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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to my muslim friends!


Today I am gonna share about a very very extremely cool and useful service for each and every one of us.

It seems so yesterday that we actually printed our photos out and flip thru tat album right? Basically the 2 photo album I have is

Number 1: My wedding photo album printed by my bridal shop.

Number 2: My baby photos taken and printed by my mum in 1992.

OMG.. Then where are the rest of the photos?

Not to worry, they are safe in my Hard disk drive or maybe the low qualities one are on facebook. But i lost some during friendster period. IF YOU DO REMEMBER! Friendster used to have the photo album which works similar to facebook but dunno why friendster just shut down the whole thingy. Yeah, it sucks. I lost my photos and precious “TESTI” aka testimonial.

But how often do I look at them, friendster photos oso hardly coz I only realise my loss in 2012 which is like 2yrs after it’s closure? Then facebook photos? Nah, I basically dun look at them. It’s for my friends viewing pleasure. LOLS~ Serious la. I am not narcissist can? I dun look at my facebook photos on the MRT everyday and stare at them and realise how much have i changed or grown over these years.

So recently i found it very nostalgic to flip photos in albums. Especially after my wedding, I like to flip photos and take photos of physical photos. OMG!! I need medication. But dun you find it 很有 feel~ to actually flip photo and share every stories in the photos?

But printing photos is expensive right? Not very actually but really mafan to go to those old style photo shop to print or even go to harvey norman to print.

Then super mafan to transfer photos to thumbdrive then bring it to printing shop or what. I dunno why but the thoughts of it jus turn me off. Ok, I am lazy!

So what exactly do I want?


Number 1: I want to print photos at the convenience of my own house. Which means i wanna upload the photos and print it directly.

Suggestion 1: Then you buy a photo printer or photo paper la!

Number 2: I wan it easy, no maintenance, i.e I dun wan to clean the printer or go out buy ink or buy photo paper.

Suggestion 2: Online printing shop like shutterfly?

Number 3: I want it FREE!!!

Suggestion 3: You siao ah! This world where got free stuff one? Only bloggers like you then get sponsored then get free stuff ok?

No no no!

Now you can get your photos PRINTED FOR FREE even you are not a BLOGGER!

I am not kidding.

Step-by-step Tutorial on how to get your free prints!

Step 1:

Click this URL : and you Register for an account!


Step 2:

Drop / upload / select 10 photos of yours to be printed



Step 3:

Edit / crop the photos. *Instagram style*


Step 4:

Confirm your Printwich a/c & mailing details. (You can choose to mail to yourself, or you can mail to your friends or love ones to SURPRISE THEM @ their mailbox)


Tat’s all! Wait patiently for your prints. It will arrive in 8-10 business days aka working days.



If you were referred by me, you get ADDITIONAL 5 prints from me.

Means you get 15 prints for FREE. But if you sign up without my referral code, you only get 10 prints like the other users!

Why lose out? Faster click

So this is the perks of being a Ger’z World Reader!

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For those who don’t believe in free stuff, you will be thinking…

Question 1: Gerlyn, Where got so nice stuff one?! There is no free lunch ok?

True tat!

1) The one and only catch is that this free prints is actually sponsored by various advertiser.

Huh? what you mean?

It means, advertiser pay for your prints. But they will print their advertisement at the back of your photo.

So when you read their advertisement, they get publicity and tats why you get free prints.

But only limit to 10 free prints / mth.

If you want more, you can get it at 0.99cents / additional prints.

But this also have advertisement printed on the back of the photos.

Question 2: What kind of advertisement? Got those NSFW anot? I wanna put the photos in office or at home with kiddos one wor….

*NSFW = Not safe for work*

Not to worry, all things on printwich are all carefully selected by them. Look at the advertisement I received. All safe for work de ok…


Question 3: What kind of photos can I upload?

Well, any photos but definitely no nude photos or crude contents. Anyway your photos will be moderate by Printwich Admin so ya..


And any hate contents or racist contents all not allowed la!

Things like, “I love gerzworld” this kind cfm get approved one! WAHAHAHA!

“I hate gerzworld” cfm kena banned one lor.. All your free prints will go to me! Then ur account will kena banned for ETERNITY!

Just kidding~ Well, why hate gerzworld? I always share good lobangs with your leh!

Question 4: So what are the size of photos that will be printed?

It’s actually squarish size. Like instagram lo. Which i feel that it could be improve but free one leh.. mai hiam buay pai la~!

Question 5: How’s the quality of photo?

Hmm.. Mine doesn’t turn out very clear because my photos are downloaded from whatsapp. I call it whatsapp quality photo and it’s really bad. So ya, do not use whatsapp quality photo! You are warned.

compare 1

You see the yellow circle: Uploaded one the blue is brighter.

You see the red circle: The Sesame is not as clear.

compare 2compare 3

As you can see, whatsapp quality photo are not clear. 

My tiny feedback to printwich is tat, in future maybe when you all printing, you see that the photos we uploaded not clear maybe can email us and let us know. But I know la, free stuff cannot complain like the NDP Fun pack liddat.

So actually WHAT HAPPEN?! Why I upload whatsapp quality? Coz i tot the photos are small, no need too big quality so i ask Casper to send the DSLR photos to my whatsapp and i saved and uploaded to Printwich.

So is my fault. So ya, photos wasted.

>.< sob sob.

Ya, you think I thought who confirm. Now liddat lo.

compare 4

NVM! I will try “shenqi quality” photo this month! I will try disneyland photos! If shenqi quality oso bad then…… It’s time to change shenqi liao.. 

If you wan me to try other quality de photos do comment and I will try them and review again.

Question 6: Will my photos be leaked out on social media or give to advertiser?

Nope, only Printwich will see your photos. They respect PRIVACY !

Question 7: So I dun have to pay for anything? What about postage?

NOPE! Free postage to anywhere in Sunny Singapore! Unless you gek kiang go opt for registered mail la. Hehe~! Registered ones need pay $3 so ya, if you really wanna do so then i wont stop you.. But if you really scare lost in mail then feel free to pay extra for the assurance! 


Question 8: When does the free prints expire?

July = 10 free prints + 5 free prints with Gerzworld Referral code

August = 10 free prints

Sep = 10 free prints

and it goes on…

For the 10 free prints/mth it expire on the last day of the mth.

i.e 31st July , 30th August, 30th September

Then what about Gerzworld Free Prints? It expire after 30days later. Means if today, i.e 6th July you signed up, it will expire on 5th August.

So hurry up and sign up now so you don’t waste your 10 free prints for this mth.

Any more burning questions?

If yes, you can FB msg me , you can email us or comment below or check out my instagram : and look for hashtag #gerzworldxPrintwich or #printwich to look at more photos!

Lastly, do sign up if you like my above recommended service!!

click here

P/s In Celebration of SG50

aka my hashtag of #EverythingAlsoSG50 

Now Printwich also wanna celebrate SG50.

If you want the back of your photos to have nice scenery of Singapore or have some cool facts about SG printed…

HASHTAG #SG50 in the caption when you edit your photos.

And you will get this instead!


I think if you don’t like having adverts printed on the back, you can opt for this instead. 

disney signature (use this)


If you are thinking why am I stalking up so many photos? It for the preparation of my Princess Room in Casperlyn’s Castle.

It will look something liddat.

 2015-07-16 12_21_21-fairy light bedroom - Google Search

I will have an update on this soon!

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