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Ger’z Shares: DA Hairdressing (Tokyo Twin Wash + Hokkaido ScalpTreatment + Styling) Worth $100+++ #GerzGiveaway

*Ger’z Shares; Ger’z Giveaway*

Hello Readers,

If you did check out our Facebook page you would have notice that we are running a mini giveaway contest!

And here I am proudly to announce our Winners!

This week we have invited our Facebook Page Winners to collect their prizes @ PoMo Outlet.

 Here is a picture taken with Dave, the owner of DA Hairdressing on 4/April/14

For your info, DA Hairdressing is actually setup by a couple who loves hairdressing as an art. They are passionate about what they are doing and that is why DA Hairdressing is expanding so fast in the market. I am glad to be their Ambassador too. DA represents Dave & Audrey, a husband & wife team and in chinese we also say: “夫妻同心;其利断金”

 First to Arrive, Yee Teng! Thanks Yee Teng for your support towards Ger’z World! We really appreciated that! Hope you can enjoy this treatment with your beloved sister!

 Next up, we have Beatrice! Thanks Beatrice for taking part in our contest and making a trip down from Jurong to PoMo outlet! Hope you enjoy your makeover!

Last winner for the 1st batch is Aaron! Thanks Aaron for joining us this evening! We hope you love your treatment! 
Here we welcome our 2nd Batch of Winners! (5/April/14)

 Thanks Mr Choo & his grassroot community friends for joining us this morning for this wonderful hair treatment. It is always joyous to have you around.

 We also would like to thank Kirolynn and Felicia for being such an ardent reader of my blog and always supporting us in our every event.
Ladies, do check out our Facebook album for your makeover photos.

Thanks Mr Choo for making a trip down to PoMo outlet and also introducing DA Hairdressing to your grassroot members and business associates. Hope you like your cooling treatment! 
So where exactly is PoMo if you are wondering…
I have pasted the link with the picture attached. So you could use google maps to track the location to your favourite hairdressing outlet. 
If you are interested in DA Hairdressing and would like to know more about what they are offering..
Make An Appointment with DA Hairdressing now! 
I have also attached their Rates & Services Price List Below too! 

Ger’z World is proud to be the Official Blogger Ambassador for DA Hairdressing!
DA Hairdressing ; Be YOUnique! 

Do checkout our Facebook page on more giveaway voucher from DA Hairdressing!


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