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Gerlyn’s 23rd Sesame Street Themed Birthday Celebration – Feat. Bayu Marina Resort (JB) for Decorations , Moonlight Cake House & Kimarie Florist (Malacca) + One Piece Cafe in JB & Restoran Todak (Orang Asli) Introduction & Review

DSC00271Hello Readers, today gonna share with you my 23rd Birthday Celebration at the Bayu Marina Resort.

At the later part of the post i will also share with you a very special ONE-Piece Cafe which I chanced upon and also the famous Restoran Todak Orang Asli Tze Char Review. 

DSC00307And this is the swimming pool at Bayu Marina Resort but we are not having a pool side party today! Is just a walk around the pool.

Actually this is my 2nd time in Bayu Marina. First was our 1st Dating Anniversary in 2013.

DSC00273As we were quite hungry so we went to their in house restaurant to order some food. 

DSC00302My family is a fan of western food hence you will see Sirloin Steak. 

DSC00301Calamari Rings aka Sotong rings. 

DSC00297But my dad order Nasi Goreng. 

DSC00295I am pretty surprised Casper ordered Western!

No idea why but I am just shocked. He should be ordering local malay cuisine! 

DSC00289I think this is lamb chop? If not still steak… Definitely my mum or my sis one! 

DSC00287Then my super big gastric dad order this lasagna for us to share!


DSC00285Erm.. Not serious.. Because he order like 15 sticks of satay!

We ate a few before I remember to take photo coz I am too busy eating! hahhaahha!

DSC00284And as usual I am eating Elmo’s favourite! Spaghetti~

Really not creative of me.. Always eat Spaghetti! 

DSC00276Then my mum ordered mushroom soup for us to share around because in malaysia especially restaurant, waiting time for meals to be cooked is like 30mins.

So you need to drink some soup to “tong” or tahan first. Is quite standard for this waiting time. 

DSC00267After makan session then we check in to the room. To my amaze the room was so beautifully decorated with sesame street themed!!!DSC00266Can see my reaction! I go “WOAH~” :) 
DSC00265Thanks Bayu Marina Staff for these!!! And of course thanks Mr Kat for the special arrangement and also top up $$ for this la! But hor they really spend alot of effort sia! 

DSC00270They even gave us complimentary birthday cake!

They also wrote a nice written card for me printed in sesame street photo. DSC00269All the cut-outs and big bird face!!! LOLS!! So nice and cute~! DSC00268What I loved most is the photobooth props.. Still got 123 Princess Gerlyn Street!!! HAHHAHAHA! If you watch sesame street you will know.. Is a inside thing. :P 

DSC00320When i walked into the room! Impressive sia! They dun just do Happy Birthday! They got put 23 leh! Reminding me this is my 2nd Anniversary of my 21st birthday celebration sibo?! 

DSC00314Then Casper really got heart la.. He decorated the bed with the flower bouquet he specially customised from Kimarie Florist (Malacca). Then he bought a princess tiara for me and even bought my shoes and dress! 

DSC00327Even the dressing table is not spared. Bayu Marina also make a flower petal heart shaped here. 
DSC00332See my Tiara super cool right? Got light somemore! Bling* Bling* 

DSC00323See the floor all got petals too.. Toilet also.. Everywhere is filled with rose petals… 

DSC00333While i was taking my own sweet time changing, Casper was setting up equipment for photo and video taking.
DSC00337First shot: W/o flashDSC00339Second shot: with flash~
DSC00384And Kes, mum and dad actually help to set up the presents.
DSC00383Yay Me~ I love September and I love birthdays!

Love the backdrop and the flower! Really nice!! Is elmo face sia!!! OMG!!! I am so gonna display this in my new home! Hahaha!

Simisai also display! You think your home very big ah? 

DSC00353And u must be wondering like me, why is there a chair? I also wanted to remove it but I cant! The chair is actually used to tie the happy birthday balloon and also my 123 Princess Gerlyn Street. 

DSC00352I also testing the camera timer set up by Casper. Thanks for the effort! ^.^ 

DSC00385Now is time to sing happy birthday song! This is the HAIR-piiii birthday to you the “HAIR”! Love this HAIR moment! DSC00386And guess what this is the Chinese Version.. See my dad mouth. “祝”你生日快乐! DSC00397Yay! Time to blow the candles! I am 3 years old this year! 
DSC00395But make a wish first! 

