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姐姐妹妹飞起来! 漂浮婚纱照 – 幕后花絮 Floating Wedding Photos – Behind the Scene (Melbliss Malaysia aka La Veil Mini Review)


Regardless you are Tall or Short, Plump or Skinny, Pretty or Ugly, Round or Flat, YOU can FLY! 

为什么我怎么说呢?Why would I say this?


 Because I did it. For someone who is in love with jumpshot, I finally flew up! 

Well, of course with some Visual effects lah! 

007bDear Readers, 

Today marks the day of #CasperlynWedding first anniversary. So I am writing this special blogpost and photoshoot to commemorate this memorable occasion. 

I am keep this short becos is not an advertisement! Just kidding! I am keeping it short because after writing this, I am going to have celebration dinner with my dearest husband Casper. 

I will say I am a crazy photoshoot fanatic. Well, I admit I love photoshoot well, not addicted. Just liking the process. Well, I can survive without photoshoot like I say, but every shoot I did is for a purpose or unique point I am doing. For this shoot is actually a 21st birthday make over shoot for me initially. 

My initial plans: Last year I celebrated my 21st birthday. I was quite busy that year because I am preparing for wedding and etc etc but I always wanted a make over session. Maybe i call it a budget make over which I can pay myself using my salary. 

So basically I went to see if which Malaysia bridal is affordable definitely is more worthwhile to pay in ringgit. Plus the fact I haven’t had tried malaysia bridal before so I tot might as well give it a chance. 

Why choose Melbliss aka La Veil? Reason is simple, I take my own personal make over shoot + floating photoshoot with Casper total price is less than half the price I spent in SG pre-wedding! Honestly speaking, cheaper than taiwan too! 

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 8.18.10 pm

Why wedding never take malaysia? Reason is because we only had 1year to plan for wedding we do not want to spent too much time on travelling to & fro malaysia. Like wasting the time on the jam etc. But something after the wedding like I am not in the rush and I can choose when to come etc will be a good choice. 

P/s I strongly urge couples who have “not enough time” not to choose malaysia bridal. Coz you waste time to save money. 

#TruthHurts Although I am a #MalaysiaBoleh Zhabor, I will say this. Because stucking in the causeway jam for 3hrs is no joke! ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE WEAK BLADDERS!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 7.42.01 pm

Nuff Said! Let’s talk about my behind-the-scene. Anyway the 21st bday photoshoot I will share in another post! TODAY NO TIME LA! 


So this is like the picking and choosing of dress for this Floating Photoshoot. 

Honestly speaking there is nothing to pick, coz there is only 1 dress that can do this. So practically all the bride who choose to take this image will have to wear this turquoise dress. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 7.48.55 pmSo this is the actual day of the shoot. 

So basically the MUA (makeup artist) only will make up. Wont do anything to your hair if not your hair cannot fly. 004

So Left: is wenxi with makeup and right is before makeup. The one thing I like about time is they help wenxi to make up and style hair and oso spray colour! lolololols! 老公帅帅我也开心!005

Anyway frankly speaking, we 偷拍 all these behind the scene. Not sure if melbliss will ask us to take down or privatise this post. So ya, faster see them before it’s gone. 

For the poses i will say not easy to do if your back is not strong. Personally my back was not strong coz I have back injuries previously. I feel that the poses are straining my back and abs 

#okfine #IGotNoAbs.

But staying still in this position is NO JOKE! 

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 7.59.23 pmHubby said: 做起来很累但是拍摄效果很美。
007You also can see all the bridal assistant also come up to the level 3 studio to help me “throw skirt”…



Meanwhile I still can play the Ukulele and sing song for them! Just KIDDING! I cant play any musical instrument la! The Ukulele is just a prop! 

HAHA!!!! Actually I cant play Ukulele… But I can play the VIOLIN! 

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding again… I can’t play any musical instrument la.. I am a 音乐白痴!009

Although I am not musically inclined, but I am a natural self-claimed super model wanna be! 

Ok la! Super model wanna go eat Anniversary Dinner at the TseZhar Stall below liao! BYE BYE! wedding anniversaryAnyway I jus did a Galaxy-Inspired editing using an online editing app. I think not bad lah.. If you like, GIVE ME A THUMBS UP! 

Thanks Everybirdy Thanks! 

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