.


At the same time, Joanne handed me a stack of voucher for the goodie bag giveaways for my attending guest. We set aside a few for lucky draw session later and a giveaway which we are hosting later on in this post! 07a


The blur me forget to bring along my chop that’s why I have to sign on every piece of voucher. Not to waste time, I sign while Takashi is styling and I kept fidgeting but he never complain! Not bad sia his skill level! 10

TADAH~!! This is my HAIR OF THE DAY! Do you like it? 11

I love the curls. I looks very princessy and feminine which is exactly the GER’z STYLE! 12


Thank you DA Hairdressing for making me PRETTY! It’s time to SWAG at my party LATER ON~! 

Lastly, NOT TO FORGET YOU who is always reading my blogpost and supporting me for the past 1 year of Ger’z World! 

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 11.25.39 pm

How can you win this VOUCHER? 

Just follow the instructions below and stand up to 11x CHANCE to win yourself a DA Hairdressing Voucher! 

FYI, we have 10 vouchers up for grabs!!!! 

Faster grab your friends and families to join this now!! 

Contest ends on 10-October, 2359hrs. Terms & Condition: Prizes are to be redeem on 11-October 6pm at DA Hairdressing POMO or 12-October 12pm at JCube. The prizes this time can only be SELF-COLLECTED by yourself or a family member / friends.  *More details will be sent to winners*   Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.04.12 am I believe the above to-do list wont be too tough on you right?  No. 1  & No. 2 is compulsory!  No 3. is just leaving a comment below on why you want to win this voucher. No. 4 is just tweeting.  No. 5 is sharing this blogpost on your FACEBOOK page and send enter your URL to show us your support!!! A little challenging but let’s you win 5 entries!  If you can’t see the below app, go to this URL: a Rafflecopter giveaway DA new outlet smallsignatureusethis_002DA logo


  1. I want to win the vouchers because i have been wanting to find a salon that i can trust my hair with to give me the haircut that i wanted so that i will jus stick to one salon:)

  2. Went pass DA hairdressing salon at POMO as I saw their advertisement at level 1, wanted to give it a try & I was lucky enough to chance upon this giveaway.

    Hope I can achieve a new look by trying out this. Of course,the opportunity. (:

  3. Congratulations to our winners for winning this DA Hairdressing Giveaway! 

    The winners are announced on Ger’z World facebook page:

    Dear winners please collect your prizes today at DA Hairdressing PoMo @ 5pm. 

    If not tomorrow @ Jcube Jstage, 1pm also can. 

    Winners please contact Ger’z World facebook page to inform your attendance.

    If both days also cannot collect, we will have to disqualify for a redraw. 

    So those who did not win this round, you can wait for the redraw. 

    Xoxo, Casper

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