DSC00399Blow!!! And keslyn , mum and dad getting super ready to pop the party popper! LOLS! 

DSC00442Now the most scary part.. Pop the Champagne. Also provided by Bayu Marina Resort. 
DSC00439Can see I super scare it pop the camera or the chandelier lights or light bulb or whatever~
DSC00434Dont dare to see!!!! 
DSC00432Then dad is like “oei faster leh! Pop leh..”DSC00426Then mum also buay tahan me liao.. Come and help me twist twist~ 
DSC00422So get ready… is about there liao~ Kes still cover her ears! LOLS!


GOOOOOOO~~~ Still covering her ears… Win liao la! 

DSC00443Finally!!! Sweat sia! Casper laugh until dunno what! Machiam pop baby sia.. We spent 10mins popping a champagne.. Then you must be asking wedding leh?

Aiya.. Wedding i only hold nia, casper do the popping!

Now i ownself pop… Sibeh stress! DSC00460Now easy task liao.. Just pour pour pour~
DSC00476Then YAMMMMMMM~ DSC00475SENG!!!!! 

DSC00470Yam yam yam yam yam again…
DSC00478Seng! Finally can drink liao! All thirsty liao! 
DSC00494Waaa.. Keslyn power sia.. Literally bottoms up! 
DSC00513Now is the cake cutting ceremony liao~
DSC00521Now is the thanking mum session for bringing me to this world~ 

DSC00548Thanks Casper for the nice Elmo cake too~!

DSC00540As usual our family tradition… 

DSC00532No! Not the kissing.. Is the bua-ing of the cream on the face! 

DSC00524Thanks mum and kes~ For everything! hahahah!
DSC00585The hungry dad wants a slice of cake!! DSC00593Me and dad ^^

DSC00582But lovely sister will feed me first coz she scare i hungry!
DSC00580Thanks KES~~ <3 <3 You! 

DSC00571Thanks Mum for taking care of me and bringing me to this world ^.^


Thanks Hubby Casper for the wonderful planning, preparation and effort!

Love Love you ^.^


Just me and my presents :P 

DSC00635So dad & his Gf Auntie C bought me a pair of Cinderella Shoes from Melissa~ 

DSC00632We took a photo to show Auntie C :D
DSC00631Selfie Time! 

DSC00619Now is my review time~ 
DSC00615As usual, my cake is from ~ Moonlight cake house!SJCM0024So how is the design inspired. Hmm.. This year theme is Sesame Street. As Elmo is my favourite Character. Actually my fave is Abby but Abby-inspired cake is too rare to be found. Hence i choose Elmo. Then also these few years trend is omber cake or gradient cake which means the colour will go light to dark or dark to light with a gradient. And i love all flowery and present stuff. So This cake is an elmo garden with present and gradient~ moonlightMoonlight Cake House

Review: The cake was yummy, but i think the portion shrinked and fondant was thicker than my 21st & 22nd cake. This time round when i collected the cake then i realise something. Instead of 23, they only put 3. So from 23rd birthday become 3rd birthday! :O omg! So before you leave any cake shop, you mus check carefully!!


Points deducted for 23rd & 3rd —> careless

23 flowerSo incase the URL is removed. You can see this picture. Is Elmo face~ Lolols.. They used paper rose to form it. And Casper ask them to write Happy 23rd Birthday Gerlyn. Woohoo~ 
Kimarie Florist LogoYou can find Kimarie at Malacca.

Review: They provide super good service too and allow alot of customisation at low cost. Very worth it! I am gonna be their regular customer!

4/5 for them! 1 point deducted for the distance coz they are out of the way.
Bayu Marina counterAnd yeah.. Special thanks to Bayu Marina for the awesome decors! 

Address: Jalan Bayu Puteri 1/3, Taman Bayu Puteri, 80150 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 13-749 9555
Bayu Marina LogoReview: This is my 2nd time staying here. The best thing is they always make me feel at home. Their service is extremly good! And they help to deco the room based on your theme for birthdays, proposal, anniversary. They put in alot of the effort! But of course you need to top up for this service but they did a very good job! I give them 5/5! That time I even told Casper this: “Eh, their deco sibeh nice leh.. You engage them for your proposal version 2.0 la!” I told him during Sep-2015 before we go aussie.. Then he still lie to me : “I will consider engaging them!” Then in the end he secretly go planned the sky diving proposal which happen in Oct-2015!!! Seriously!!!! He very smart to smoke me lo!

