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Ger’z Shares: XiangCao XiangCao Yunnan Original Ecology Hotpot *Food Tasting Invite* 香草香草云南原生态火锅 *美食品尝邀请*

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Hello Readers!

So apparently this is my first official Food Blog Post written so please 多多指教!HAHAHA! Hope you will find my review helpful~

Background info: Actually I got this lobang from my previous sponsor whom I worked with for 2-3 advertorial blog post and he actually recommend me to the Boss of Xiangcao Xiangcao Yunnan Original Ecology HotPot for this opportunity. I am very thankful for their trust and I hope not to disappoint them as this is my first food blogpost!

So yesterday 10-April-2016 Sunday, I went with Casper for a dinner @ Xiangcao Xiangcao Yunnan Original Ecology HotPot located at Liang Seah Street.


Address: 26 Liang Seah St, Singapore 189047 (Located at the left side of the street)

2016-04-12 09_23_40-XiangCao Yunnan Original Ecology Hotpot - Google Maps

Basically what is about this hotpot?

Fact #1: It’s authentic from Yunnan they import lots of herbs, ingredient from Yunnan which you can’t find these unique ingredient in Singapore.

Fact #2: Healthy, people always say aiya, eat hotpot heaty, eat hotpot always cannot digest etc. But really this Ecology hotpot is like a healthy version. They used lot’s of type of Yunnan wild mushroom for the broth with is good for digestive system and also quite yummy and have very strong mushroom taste.

IMG-20160410-WA0231 IMG-20160410-WA0226 

As you can see like what i told you, their menu has lot’s of mushroom/fungi related food which is very healthy for our body~

    IMG-20160410-WA0224  IMG-20160410-WA0222 IMG-20160410-WA0221

They also received a lot of awards like being the Top 10 most famous Hot Pot in 2013 in China. Imagine China has how many hot pot restaurants and it can win the Top 10 most POPULAR!

hmm… You should know how good they are! Even me so fussy eater also thinks they are good. If you read some of my previous blogpost before you know that I don’t eat everything! HAHAHA!

Maybe I am a picky eater!


IMG-20160410-WA0211  IMG-20160410-WA0212

So first up let me introduce the 2 very yummy appetiser! The winning appetiser is the Red Wine Pear in a Shape of a Rose.

Why? The 摆盘 plating of the dish in a rose shape is very nice and take lots of effort, secondly the red wine is not too strong and does cover the sweetness and freshness of the Snow Pear.

The 1st runner up is the Banana crispy Bamboo shoots.

It’s not to my liking but Casper likes it a lot. He say he likes it coz it’s CRUNCHY, fresh, a bit Salty which taste very special is like Salty Salad he said.

I am not a fan of salt so RED WINE PEAR Wins This round! LOLS!

IMG-20160410-WA0109       IMG-20160410-WA0104 

See, I love it till the extend one person ownself clear the plate! HAHAHA!



This is the wild mushroom which will be cooked by the staff in the circular hole in the middle of the pot.

IMG-20160410-WA0162  IMG-20160410-WA0188IMG-20160410-WA0157IMG-20160410-WA0202IMG-20160410-WA0137

It mus be cooked for at least 10 minutes which will be timed and tracked by the waiter and you don’t need to care anything. Once 10 mins is up, they will scoop a bowl of clear mushroom soup for you to drink. The health benefits of the soup includes improving appetite and helps in digestive system and fungi is well-known for it’s plentiful health benefits! So ya!

JUST DRINK IT! It’s good for you!



IMG-20160410-WA0209  IMG-20160410-WA0116      IMG-20160410-WA0114

This is my favourite is less fattening than 五花肉 and it’s equally tender and it melts in mouth too! See how happy I look when i ShabuShabu my pork! HAHAHAHA!

That picture caption is: “Hey Casper, wanna eat? Too bad is mine!”



Needless for me to explain much just throw these meatball into the Tomato Base and you will know how good they tasted!!! AHHHHHHH~



I dunno how to explain to you how good it taste but this marinated beef from Aussie is OMG! Juicy.. Sweet and very soft and chewy!!! This is a MUST-ORDER!



Not a fan of greens or yellow.. Only Casper ate them.. He say the corn tasted very crunchy and organic. It’s crispy and damn sweet. Why he say organic leh? Is because there is once a sales person selling organic corns at pasarbella gave us some to taste and it tasted exactly same like what we had in Xiangcao. Not sure if Xiangcao one is organic but definitely sweet in this case.



Sorry, I am not a fan of lamb so I did not take this. Casper said it was very yummy and he cleared the plate by himself! HAHA!


