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Ger’z Shares: Sure-Win DA Hairdressing 3 in 1 Hokkaido Scalp Treatment Voucher #GerzGiveaway

Ger’z Shares; Ger’z Care! *Advertorial*
Hello Readers of Ger’z World! 
I know that you guys & girls have been waiting for my ger’z giveaway! Here is the deal! But before that, you must read about what is this treatment all about. I mean, you won’t want to win a treatment you knew absolutely nothing about right? So let’s get started! 
Today Gerlyn is going to talk about the legendary 3 in 1 treatment voucher! 
Ger’z world blogger, Gerlyn is very honoured to be invited to DA Hairdressing to tryout their new scalp treatment. 
So you all know, Singapore is a very hot & humid country and we tend to sweat a lot and if you did not know, our scalp sweats too. Our precious scalps actually secretes oil to protect our scalp from the Sun. We usually can apply sunblock on our skin & face but we do neglect the health of your scalp. I mean who can put sunblock on our hair & scalp right? So our scalp is defenceless to the mercy of the Sun.
Secondly, how many did actually dry their hair before they go to bed? I am usually too tired to do so. But you must be thinking, so what if I did not dry my hair? Your hair will secrete more oil making your hair more oily even before you wash them. Your hair might also grow fungus and serious case you can suffer from Seborrhoeic Dermatitis (Hair disease) so your scalp will start to itch and flake too. 
Obviously to prevent all this, we must have good hair hygiene by washing our hair daily, using conditional twice weekly and always dry our hair before we go to bed and doing monthly treatment to replenish the nutrients to our scalp and hair too. 
So let me introduce you all about this wonderful 3 in 1 hair services I am having with DA Hairdressing. I am trying it out so I could let you know more about this hair services and how you could win this!

What does this voucher consist of?

1) Tokyo Twin Wash (Dry wash on scalp then rinse & shampoo with special Japan formulated shampoo)

2) Hokkaido Ice Scalp Intensive Treatment (To remove dandruff, prevent dry & oily scalp) 

3) Styling (DA Hairdressing will let you walk out the salon with STYLE~)

Therefore it is a 3-in-1 Hair treatment voucher and it is worth $100++

Without further ado, let me bring you through my treatment procedures! Let the photos do the talking!

Firstly, my stylist actually pour the specially imported Japan shampoo on my scalp.

It is like a dry washing and massaging on my scalp. Why is a scalp wash and not a hair wash? Because usually our scalp is dirty and oily and they requires cleaning.

Then next we will rinse off the Toyko Twin Wash and apply the Hokkaido Ice Scalp Intensive Treatment. The stylist will massage your scalp with a very cooling treatment conditional cream.

Hokkaido Ice Scalp Intensive treatment is actually made up of Bamboo and peppermint and we all know, Bamboo is a Japanese Favourite and it’s pH value is near to our hair texture so it can actually neutralise back our hair to the most natural level. Peppermint makes us feel refresh and relax our body. Most importantly is has anti inflammation content which is very suitable for people who have dandruff.

What’s cooler? In their POMO outlet, their washing area have built in massage chair and it can actually give very good back massages. How awesome? During this Intensive treatment, they also serve hot towel to place at the back of your neck.

It is styling time! I am so glad to be served by Takashi. I really like Takashi styling skill because it is just very awesome. It is very much agreed by my Reader, Felicia because during her trip to DA Hairdressing, she was also served by Takashi and she loved her styling very much.

Takashi was asking me if I would like to look DiffERent today! 
I am so used to having my ultimate straight and rebonded hair so maybe a curly & wavy style is something I would like to try.

So Takashi started to divide my hair into sections so it makes curling easier.

And the curling begins!

Tadah! It’s done in less than 10mins. Check out my lovely curls. I am in love with my hair immediately. It is so awesome. It gave me a very sexy look and make me look so feminine. Which transform me from a girl to a woman.

Thanks Takashi for the wonderful job done! You can request for Takashi during your appointment @ PoMo Outlet.

So where exactly is PoMo if you are wondering…
I have pasted the link with the picture attached. So you could use google maps to track the location to your favourite hairdressing outlet. 
If you are interested in DA Hairdressing and would like to know more about what they are offering..
Make An Appointment with DA Hairdressing now! 
Do you want to get your hair styled like Korean Kpop Stars?
Do you want to have soft & silky condition hair?
Do you want to enjoy yourself in a massage chair during hairwash?
Do you want to receive fast & good treatment like the Japanese?

This is not a normal hairwash or just treatment giveaway!
This is a 3-in-1 giveaway VOUCHER!
All you need to do is:


2) POST this URL on your Facebook Timeline

3) DROP us a Private Message @ Ger’z World Facebook Page for your Voucher!
This is a Sure-Win contest as long as you did as above, LIKE POST DROP you can be the next winner to enjoy your treatment with DA Hairdressing!
Check out the Previous Winners Here: 
Ger’z World is proud to be the Official Blogger Ambassador for DA Hairdressing!
DA Hairdressing ; Be YOUnique! 

Do checkout our Facebook page on more giveaway voucher from DA Hairdressing!


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