DSC00639Next up is having lunch the next day at Restoran Todak (Orang Asli) 

Address. No 1 Kampung Orang Asli, Telok Jawa, Masai; 81750. Phone, +60 7-386 3696

It’s highly advisable by me to go during off peak hrs like late afternoon 4pm that timing or else…. Just make reservation and booking coz it’s damn CHAOTIC!

Can you imagine you have to like wait for tables just like you do in kopitiam? Stare at people eating then hoping they faster finish and give you the table? It’s that kind of feeling when i went at 7pm and at 8.30pm then i STARTED eating.. 

DSC00658So anyway the fish is damn fresh and I love this kind of Hong Kong Steamed Sauce. It’s sweet and salty and you add to the rice.. Wow~ I can have 2 bowls of rice just liddat. Taste similar to the Chinese Palace Restaurant in Perth! HAHAHAHA! 

DSC00654Then as usual whenever we eat Tze Char we must order Sambal Kang Kong coz is Mum’s Fave. This should be kang kong otherwise is sweet potato leaves. I cant differentiate them! hahaha! DSC00653Then we order the sibeh sibeh famous DRUNKEN PRAWN! Super fresh super yummy! 

DSC00648Then this is Baby Kailan for Keslyn coz she cant eat Sambal Kang Kong and kids meal must have greens! So ya~ Here is the greens for my sister! DSC00647Then this one….. I tell you this dish is IMPRESSIVE! DIE DIE Must ORDER! DIE DIE MUST TRY!

It is ESCARGOT aka Snail… But it’s nice…… Damn nice!!! We cooked it in a way that there is no chilli. The gravy the onion, the escargot.. Waaaapiang! Damn nice can? Now i am hungry again! Boon Hee when are we going?! 
DSC00645Then obviously this is for my mum again.. Her favourite SOTONG! 
DSC00651Then we also ordered LALA aka Clams. So is like Butter Ginger Clams. 

DSC00670Then this is the view…. Opposite is Woodlands already so we are so near home~ DSC00669The view is just cool.. Nice food, cool view and the price of it is just a fraction of Tze Char meal in SG Kopitiam! 

DSC00666So hard to tell you why I don’t love this Restaurant Todak!

It’s my 2nd visit already and i think there will be 3rd, 4th, 5th! 

DSC00662Hurray~ This is the perks of going early! If you go at 7pm, this area i jump shot-ed will be placed with tables!!! Super packed. Really… Pls heed my advice! Go for late lunch!

My review for this restaurant: Pretty awesome! Food is yummy, price is damn cheap and not too far from home or very out of the way kind. But travelling for good food is always just so worth it! I will give it 5/5!!! 

DSC00691Then next up we have our late dinner / supper at The ONE Piece Cafe. DSC00690

The One Café & Bistro Café 
Address: 70, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 7-556 6460

DSC00696And this is the One Piece 海贼主题餐厅Western & Japanese Food Anime Restaurant. DSC00708You can get plenty of photo ops here! Very suitable for One Piece Anime fans like KESLYN ONG!
DSC00709It’s a nice coincident that we happen to just drove past it and I told Keslyn to look and she say she die die must come. DSC00717Oh well~ Here we are.. So as usual just spamming photos! DSC00722Here is dad ~ DSC00725Here is me! DSC00731Just some photos you can scroll thru them! 

DSC00735 DSC00736 DSC00738 DSC00741 DSC00750 DSC00745 DSC00801 DSC00810 DSC00812 DSC00817DSC00769We ordered some cool cordial drinks. Cant remember their names already.. But erm… Mine is so so… DSC00782Then here is the meal. We went at 9pm and most food are sold out.. Even the side dish.. Then Green Seasoned Seaweed, aka Wakame is like so little.. DSC00793
Then keslyn order the egg omelette rice which resembles the hat of the pirate. DSC00788This is another side dish which i forgot the name. 

DSC00828My review for this restaurant: hmmm… The photos ops are really worth it.. Not very expensive but neither is it cheap. Food is so – so only.. Many food or even snacks and cakes are sold out at 9pm on a Sunday night. No crowd so no need to queue to take photos. But I will suggest you to have dinner at Sutera Mall first then come over for a drink and photo ops. But don’t place too much hope on the dishes. But I wish they will improve it over the time since they are relatively new last September (Sep-15). 

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