940ff872-26d0-4f37-8faa-92a2b655966325f6d904-27d7-437f-9ba3-47fd64e7a388 533d2b33-2f67-43be-b18c-01f3fba3b2d9  e8bab296-8582-4c43-bd29-375355354037

This toufu combo is really amazing!!!! I love the Dark Coloured, Jelly-liked toufu. It cant be cooked too long so immediately i ate it without taking picture! It’s crunchy and taste very nice! And my next favourite is the SPIRAL or curly curly chicken toufu. They mixed some chicken inside and it taste amazing! So chewy! I so 舍不得 to eat the last one so I tell Casper to take a photo of it!


IMG-20160410-WA0199Tadah! This is all my dishes for 2 pax! Thanks Xiangcao XiangCao management for their generosity.

Especially I am not a food blogger!!! Like “WHY YOU TREAT ME SO NICE?!”

I don’t even know if this blog is consider a good food blog a not! jialat! jpsl (ji pai siao liao)




IMG-20160410-WA0181 IMG-20160410-WA0176  IMG-20160410-WA0172 IMG-20160410-WA0177 IMG-20160410-WA0182  IMG-20160410-WA0178IMG-20160410-WA0179 

they have a variety of specially mixed sauce and seasoning for you to choose from. But most of it is spicy.

IMG-20160410-WA0174     IMG-20160410-WA0175 IMG-20160410-WA0170  IMG-20160410-WA0168 

you can ask the helpful waiter to mix for you or either DIY. Since I am so fussy, I decided to DIY!! HAHAHAHA! I love sweet sauce so I spammed sugar and peanut and sesame sauce and tadah~ Ger’z World Secret Seasoning! Not gonna share! :P



IMG-20160410-WA0140    IMG-20160410-WA0160 IMG-20160410-WA0159 IMG-20160410-WA0158     IMG-20160410-WA0153

The drink is sour and sweet and it’s very special abit like 山楂 but taste nicer because I dun like 山楂 even thou my mum made it for me everyday! HAHAHAHA!

Same as 山楂 it’s good for digestive system and lessen the oily-ness feeling from having hotpot although is not very oily la this hotpot!

IMG-20160410-WA0146  IMG-20160410-WA0148 IMG-20160410-WA0149  IMG-20160410-WA0034

For lazy people like us, you can ask them to cook for you! HAHAHHAA! So ya, we just ask my friendly waiter to cook for us!


IMG-20160410-WA0126 IMG-20160410-WA0127 IMG-20160410-WA0128

All you need to do is “collect” “scoop” your own food out and… “EAT!” When soup is not enough, they will refill and they are so caring they even use a fan to BLOCK the soup from spattering out and scald us….. So nice and thoughtful!


Below is the cost of dishes that was prepared by XiangCao to us. Est. $60/pax


IMG-20160410-WA0084SOUP BASE


IMG-20160410-WA0081IMG-20160410-WA0049 APPETISER

IMG-20160410-WA0051 DRINKS

IMG-20160410-WA0077 IMG-20160410-WA0078IMG-20160410-WA0076  MEATS

IMG-20160410-WA0079   IMG-20160410-WA0074 IMG-20160410-WA0073  COMBOS


SEATING AREA (LEVEL 1 & 2) & Shangri-La 厢房 (WING) 

IMG-20160410-WA0069 IMG-20160410-WA0068 IMG-20160410-WA0067 IMG-20160410-WA0066

This Shangri-La room is very big and spacious for birthday parties or even for company meeting.

IMG-20160410-WA0062 IMG-20160410-WA0063 IMG-20160410-WA0064 IMG-20160410-WA0065

Level 2 has a lot of seating place too and much more nicely decorated! So you might wanna make reservation for a table in LEVEL 2! Hahahaha!


IMG-20160410-WA0008 IMG-20160410-WA0216 IMG-20160410-WA0070

They have VIP membership card which you can sign up or otherwise the current promotion is this!


Translated: “Customers can enjoy 15% discounts off their bill by posting and sharing photos on XiangCao Facebook Page!”

So what are you waiting for?

Call them @ 6635 8243 to make reservation. 

LIKE XiangCao FB PAGE & Post your dining photos!




Casper: “Their service is very good, the hotpot is very healthy and refreshing. I never expected wild fungi could taste so yummy. We had an amazing time at XiangCaoXiangCao we will be back again!”

Gerlyn: “I love XiangCaoXiangCao speciality Tomato Based Soup. the Pear Appetiser and Toufu Combo is a must to order! Order the Spiral Toufu with Chicken Mixed in it and the Shangri-la Beef.”

Once again I would like to thanks XiangCao XiangCao management for the Food Tasting Invite and the opportunity given to me. Thanks Steven & 邵总! 

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