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Ger’z Review on Sticker from Qoo10

Hello Readers,
Today I am going to share with you the most awesome sticker supplier in Qoo10. 

Around Jan’14, Gerlyn got a very crazy idea. Not very crazy actually just that a cute girl like her would like to make the wedding more cutesy and having more human touch. So Casperlyn decided to customise something for the guest. Something that represents us, the couple, “Casperlyn”.

It wasnt a tough choice to made. It was between a plastic casperlyn keychain and personalised stickers. So obvious stickers would be a better choice as we thought these days who still use a keychain?

So next I found this store in Qoo10 *Gmarket*

And I went to customise this using photoshop text edit.

I wanted Carebear , Little twin star A & B, and also minions. As our proposal was Minion related and we both love minions alot.

Pardon the low quality. It’s the best I could grabbed.

The delivery was fast it was less than a week or so and we have receive the stickers.

I really like the colours and designs of the stickers a lot. It was pretty awesome that it is WATER-PROOF! Well, i have tested it with a tiny drip of water and the stickers survived!

Look at the amount of stickers we have prepare for our guest. Our expected number of guest is about a 100 – 200 so we cater for these amount of people.

I really enjoy the shop owner fast & friendly service. Shop owner is willing to customise and willing to accept feedbacks from us too. And lastly, very reliable and even arrive faster than our wedding invites!

So this is how we used the stickers. We find that scotch-tape is just too hmmm.. So we decided to use these stickers to paste on every invitation card envelope that we mailed out.

And it turned out to be a Great wedding idea right? Haha! Something unique from us to our guests.


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