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Ger’z Shares: DA Hairdressing Red Chocolate Hair Dye Biker Chick Makeover – Motul x Project Lion City Rides Win-A-Shoot Contest

Hello Readers,

Today I am gonna share with you about Casper’s first Solo photoshoot. hahahah!

By right is his photoshoot with his beloved bike la..

But apparently when you think of a Motorbike, cfm mus have a lady right? Aka the biker chick! What is biker chick?

This is biker chick? No la!!! Means a pretty lady with a bike…inspiration collage

So this is the inspiration board we have for my outfit of the day.  But also I mus have a nice hair colour to go with the look of this biker chick!

Where can i create this look? Of course is to go DA Hairdressing la!

da logo


So first we told Joanne my stylist about the shoot and she choose a “Chocolate + Red” Coloured hair dye for me.

Just for your information, DA always will mix their own colours depending on your skin colour and the looks you are going for. So there isn’t a one colour fits all theory. colour2

I told them I wanted a bright red colour but Joanne said I have been so bright in 2014 so let’s do a change in 2015! So we are going Dark Chocolate.

But I still wan my red inside. So she did smth like a hidden red.

Something like in indoors, u cant see it but under the sun… BAM!

So we used this infrared machine to opening the pores of my hair so I could absorb the dye better. colour 4

And treatment was done during hair washing. I did just simple treatment because I was rushing for time.. And I love DA Hairdressing because they always don’t let me spend too much time in salon and wait but yet dun have the “rush” feeling! Comfortable and time saved! Jus like in Japan, the japanese always rush for time so they need everything to be quick. So DA Hairdressing is adopting the japan culture! BEFORE AFTERTadah~! My Before & After! You can see that my hair is not dried after the dye because DA used nourishing hair products so it wont damage my hair! So is like after hair dye, my hair still very smooth! Then can you see the red red inside the hair? Not obvious right? You confirm say, “Got dye like never dye” TATS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG! I will prove you wrong under the SUN!

colour5Before I proof you wrong, I wanna thanks Joanne for her warm hospitality again! DA hairdressing machiam my second home liao.. hehe! shoot1

So the next day is the shoot liao.. I did not wash my hair in the morning but my hair still in tip top condition. Smooth Silky, tangle free~! And you see, the red coming out liao right?shoot3

So the first part of the shoot is to shoot the motorbike first. Which is Yamaha FZ 16. I know nutz about motorbike so if you wanna know more, PM Casper. He can help.. shoot2

So this is me during the shoot and discussing with my photographer about the style etc etc. Actually no style la! I jus tell him one thing!

Make my legs appear longer! Kam Siah Thank You Terima Kasih!shoot4

So the best way to make me look longer is to not take my legs la! hahahaha! shoot5Ok la.. Fact is fact. My legs wont be photoshopped to make it look slimmer because this shoot is to shoot the motorbike. Me and Casper jus calefare nia.. We are the props!

Sob sob! :( shoot6So Casper trying to look cool la!

Dun you think he look like the terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger?

compareConfirm liao, Casper is the terminator !!

And the thing is that Casper ownself say he wanna be a terminator de!! He say he grew up wanting to be a terminator.. I am like seriously?! 

Anyway, terminator very nice to watch! Faster go watch!!

familyAfter the shoot, we went to Princess Bay for lunch with my dad and mum. And they say my hair super nice lols… Just summarise everything in a picture collage. Because the food in Princess Bay oso not very sedap so no point introduce. Then the swimming pool dun allow swimming also.. So ya….



special thanks



Stylist InfoSpecial Thanks to DA Hairdressing, Branch Manager, Joanne for giving me such an awesome biker chick look!

She is always so open to ideas and challenges! lols! She is very experience in this line for lots of years and you can totally trust her with your hair. My readers such as Seraphic and Queenie both had their hair dyed by Joanne too. You can read their testimonial on my fb page or instagram. 


Gerlyn is the official ambassador for DA Hairdressing.

Mention her name and get 10% off for all Ala Carte Hair Services in the Menu.

See you @ DA Hairdressing!

DA Hairdressing | Be YOUnique

Special Thanks

Also thanks Motul and Project Lion City Rides. For the photoshoot and the below mentioned item:

1) 6L Motul 7100 engine oil,
2) MC Care hamper, and…
3)”Nice Ride – Lion City photobook
My Photographer and Videographer is…..
PGJuffry Joihani & Team

Founder and Photographer

Project Lion City Rides

Did I mentioned video? YES! There is a video on the behind the scenes of the photoshoot! Click the PLAY BUTTON NOW!

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